Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Blues for Saturday?

Well maybe, just this once.

Taken November 2, 2009.

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  1. Oh yeah, Lisa's gone campin'. It's me and the VGW this morning...

    That's the good kind of blues, andi - I'm continually amazed at the shots you see.

    Busy weekend ahead. Music, craft show, more music. Breakfast and lunch out. Somewhere in there I need to make time for a nap!

    Keeper is off to AL with his dad, so I don't have to worry about him for a week. Although now I have to motivate myself to take a walk each morning...

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone -

  2. Sorry about that Beth. I should have posted something to save you.

    That white streak across the top just jumped at me. That was taken right next to the picnic table we sat at when you visited.

    Walking, to me, is a pleasure all in itself -- the simple feel of moving through air is an enticement. Add a camera and the fun of looking for photo ops and no dogs necessary (oops, I've been loudly corrected on that last point).

  3. No worries, andi. It's good for me to stretch my boundaries. :-)

    I love walking in pretty places. My neighborhood doesn't really qualify. I'd be lured by your woods with or without a pack.

    Thanks for the perspective - and the nice memory.

  4. Pretty blues. The only time I get those hues in a photo is by accident.

    From yesterday: Sympathies to Dina -- these damn conditions that keep us down to begin with and then have the nerve to FLARE on top of that are just pure evil. I sure wish Big Pharma would put some more of that hair-loss research money into curing these chronic thingers. And I hope blogger stops hassling you soonest so at least you can distract yourself with a little socializing.

    Speaking of socializing, anyone have big holiday plans this year? My housemate usually visits with her family for Thanksgiving but this year things are lining up so she'll be home for dinner during the day, so I'm planning a proper menu. A Thanksgiving meal for only two people to be served by 2pm is a bit of a logic puzzle, but I think I am going to use Paula Deen recipes and start cooking on Wed.

  5. Beth, are there any neighborhoods with early 20th or late 19th century? That's my favorite urban walking choice. I grew up in an area where most of the house were built between the 1880s and the 1920s and I loved it.

    We never have T'day, Jen, but we always join family. My older sister usually hosts and that's the case this year. The star of the get-together will be the new grandbaby who hasn't been seen in person by most of the family yet. Since babies bore me (but I find kids from about 2-5 endlessly fascinating) that means a bunch of pretending but I've had lots of practice so I'm not worried about pulling it off.

    Have you decided on the full menu?

  6. Probably in Ft Myers, andi - the houses around me are from the 80's, so completely lacking in character.

    There are 3 of us for dinner at my friend's house, Jen, but I think we're still cooking like there are 30. Paula Deen sounds pretty delish - I've never seen her stuff, but Southern cooking ranks right up there. Enjoy your cooking AND your day!

    I'm with you on the babies, andi - lots of pretending, and "oh no, let someone else hold her." I'm so generous. :-)

  7. Morning, gang. Day 2 of cold. Feeling less like death, but still kind of out of it.

    Dina, rest, read and relax with the kitties. Sorry to hear about the flare up. :(

    T'giving for me is nearly always a brilliant respite from the workd world, I get to stay home and write. I would have gone to Dina's as I did last year, but sadly, the deadline bopped me over the head. I am planning to put up the "do not disturb" sign and retreat this year.

    Today I think I shall do my best to do some reading, brain is just not working to write. :(

    Hope you all have a great day!

  8. Beth, if you like traditional, rich southern food, be sure to delve into Paula's recipe books. And stock up on butter, cheese and nitro pills because bless her heart even the woman's salads can stop up an artery.

    Andi, congrats on your family's newest arrival and what I'm sure will be an Oscar-worthy No Really Your Baby Is Fascinating expression.

    My menu is traditional fare: spinach & artichoke dip with pita and corn chips, turkey breast, gravy, stuffing, small smoked ham, roasted fall veggie mix, green beans w/ham hock, mashed potatoes, mixed greens salad with roasted pine nuts, goat cheese, pear slices and pomegranate dressing. Might make some apple cranberry cider mulled with cloves and cinnamon, with either rum or brandy. Still figuring out dessert, too; pie's too much work due to allergies so I might just make some cookies &/or muffins.

