Thursday, November 19, 2009

E-Fernally Yours

Taken October 26, 2009.

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  1. Gold Leaf this morning. Louis IX period maybe.
    Love ferns. Not something in abundance around here.

    Teleconference went fantastic. Technology got all the bugs out and Deborah Halverson did a great job talking to the kids. Guys/gals that usually can't be quiet would barely raise their voice to be heard when they asked a question. Very attentive and enjoyed it. Love the Skype. Will need to get a web cam so I can see and talk to far away friends.

    Busy blog day yesterday. To daughter dear's credit she is a major cleaning participant. Doesn't stop her from telling me how to live, or anybody else for that matter. She's her father's daughter in that area.

    Waves to Nicky. Exciting about the book.

    Beth--lab energy doesn't compare to Springer energy. Our Kip could run rings around any lab we've had. That's why BIG back yard. Walks are good for both of you, though. You are a good sub Mom.

    Maria--Happy Fake Friday. May the fun words be flowing soon and work words haven't worn you out.

    Farf--you are a good hubby. I can see you nodding and yes, dearing as you do exactly what you want to anyway.

    Time is up and gotta get ready for Work. Waves and Thursday winking at Friday for all.

  2. Morning Lisa. Interesting how that conference affected the kids -- that they rewarded someone paying attention to them by paying attention themselves.

  3. Looks like a Christmas fern, andi, sprayed gold and ready for the holidays.

    The wonders of modern technology - lots of my friends use Skype, but I'm not much of a phone person anymore. IMing is enough for me. Glad that it helped your kids though, Lisa.

    A week from Thanksgiving?? Just can't believe it. Guess I should start thinking about Christmas, too...

    Have a great day, everyone - no big plans here. Off to walk the furkid...

  4. And the title… in-fernally punny…

    Lisa, sounds like the conference went really well. You got more planned?

    I'm with Beth about phones. IM works. The exception is teleconferences; beats having to go into the office.

    More craziness expected. Off to whatever.

  5. *delurks*

    Andi, that looks like some beaten gold treasure from an Anglo-Saxon tomb—beautiful.

    waves at Lisa, Beth, FarF, and all those to come

    Hope it's a lovely day for all.

    stares at copyedits from Ace, sighs

    Hallooo and goodbye.


  6. OOh, a golden leaf from the tomb of a Viking washed up on shore.

    Working @ home for the mimes today - waiting for a delivery (a new comforter). That said, I woke up with a sore throat and cough - stupid work germs.

    Doing 2 phone conferences this a.m. - hope my voice holds out!

    I'm with Beth and Farf - hate hate phones, I'd rather IM anyday.

    BTW - for those of you who *do* IM - I'm on yahoo during the work days as mlimamatrix - usually invisible to those not on my buddy list but if you e-me and let me know yours, I'll add you. :)

    Cheers and fabulous Thursday/Fake!Friday!

  7. Beth, that fern may be ready for the holidays but as for me, I'd not at all ready to start thinking about them.

    Good luck with your whatever, Farf.

    Hiya, deluker. :) Copyedit, eh? :(

    Hi Maria. Ah con calls. I hope they're short ones. I find that after about 60-70 minutes, I just can't make myself pay attention any longer.

  8. Calls all done and now just helping with some financial reports. Nothing brain-sapping, just cutting and pasting...oh wait, yes, brain sapping. ::g::

    Not really perturbed as it is helping one of my favorite work peeps who is always overwhelmed with stuff. And, I get to do it from the comfort of my recliner in my sweats. :)

  9. The Boy has been sprung and is now home! One very happy Snippet cavorting around the manor. I'll blog about all the gory details tonight given half a chance.

  10. Agree w/ everyone ... looks like it's made of gold.

  11. Popping in for the wonderful photo, and to wish all a good night!