Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blown Out

Taken October 30, 2009

Taken November 2, 2009.
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  1. Besides creating an interesting effect, shutter priority is one way to keep Mary from having to see gray skies.

    And making the first comment is one way to keep Lisa or Beth from having to deal with the VGW.

    Morning all.

  2. Morning, Andi!!
    Still got plenty of leaves here, so mow and mulch we go.

    Had a good day at school. Read a great first chapter to the kids from the book BAD by Jean Ferris. It's from the ninties but the topics of peer pressure, poor choices, and getting locked up are themes many of my students relate too. Much fodder for us to talk about during the class.
    No new kids today--WooHoo. This afternoon we have intake again so tomorrow--sigh.

    Beth, for some reason I was thinking black dog, but Keeper's white. Hope he is feeling better and you are sharing plenty of unconditional love.

    Maria--Happy Fake Friday.

    Farf, Here's hoping for sunny skies for you and no fallen trees. You seem to be a little further down the fall season than Texas.

    Boran, Glad boy is feeling better. You are such a good dad. Thanks for the support sent my way. It worked.

    Waves to O, Mary B, Dina, Kelly, CF, and all others coming.

    Thursday winking at Friday.

  3. Thanks for starting us off, andi!

    Glad work was better yesterday, Lisa. Take small victories wherever you find them.

    Yep, yellow lab. No pictures yet because I haven't gotten any decent ones. We can't do much outside since his feet still hurt, so he doesn't seem to like walking on our rough FL grass. And inside shots are boring. I'll keep trying.

    Girlfriends arrive from Idaho, Tampa and Ireland this afternoon. The calm before the storm this morning. And a cold front whooshed in, so it's 65 now, high of 73. Figures my friends came for sunshine and warmth, and we have the coldest day for months...not much pool sitting today!

    Have a great Thursday, everyone!

  4. Many of our trees look like that too, Andi… especially after Tuesday. I was wondering how you & O set up your shots — I tend to go full-manual most of the time, but at the community chorale I set shutter priority to 1/80s and let the camera play with the aperture.

    Yay for small victories, Lisa. Boo for more intake. Are they going to build a second floor for all the new desks?

    Beth, I had a gold lab (mix) for a little while back when. Some litterbug left them down near the old place. I wanted to keep her, but Mrs. Fetched gave her away with the others. I haven't really been interested in having a dog since then. Hope it warms up for your friends & they have a great time, around the pool or not!

  5. Yay for a better day, Lisa!

    Ooh girlfriend gathering -- can't do much better than that, Beth.

    Farf, most of our trees are completely bare now. As for settings, I use manual pretty much all the time when I'm doing macros and sometimes for difficult shots and shutter and aperature priority for other shots but when I'm just walking I leave the camera on program so I can have the best chance of getting a found shot.

  6. Sooooo sleeeeepy..... Still rainy, gray and windy. Winter is icumen in--on the back of an ice dragon, methinks.

    Glad it's Fake!Friday, since this weather is supposed to hold for the next few days. Tomorrow, I shall sleep in. ::g::

    ::waves at you all from the mimes::

  7. Sneaking in to wish everybody a good day. The boran2 boy is well and back at school. See ya later!

  8. Happy Fake Friday, Maria. No winter weather here yet, I'm happy to say.

    Howdy, b2. Is it time for bed already? ::looks at clock, confused::

  9. Hi everyone. I'm late today. Nice to see everyone's post first.Love your photos, Andi. Those perfectly straight converging trees on the left are amazing and I love the lingering red on the right. Our leaves are pretty much all gone now. But once in a while there is still a gaspworthy specimen that pops up out of nowhere.

    Hope eveyone has a great day tomorrow. I'm traveling to a nearby town to see a friend from WA whom I haven't seen for over a year. It will be really nice.

    Good vibes to everyone.