Monday, November 2, 2009

On the Road Again

Off to St. Louis*. But the dogs will look out for all of you and make sure that there are posts every day.

Taken October 20, 2009.

Click image to see larger version

* Boo BCRoD. Yay dinner with Mary tonight.


  1. Safe travels, Andi.

    Thanks to Giddy and Sniff for leading the way today. Bebo went by so fast I didn't see her.

    Beth, Sorry the Broncos ended their streak.
    I'm wanting the Phillies to catch fire. Used to be a Yankees fan, but tend to root for the underdog these days. Except the Horns.
    Friends and Key West--It's a good thing I love you. Envy is a terrible thing.

    Maria--Here's to Full Moon Mojo for the writing after work.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Bebo says No fair! She may have run up ahead but she's up there looking out for you just like the other two. (I think she's pouting but she's in her favorite chair lying upside down with her feet up in the air, so it's hard to tell.)

    Much to do before I leave so saying my hello to everybody else now. Hope everybody has a fine day.

  3. Safe travels, andi. And hug maryb for us!

    Thanks for remembering my Broncos, Lisa. It was a sad day for pony fans everywhere - but lots of craziness in the games yesterday. And poor Phillies - they had it in the 9th, and boom smack it was over. Underdog rooter = me, too.

    Wish you could come with me on my adventures! Life will get much more boring after the next couple of weeks, promise.

    Last-minute preparations for friends arriving today. Hoping everyone has a stellar Monday. We'll raise a glass (or four) of good wine to absent friends tonight...

  4. Mornin, y'all.

    Good timing on Mason's part: he woke up at 6:30 this morning (Mrs. Fetched took the 2-3am shift). I was already awake, wondering what time it was, and I really ought to be getting up around then anyway. So now he's fed and once again sleeping heavily.

    Yesterday was an October hangover kind of day with the crazy-busy. At least we got to see Daughter Dearest. The Boy lost the car key, so I'm taking (what I hope is) the spare on the way to work.

    Well, I'm off. Got to remember the work computer (needed to do a 15-minute thang late Friday). Good luck with the BCRoD, Andi — grab an expresso before you go in! Lisa, Beth, save me a hammock, I'll be back. (Probably simul-posting with Maria, so hello!)

  5. You all are so busy! I almost feel guilty, being retired and all. But soon, I'll be busy at our bagpipe making business again. Lots of cutting of leather, gluing, assembling, packing for shipping and books work to do. But it sure is nice doing it at my pace. Also lots of playing with Rory to do.

    Love the photo. Your pack is the best and what a beautiful trail to follow!

    All the best to you all and to all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  6. Have a good trip, Andi!

    I'm off tomorrow for election day, good civil servant that I am. It'll give me more time to go and vote against any Republicans on the ballot. One takes pleasure where one can find it.

  7. Hi everyone. Had a boring drive to St. Louis and a fine dinner with Mary.

    A very good night to all.