Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Air traffic control hard at work.

Taken October 23, 2009.
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  1. Perspective and a good sense of humor--Andi, I need a shot of both.

    14 new kiddos this morning. Got rid of four yesterday, so the balance is not going the right direction. Please send patience.

    Beth, relax at home base for a bit after the fun in the sun. Friends will be there soon to divert.

    Farf, Cyberhugs coming your way. Plenty going on with you, juggling so many balls in life.

    Maria--WooHoo a bit of relief so you don't have to wear the fingers to the bone.

    Gotta get going to the Mimes--ah if they could only be silent for a bit.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Patience vibes coming your way, Lisa.

    My foster furry kid, Keeper, arrived last night - he's still pretty confused about where his papa is. (He's staying with me while my friend John finds a place to live down here.) Hopefully he'll get used to the arrangement soon, and stop panting (Keeper, not John).

    Peaceful day ahead. Maybe a short errand, but basically allowing the dog to get used to his new home. And enjoying the calm before the storm.

    Speaking of storms - Ida has given us clouds and wind and a few sprinkles, but that's it. Hope she leaves the rest of the coast alone...

    And I hope everyone has a good Tuesday!

  3. Lisa, I get this mental image of a room packed full of surly kids… and the crowding can't help. Yup, always something happening at the manor, I just think of it as blog fodder and wait to see what happens next. But what you're doing is a bit more important in the grand scheme of things.

    Hi Beth, and Keeper! Big goofy labs can be loads of fun, hope he gets used to his temporary surroundings & that John quickly finds a home for them. I'm sure he'll be in your pool before long.

    Lots of rain here, but no wind so far. They're still calling for 15-20mph wind with gusts to 30. More important are the flood watches for just about everywhere. When it rains, it pours.

    Well… off to the mimes, I guess. I got a little writing done last night, finished Episode 35. A couple more and this part is complete. After that it gets a little murky… I know what comes next, but not why. Gotta trust the characters to let me know, I guess.

  4. One of my favourite photos! It captures a windy, grey fall day perfectly. :D

  5. I agree with Olivia. This is a perfect representation. Love the birds being blown around. They look like they're playing and enjoying it.

    All the best to those ahead of me and those coming along behind.

    Try to relax, Keeper. Dad will be home soon.

  6. Glad I could provide, Lisa, some counterbalance to 14 (OMG) new kids.

    Has Keeper started settling in, Beth? Hope your luck with Ida continues to hold.

    High and dry, Farf, will be my words of the day. Hope they work.

    Hi O. Too bad there are so many of those kind of days yet to come.

    CF, time to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. Those are all leaves. :D

  7. ::sneaks in quietly::

    Hi, gang! Rewriting job descriptions at the mimes.

    The birds, ah, the birds - my evenings this week have been me writing accompanied by the not-so-dulcet honks of the geese as they wend their various ways south. For some reason, they seem to follow the highway. I'm fairly immune to the highway noise, but the HONK, HONK of the geese...totally mess with my head!

    Am happy for the writing extension and got some real progress made on the changes I wanted to do, so yay!

    ::sneaks back out::

  8. Looks like Ida is plaguing northern places now - we still have clouds, but that's about it. Still hoping for the 60% chance of rain to come true...my lawn is dying.

    Keeper is settling down. His dad came by for a quick visit and he got all riled up, but now he's resting relatively calmly. Much improved from last night, and I'm sure that will continue. We're just hanging out today, preparing for the onslaught of guests on Thursday. Although he doesn't know that...

  9. Leaves???? I really do need glasses I know, but it sure looks like wings on flying critters. Yikes!

  10. CF, judging by Kelly and Maria, the fault lies in the picture, not the viewer. So never mind -- they're bird. :)

    So where are our pictures, Beth? I see palm trees. Key west is pretty and all that but really it can't compete with a cute lab. ;)

  11. Birds! Wasn't there a movie about this?

    Off tomorrow for the holiday. It'll give me time alone with the still sometimes feverish b2boy. And we should have a nice day.

    Waves to all!

  12. Hi b2. Hope you enjoy the day off and the extra time with b2boy (who I hope is feeling better very soon).

  13. I had my eyes checked about fifty years ago & I swear those are leaves.
    I love the blue behind the grey.

  14. b2 hope the b2boy feels better and you have a good day. Beth! Dog pictures? Pleeeeeeeze?

    Andi - gray clouds? More blue sky please.