Monday, November 9, 2009

But, but, but ...

Taken October 24, 2009.

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  1. Gotta strain to see that first butt. Beautiful colors.

    Jim, thanks for thinking of me. Will look forward to seeing the pics.

    Had a great weekend visiting with friends.
    Had a low productive weekend with the editing. Did discuss an entire chapter with Margie Lawson and got good insights yesterday.

    The high number of kids means more work to get ready for the week so had to spend a hour and half at school making copies and getting ready for today. Still behind.

    Will be ready for the Thanksgiving week off.

    Waves to all as got to get ready for school.
    Marvelous Monday.

  2. Thank you for the leaves!! Way too pretty. Sigh. And of course the butts.

    Six-hour drive ahead of me. Time to go home. Had fun this week in Key West, in spite of the emotional ups and downs. Looking forward to a couple of down days before friends arrive from Idaho for a few days.

    And I inherit a furry kid today. Fostering a friend's Lab for a while. Looking forward to having dog energy around! Will take pictures.

    Hope there aren't any more kids today, Lisa.

    May your Monday not be painful. See you back at home!

  3. Yeah, Lisa, it's really hard to get a good picture of all three dogs. Good thing Sniff has a white tail or you'd all have to take my word that he was in the picture.

    Beth, the leaves have been gone for about about a week. :( But fortunately, I still have a some colorful October pictures I haven't posted yet. :)

    Drive carefully back home, Beth. And have a great time with your big bundle of energy houseguest. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. Yeesh, what a yesterday… a hike through the woods, with or without dogs, would have been much more preferable! When I wasn't out at a church thing, I was taking care of Mason. I didn't end up at the chicken houses, but I did a bit of everything else. Mason was bound and determined to not go to sleep again (he crashed & burned at 6pm Saturday & slept until 1:30), and he did manage to avoid more than the occasional catnap until The Boy and Snippet finally came at 8 to take him home, about 2-½ hours after they said they'd be here. I figure he crashed in the car & slept until 4-ish. So there wasn't much computer time yesterday. I did put up a post Friday with Mason and a couple chorale things (local and Daughter Dearest's were both last week), and White Pickups #8 has cruised onto the blog.

    Mrs. Fetched was up all night, the usual routine when they come to get the chickens and take them to where they become Good Chickens, but I hear her on the phone right now. I was supposed to make sure she got up at 8 to make the call… looks like I don't have to worry about it.

    Well, now that Mrs. Fetched is up, I guess it's off to the mimes. Later!

  5. Morning, gang! Off to the mimes I go wondering where the heck I'm going to park - still trying to sort out stupid parking tag issue. :(

    Words flew/flowed somewhat this weekend, but I'm still not where I want to be. May be scarce for the rest of the month.

    Ciao all!

  6. The shot of the empty seats is very nicely composed, Farf. You do artsy-fartsy good. :)

    Hi Maria. I hope you'll be able to stop long enough to give us updates ... on the parking. ;)

    Oh O, If only I could have worked in some duck butts, it would have been perfect.

  7. WHEW! I got an extension on my book deadline (4 wks) I feel MUCH better now.

    Parking: I managed to get to the mimes at the same time as our receptionist, who let me in the lot. I now have a new tag. Hopefully, it will let me *out* of said garage this evening...

  8. Beautiful colors, Andi!

    I saw a few too many colorful leaves this past weekend when I did most of our annual leaf purge from the lawn. Thankfully there isn 't too much left to do. Of course that was after I applied the preservative to the deck. And then the b2 boy wanted to go to the mall. Sigh. No rest for the weary.

    Good evening all.

  9. Thanks, Andi!

    Today was one of those kind of Mondays. The good news: the deadline on my major project slipped, so I have more time! The bad news: they're reworking the whole shebang. It's bad enough that they're talking about suspending the rule about carrying over no more than 2 weeks of vacation into next year; since I have 7 days to burn, it's looking like I might take a long break at the end of January.

    Happier thoughts: I got the firebox good & hot, and brought in plenty of wood. Much rain and some wind is coming, compliments of what's left of Ida, but at least the manor will be warm & dry. Right now, it's hot & dry in the living room.

  10. Good news on the extension Maria. Now I just hoped you aren't trapped.

    I'm sure glad I don't have to worry about leaves, b2. Wonder how long it would take to rake up 40 acres. ;)

    I hope Ida doesn't treat you too badly, Farf.