Monday, November 30, 2009

Farf asks: How does a dog climb a tree?

Bebo answers.

Taken November 27, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Andi, thanks for a laugh to start my week and going back to work on top of that.
    Bebo has wings.

    Great holiday.
    Jim, We finish up on the 15th with two full weeks off-WooHoo. So I can survive the next few weeks.

    Waving goodbye to November.
    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Good morning Andi,

    What I'm wondering is what's at the top of the tree?

    Need coffee!

  3. Morning Lisa. I'm glad you got a laugh from the picture -- it's now my favorite Bebo picture ever.

    FM, it wasn't what was at the top but what was in it -- the tree is partially hollowed out. But whatever it was had left by the time I got there.

  4. Oh my stars and garters!!! I never saw such a thing. I never dreamed a dog could or would want to try to do that. That gets a wowie zowie!! There must have been some noise going on with it!?

  5. LOL, good one! Sniff looks properly astonished as well.

    Followed by the tree falling over in shock, after which Bebo saunters triumphantly to the top, no doubt…

  6. Great picture!! Bebo plays cat...

    Off to have breakfast with a friend, and then drive home. Will check mail along the way, and catch up later!

    Waving and dashing...

  7. Great shot! Hope everyone had a good holiday! Back to work. Ugh.

  8. There was barking, CF, but then again there's always barking.

    Safe journey home, Beth.

    Wow, a morning visit from boran2! I think this will completely throw off my internal clock.

    Hi Kelly. Bebo would rather you admire her for her intellect than her physical attainments. Or alternatively, you could just give her biscuits. :)

  9. Farf, don't give Bebo any more ideas or next she'll be taking the chainsaw out with her on walks to knock down trees.

  10. oh that's funny. Bebo certainly has personality. And there is Sniff letting her do ALL the work. :)

    First day back after a long weekend is always hard. I'm pooped. Going to veg in front of the teevee tonight and hope Big Bang Theory and Castle aren't repeats.

  11. Not invisible, Nancy. Imaginary.

    Mary, Sniff had already done the work of chasing whatever it was up the tree so it was only fair for him to let Bebo do some work.

  12. Made it home safely. Watching football with Keeper's dad. Good to be home. Hope everyone had a great day - see you in the morning. Go Saints!

  13. Hi, gang!! Am laughing silly over the tree-climbing. :)

    Wrapped up rough draft of book 4 and emailed to agent/editor just now. Editor needs for marketing peeps. About 1/2 to 3/4ths of the book is polished. The rest is mostly notes like "and then this happens". ::g::

    I now have 3 weeks to finish the polished, final draft. Somehow, that sounds like less time than it is.

    Busy mimes day today, but fairly quiet. Braved Target at lunch - bad idea.

    Hope everyone's had a decent Monday!

  14. Congrats, Maria!!

  15. Way to go, Maria! Happy news for you and your readers.

    Glad to know you're home, Beth. Since I'm anti-Pats (required for everyone living in Indiana), it's definitely Go Saints here.