Friday, November 20, 2009

House of Few Leaves

Taken November 14, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I want to go to Indiana, it looks so beautiful!
    One of these days...

    (Got younger daughter and family here while their kitchen is being altered: life with a 6, 4 & 1 year old leaves little time to play with internet friends. Sigh...) Not much longer though, it's been fun but I'm exhausted!

  2. Nicky, I think I should send your comment to the Indiana Tourism Bureau and see if they want to hire me. I'm pretty sure they have never considered the UK a hotbed of potential visitors. :)

    On the little ones visiting: my mom always said the best thing about grandkids is they go home with someone else.

  3. Nicky is right--Beautiful spot to live Andi.

    Waves to all as off for a weekend at Cherokee. Hubby and daughter are shampooing carpets in my absence. WooHoo. Thanksgiving is at my house. After school (7 new kiddos today) I'll wing my way to a few days of solitude with a friend. She's bringing her two dogs and I'm taking the Corgi-Atticus. Bliss.
    Offline so will check in when I'm back Monday.

    A great weeeeeekend to all.

  4. Wow, if you were ever inclined to sell the place, that picture could do it. It's got that magnetic charm that realtors talk about -- that thing they try to get you to believe that EVERY woodsy house has, but yours really does have it. :)

    Meanwhile, I would like to please advise the internets that I can no longer take people seriously if they: do not know how to use the plural possessive apostrophe; are older than ~8 and use the word "bullcrap" in public; make character judgments based on television-watching habits; card me for a half-bottle of wine. I understand that other people my age are flattered by this ongoing carding thing but I find it infantilizing. Plus which, the present crop of under-21s is a lot more interested in cold medicine than in wine, giving them my cabernet would be like throwing an iPhone into the penguin exhibit, so card the children for Sudafed, lady, this half-bottle of mooshed grapes isn't even to drink, it's for an effin pot roast in a houseful of creaky middle-aged people.

  5. Have a great weekend, Lisa! And be sure to take pictures and post 'em.

    That photo is my version of a glamor shot, Jen -- get close and the flaws will become quite obvious. Also, great rant -- you should come here and do that more often. :)

  6. Morning all! Happy relaxing weekend, Lisa - sounds perfect.

    Rant away, Jen - I'm continually amazed at the restrictions I keep stumbling across (like not being able to buy cold medicine without my driver's license, not to mention airline security...) because of the idiot-ness of others. Wonder what we'll be ranting about in another 10 years?

    Weekend full of music, football, and a craft show ahead. Keeper is heading to AL with his dad in the morning, so I don't have to worry about him for a week.

    Supposed to get showers this weekend - keep your fingers crossed!

    Gotta walk the dog (as opposed to making donuts) - happy Friday, y'all!

  7. Beth, from my pov that particular problem is more one of creeping authoritarianism than one of free range idiocy, but I have a bad habit of giving people more credit than they deserve, so there's that. Hope you enjoy your busy weekend!


    In real estate lingo I believe that's "a solid foundation and layout rife with opportunities for plush, custom upgrades in the finish work". ;)

  8. (Totally agreeing with Jen)

    Andi, your house (inside and out) is VERY photogenic.... I can't believe it's anything but gorgeous!

  9. Morning! Great shot of the house, Andi… houses on hilltops always have a little extra something to make up for any flaws, although (like my place) I'm sure there's not much of a view through summer.

    The Boy is home. I put an amusing graphic on the blog to commemorate the occasion.

    Jen, the wine thing is universal. I get carded, even when they ask me if I get a senior discount. The all-powerful "POLICY" (all genuflect!). It's easier to go along than to use one's head. Someone said "never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity," but I'd also add "or laziness" to that.

    Y'all enjoy your weekend! I leave you with an example of extreme photography. No, I wouldn't do that at home or on the launch pad.

  10. ::tiptoeing in to check box, and tiptoeing out::

  11. Morning, peeps (she says in growly-cold-ridden voice).

    The PlotMuse waved her magic wand last night so I was up late writing. (I think she's in cahoots with the Insomnia Fairy).

    Fighting a head cold, thanks to those folks at the mimes that will NOT stay home when sick. At least I'm off today and can rest a bit before diving back into the book.

    Jen - LOVED the rant!!

    Andi - OMG, how GORGEOUSSSSS!! Your lovely home nestled amongst stately trees, elegant in their nakedness - especially enticing as I sit here in my urban high rise, listening to traffic noises. ::g::

    Happy Friday all!!! I must nyquilize and crawl back to bed for a bit.

  12. Saw the pics of Keeper at your place, Beth. What a cutie.

    Jen, I'll keep that sentence saved away in the incredibly unlikely event we ever decide to sell. :)

    Hi kb. I love this house but it's just like any other honest love -- fully recognizing and accepting all that flaws that go with all the goodness.

    Love the pic, Farf. Hope all goes well. As for that pic, pretty much worth the lens I'd say. Just spectacular.

    I guess as long as the two of them work in cahoots, Maria, at least your insomnia won't consist of lying in bed checking the clock every five minutes to see how much sleep you'll get if you fall asleep right now. Speaking of staying awake and my little house in the no-traffic zone, when I travel I always look for hotels where the traffic noise will be minimal because I absolutely cannot sleep through it. Also, feel better soon!

  13. Hi, all. Popping in to wish everyone well. Having a lot of trouble posting comments for some reason.

    Also, CFS is acting up so resting a lot. Have loved all the pictures though.

  14. Dina, hope you have a lovely holiday week and that the CFS improves soon.