Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Watching the green fade away ...

Taken October 24, 2009

Taken November 7, 2009.
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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Thank you, Head! See, see, somebody knows their leaves. :D

    Hey Mary, there's blue in that picture. Don't be so greedy. :P

    ... back to today

    And now there's no VGW for the first arrival.

  2. Andi, I LOVE the leaves. The texture and color--especially the right one.
    DEFINATELY LEAVES yesterday!!

    NO NEW 9th graders today-woohoo.
    we are 33ish probably and desk ooze out of our open classroom.
    It's hard to split these classes because having the manpower to do it is lacking. Can't be unattended, ya know. The tipping point finally was reached yesterday and crazy behavior abounded. Result--many suspensions and a few days relief from the mouthy ones.
    Took all I had not to slap the fire outta of an 8th grader making provocative humping moves at me yesterday.
    I love being a teacher some days. Yesterday was not it.

    Beth, give Keeper and pat for me.
    Andi pat the pack so their not jealous.

    Waves to Farf, Maria, O, Head, MaryB,Jen, Boran, CF and others my brain is too tired to remember.

    Wonderful Weds. Everybody.

  3. Definitely leaves today...::blames really crap eyesight for yesterday's birds::

    Morning, gang! Off to the mimes early via the PO.

    Raining, ick - but if the weather weren't so warm, could be snow - I guess it's a good thing it's not. :)

    Catch you all later!!

  4. I just assumed they were birds because of the air traffic control comment - thinking flying. :-)

    Boy, lots of patience vibes today, Lisa - how do kids go so wrong so early?

    Send the rain here, Maria!

    Cleaning house today, getting ready for guests tomorrow. My black carpet is white from Keeper-hair. Guess I should have bought the white one...

    Keeper hurt his pads a few days ago, so we can't walk or play ball til they heal. So he's a little bored, and still unsettled. But otherwise doing fine - sleeping a lot more than panting now.

    Happy Wednesday, all - off to vacuum!

  5. The leaves are mostly departed, what with all the rain we had last night. Today there's flood warnings & wind advisories out, which means there will likely be trees going down somewhere. Good day to work at home, I guess. Or just go back to bed, except that Mason is here and LOL'ing with Mrs. Fetched.

    Lisa, the put-down might be the way to go with the humpy-bumpy 8th grader… "snort In your dreams, Tiny!" ("I bet you drive an SUV" would go waayyy over their heads.) Yeah, I know, there's probably roolz about that. I hope you can get some attrition going soon, preferably not through suspensions.

    How's the writing, Maria? I typed up a conversation with a character to be introduced later (I've usually been posting those on Wednesdays, but posted Kelly's last night), and learned a few details about her in the process that kind of surprised me.

    Beth, I wish I could send you my rain. I talked to Mom yesterday, she said they got just a little wind and barely any rain in Largo. Hope Keeper gets better soon…

  6. Lessens the pain when we get those lovely golden tones. Pretty photos.

  7. Sorry for gawd-awful day yesterday, Lisa. Here's hoping for a much better one today.

    Maria. Snow? In early November? Hush your mouth. ;)

    Oh poor puppy. Healing feet thoughts from the Pack heading Keeper's way.

    Sheesh, Farf, sounds like a perfect day to spend with Mason. I'm sure he really, really, really needs you there.

    Yep O, the leaves can be pretty. Too bad they've all "leaved" now.

  8. Beautiful photos, Andi. Love the shadow one on the right.

    Happy days and better days to all.

  9. Halloo, all,

    Pounding my head against chapter three with a deadline of tomorrow morning. The pressure should ease after that, assuming I finish the chapter and not the other way around.

  10. Those leaves look great, Andi. I'd keep all of mine if they looked this good.

    Hang in there, Lisa.

    I hope that Keeper is better soon, Beth.

    Looking forward to some new Mason photos, Far.

    Back to work tomorrow. At least today was restful. And the b2 boy is feeling well.

  11. I've been lurking for a bit, too busy to comment, but I had to mention how gorgeous those leaves are!

  12. Thanks CF.

    Good luck, Kelly! Scribble, scribble (or more likely: type, type).

    Does that mean you aren't coming over to rake them up for me, b2?

    Hiya Conda! Glad you decided to check, even if briefly. Hope you can spend more time soon.

  13. Your leaves are a lovely distraction from grading 50 more papers by tomorrow - ugh. Our neighbor just had her beautiful red sugar maple leaves raked up - makes so little sense.

    Wish we had your woods, Andi

  14. Hey, hey. Another infrequent visitor. Hiya KS. Hope everything is going well with you and Teach (who, I know from Mary's place, is suffering over the cancellation of Dollhouse).