Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lives of Leaves

Taken October 31, 2009

Taken October 29, 2009.
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  1. Is that nature's hot tub? Bellissima. I've always preferred natural hot springs to the yuckuzzi.

  2. Hiya Jen. I wish it was a real hot springs but it's just a deep spot in the main creek at the camp that makes a little pool which a camp sign announces as Hot Tub Spot.

  3. Mmmm, love the idea of a hot springs, Jen!

    Morning, gang. Still working away on book 4 and trying to ignore all the rest of the stuff that needs to be done around my apt. Boxes of books everywhere needing to be organized, etc. All saved until book 4 is done!

    Hoping our fall weather comes back - yesterday was actually WARM. I'm really ready to wear a sweater.

    Fabulous Tuesday to you all - off to the PO in a bit, then the mimes.


  4. Love the dark clouds in the first shot - being a stormy kind of girl!

    Good luck, Maria - the rest will wait til the important stuff is done.

    Getting down to the 50's at night, so sweaters are out down here. I will NOT be the Floridian who wears a down jacket when it's 60, though. 80 during the day, and sunny - looks like fall is here. And my sprinklers work now, so the lawn won't completely die. MIssing rain and dark clouds, though.

    Friends gone, life back to normal. Yardwork and house cleaning today. And resume-tweaking. Taking baby steps toward the job hunt.

    Hope your Tuesdays are drama-less!

  5. 'Morning everyone! Andie, I love today's selection. I guess I'm like Beth though -- I love the stormy clouds the best.

    Today's the first day of the countdown to my brother's (and his family's) visit. So I'll be spending my days at my parent's house polishing the floors and windows!

  6. I wish people wouldn't give mom more than a couple of days notice of a visit -- she's been worrying about this for a month.

  7. Ah, the famous bridge over troubled freeway.

    Rain here today. Mrs. Fetched wanted me to take the bike anyway, but I have to keep the laptop dry if I want to bring it home & it was already sprinkling a little this morning.

    The universe seemed determined to annoy me this morning — coffee shop "closed for training," idiots nearly rear-ending people at stoplights, morons in construction trucks whipping out in front of me — but must have decided I was annoyed enough by the time I got off the four-lane. At the top of the exit, I could see the traffic beyond starting to come to a halt… I just missed that for a change — and traffic was pretty much tame the rest of the way in.

    At the mimes, terrific Tuesday to all…

  8. If you need any tips for ignoring dust bunnies and coffee-splotched kitchen floors, Maria, feel free to contact me. :)

    The best thing about the sky, Beth, was that the other direction was nicely blue ... which is why there is that great light on the leaves. Also, happy hunting.

    Morning, kb. Good luck with the cleaning and worrying. ;)

    Different bridge, Farf. This one is over the generally untroubled East Fork of the White River.

  9. I'm with Jen, and that'd be the best kind of hot tub, one with no human-maintained plumbing.

  10. Love your comparison posts ... and I love the green colour of the water in the hot tub.

  11. Late checking in. BUSY Day.
    Two almost fights. Kids be crazy day.
    Tomorrow trying out Skype teleconference with author whose book I've made a novel unit with.
    We'll see.
    After that I'll make it through the rest of the week--easy.
    Vegging for the evening.

  12. I love those fallen leaves. Mine don't look nearly as good.

    Our trip to Long Island on Saturday was nice, traffic not too bad. But we'll be going back on Thanksgiving when things won't be as calm. Sigh.

  13. Hi O. It was nice there just enough green left at that point to get some green reflection.

    Hiya Lisa. I'm sure you're glad to get to the end of that long day. Good luck with the skype -- when it doesn't go well, it sounds like the person you're talking to is gargling.

    Hi b2. All you need to do is to get your leaves underwater and they'll look pretty too. :)