Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a Hard Knock Life

More twisty trees.

Taken October 29, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. The Forest Primeval in wild, naked abandon. Dancing to the rhythm of the wind and the sun.

    Beth--Fun=visiting you.

    Maria--are you doing some stretches and exercise for the aching back? Sitting too long is a killer for mine. Gotta walk some and touch my toes to actually stretch the butt and leg muscles which are connected to the back.
    Here's hoping the words are flowing.

    Farf, I'll keep your remedy at hand.

    Jim, enjoy your Sat. Thanksgiving is almost here.

    Waves to rest as must go write.
    Sensational Saturday to all.

  2. Love the twisty trees, andi. Surely does speak of resilience and challenges. Wonder what people would look like if they twisted as much from their challenges? Guess they twist mentally and emotionally, instead of physically...

    Friends are fun, but tiring. I'm ready for a nap, and I just got up! Full day again today - I'm thinking I'll try to talk them into sitting by the pool instead.

    Back problems are just awful. Hope yours gets better soon, Maria (and Lisa).

    Dreamed I was at a conference, and saw Kelly's and Laura's names on the attendee list. Keeper woke me up before I could find them and say howdy, doggone it! :-)

    Have a relaxing Saturday, everyone! Watch some college ball for me...

  3. It does look they're dancing, Lisa. I hadn't noticed that. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

    Maybe we'd be smashed flat, Beth. :)

    Lazing around talking sounds like a fine time to me -- I'm sure you can talk them into it.

  4. Dancing and becoming warped with resilience, it's like you've been peeking through my windows. ;) Lovely shot.

  5. Ooh, dancing trees *and* an earworm (I helped produce "Annie" with a local theatre group in San Antonio many years back--but I still remember all the songs!).

    Lisa - I'm stretching and walking. Back is better, it's just all these hours of concentrated writing that I can't avoid.

    At least today, I woke up normally (no Flexeril last night).

    Cheers to all and happy Saturday! I'm off to the mimes of the mind.

  6. I'd love to be peeking through your windows, Jen. ::looks wistful::

    A Hard Knock Life is a great song, Maria, but it is a terrible earworm. My apologies to all who become afflicted. And glad your back is feeling better.

  7. Love the photo Andi. All gnerly and Gnarly. Very photogenic. These trees remind me of a grove of Garry Oaks back on Whidbey Island. They are all gnarly too.

    Have a wonderful, restful Saturday everyone.

  8. Struggle and straggle… those would be the trees they'd use to make utility poles in Whoville. Mason got everyone off to an early start, so my brain probably resembles those trees.

    My morning earworm was Falling Up's "Exit Calypsan." Fortunately, I have it on my computer… playing the song is the best way for me to get it out of my head. Works every time.

    Got a little writing done last night. I'm not going full-throttle like I was in the early stages, but at least I'm not stalled out again. Hope everyone has a relaxing or productive weekend, depending on their wishes…