Monday, November 16, 2009

Heading into the Week

Taken October 28, 2009.

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  1. Good to have someone on point leading the way? Thanks, Andi!

    Heavy rains last night and a blustery morning here this morning. Feels like fall.

    Had a very productive weekend editing. Broke out of the stagnation that had kept me on the revision gerbil wheel. Now to keep up the momentum.

    Jim, One last week and Thanksgiving!! Do you get all next week off. We have two staff dev. days that we take off.

    Beth, sounds like a wonderful time with girlfriends. Hope you get some rest.

    Maria--hope the words keep flowing. And your work week speeds past.

    Farf, I'd ask if you and the mrs. are doing Thanksgiving at your house, but sounds like family's been circling there of late. Mason's a lucky tike.

    Waves to all as I gotta get ready for a very busy Monday.

  2. Peeking into the week ahead...

    Off to Tampa to meet the other girls, and eventually take them all to the airport. Then home to put my house back together, and make plans to finally attack the job hunt.

    Send the rains our way, Lisa - deep into a drought, with the dry season ahead.

    Wishing I was splashing thru that water - though with blaze orange on, Jim!

    Have a great day, y'all.

  3. Glad to hear that you're making progress, Lisa. As for momentum ... go, Lisa, go!

    I imagine that water is a little chiller than what you're used to these days (though warmer than Idaho), Beth. Hope you have a good last day with your friends.

  4. Get your feet wet and get moving, right Andi?

    Lisa, yup it's going to be here. I may have to Photoshop some candles onto the turkey. Here's hoping the writing continues to go well in the midst of all the disruptions. (Whose idea was it to drop NaNoWriMo in a holiday month anyway?)

    Beth, hope you find something quickly — it ain't a time to be really needing a job, if you know what I mean.

    Well, it's Monday. Another abso-freeking-lutly gorgeous day ahead, and I'll be in the office. I drove around with the windows down all weekend, and will shortly be jumping on the bike to go to the mimes. I keep wondering how we'll be paying for this unusually warm November — lows in the mid- to upper-40s all through the extended forecast — especially after another unusually mild summer.

    Oh joy, the new spec dropped last night, so now I'll know what I'm up against. Later!

  5. (waving) Good Morning !! (staggering off for coffee)

  6. Halloooo,

    The week ahead holds more manuscriptomancy and possibly the installation of the new sink counter and sink.

    Andi, always lovely to see the pack.

    Lisa, congrats on breaking through.

    Beth, good luck with the hunting.

    FarF, have a good day at the mimes.

    Katiebird, I think it's in the kitchen, I just grabbed tea, but I recognized the delightful scent of the darker stuff under the nose-ambrosia of cinnamon rolls.

  7. This is such a lovely scene!. Love the color. Love the furkid leading the way...through the water, of course. Live the autumn haze ahead and the muted sunlight. It's perfect.

    Beth, Lisa and Farf... all the best in your various adventures.

    And all the best to the rest still to come.

  8. Thanks Kelly, The fog is clearing from my eyeballs and I can just about make it out.

    Did you guys see that FARfetched posted a kick-butt post to Eat4Today? How's that for a friend?

  9. Hey Farf, enjoy the good weather. You never know how long it will last (our gorgeous weather has left and the normal gray, drab November weather has shown up).

    Hey katiebird! Good to "see" you.

    So, Kelly, which do you dread more -- the writiing or the plumbing?

    Hi CF. The furkids can have the water -- I walk along the edges. :)

  10. Andi, the plumbing. There's not even a comparison. The writing is almost always fun. Even when I'm feeling whiney about it I still love the work. Plumbing on the other hand, I loathe with a ferocious intensity.

  11. I could make a few cracks about plumbing…

    Did I mention that I had to replace a heater hose in my old Civic yesterday (it had a hole in it big enough to stick a pencil into)? Or that the hose exited the engine directly under the distributor, requiring removal of said distributor? That the engine was grimy as all get out? Or that the car was still overheating afterwards?

    Give me a sink any day. Or maybe not… at least engine work allowed me to stand or lean, instead of lying on my back. Other than that, it's pretty much the same thing: working in a tight and rather dirty location, trying to get things where they don't leak.

    Yeah, I'd rather write any day.

  12. Luckily I won't starve tomorrow or next Tuesday if I don't get one, but the pressure is on.

    Plumbing? I need plumbing help! Are you volunteering, Kelly? :-)

  13. Your feelings about plumbing are shared around here, Kelly. If we start working on it, the dogs can't get to the door to get away from us fast enough.

    We absolutely don't do car work, Farf -- the tow that would results from our almost guaranteed screw-up would cost too much.

    Sounds like you might do better with Farf for your plumbing needs, Beth.

  14. While I'm not fond of Heinlein's politics, I have to agree with his "specialization is for insects" riff. ;)

  15. Sneaking in to enjoy Andi's photo and wave good night to all!

  16. Oh, Sniff looks like he's having a good time.