    Aww, Maria, I hope you get to feeling better. I was just saying to my housemate last night that I wished I could reach into my brain with a nice warm, wet cloth and scrub all the schmutz outta there so I can write the next chapter on my wip, so I'm feelin' ya on that, too, sister. Hope the crud clears out soonest!

  9. Happy Saturday All.

    Blues, sweet.

    Jen, we're doing formal thanksgiving with the 'rents tomorrow, then hiding out from Wed-Sun at the lake place with a parade of friends.

    In other (unrelated?) news, I dreamed the most awkward dinner party ever. L and I investigating mysterious happenings at Arkham asylum. Now owned by the family of an ex-girlfriend who went mad. Huge formal dinner party with people who recognized me but couldn't place the context and kept wanting to know. Went downhill from there to the appearance of Cthulhu. I think that on some level it was supposed to be a scary-type nightmare, but my subconscious punted and I'm just too midwestern. The social awkwardness aspects seriously outweighed the old gods rising stuff. After 17 disastrous introductions, the arrival of Cthulhu was almost a relief.

  10. Beautiful photo, Andi. You really to have an excellent eye. It does help to live in an area where there are photo op possibilities. I used to live in such an area. Now I have to go really small (macro) or travel a little to see them. But I know they're all around, I just have to open my eyes to see the beauty.

    My motto on my photo website (htt*;\\$$$dotdaye1dotcom click on Beth's photography) (you all know the corrections to make in the above) is TAMS WAY. "Take A Moment, See What's Around You". Sometimes I have to remind myself. :-)

  11. That might make a fun thing to do, Beth -- go looking for a neat neighborhood to stroll through.

    Sorry about the working holiday, Maria, but I hope you get lots of pages done.

    Oh wow, Jen. That all sounds so yummy. Lucky E (and she doesn't even have to fawn over a baby to earn it). :)

    Morning Kelly. That's some dream and I'd definitely prefer Cthulhu to having to socialize with a bunch of people.

    CF, I really like your motto. :)

  12. Yello all! Love that reflection, Andi. Was it morning or evening?

    Mason sneezes at all you baby haytaz (he has a cold). Seriously, though, you guys are dog people (at least Andi & Beth are) — it's a similar deal, they pick up on your anxiety or fear. It helps to be older; you can project a convincing air of "I changed my first diaper at age eight, raised two kids of my own, I can handle you. Been there, done that, got the barf-stained t-shirt." :-) It also helps to know what the kid's happy place is: swinging (The Boy), rocking (Daughter Dearest), or being carried around (Mason).

    Kelly, that sounds like an entertaining dream. Mine involved encounters on the beach last night, but not with Cthulhu.

    Turkey day is probably going to be at the manor, but Mrs. Fetched hasn't spun into a massive cleaning frenzy so maybe it'll be at her mom's. I'm on the hook to make rolls, both for tomorrow's church dinner & for the Big Day on Thursday. I'm hoping for candles on the turkey, as the holiday once again catches up with my b-day.

    Well, y'all carry on, I'll be back later as possible.

  13. the arrival of Cthulhu was almost a relief

    And I will be laughing at this line all day. Happy pre-birthday to Farf, and happy weekend to all!

  14. Glad there are baby lovers out there, Farf! GIve me a puppy any day.

    Jen, I so wish I was going to be having dinner with you - I think I wouldn't eat again for a month...sounds incredible.

    I can vouch for the quality of the FarFetched Thanksgiving feast - especially the rolls!

    Had a great day with new girlfriends - shopped and craft-showed our little hearts out. We'll see if I'm up to going out for music tonight; this couch is feeling pretty comfy....

    Kelly, no wonder you're such a great writer, reading about your dreams!!

    Off to find a glass of wine and watch some football...

  15. It was morning, Farf. And babies don't me anxious; they make me bored. :)