Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And now for something completely different

Eos by Dessa Kirk, Columbus, Indiana

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  1. Since Thanksgiving is almost here, I thought people might like to share recipes. Here's my offering.

    Cloud Biscuits

    2 c. sifted flour
    1/2 t. salt
    1 t. baking soda
    4 t. baking powder
    1 T. sugar
    1/2 c. shortening
    1 egg, beaten
    2/3 c. milk

    Preheat oven to 450. Sift dry ingredients. Cut in shortenings until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. In a small bowl, combine egg and milk. add to flour all at once. Stir until blended. Turn onto floured board. Knead 20 strokes. Roll dough to 3/4" thickness. Dip 2" biscuit cutter in flour. Cut biscuit. Place on greased cookie sheet (close together for soft sides). Bake 10 to 12 minutes until golden brown. Note: if you have a cooking stone, try cooking them directly on that for even fluffier biscuits with a crispy bottom.

  2. Nifty statue, Andi! Evokes freedom, fluency of movement, grace.

    Alas, I have no recipes as I do not cook (by choice). However, I love reading recipes (go figure!).

    Happy pre-Turkey day, all!! I have a day off from the mimes, and plan to spend it writing at the library, since cleaners are coming later.

    After my 26 hours of no sleep, I crashed about 6:45 p.m. last night and woke up to my usual alarm (forgot to turn it off) at 6:30. Still a bit woozy, but at least less spacey.

    Today, I am particularly thankful for friends, family (blood & chosen) and the Internets, without which I would never have met (online or in meat space) so many of you. My life is enrichened by you all.

    ::virtual hugs::

  3. Mmmm biscuits. And pretty goddess! I hated mythology in school (couldn't pronounce any of the words and it made me feel stupid) but find it interesting now (still can't pronounce any of the words but have stopped caring about sounding stupid, lol).

    From yesterday: Congrats on the nifty logo, Maria, I hope it [strike]scars the brains of your target market[/strike] sticks in your readers' minds. ;)

    Here's the recipe for the spinach artichoke dip I'll be making in the next hour or so -- except I don't put "light" or "skim" anything in it because YUM TASTY FAT. Also scored these awesome Frontera tortilla chips at my local market to serve with it. I became a big fan of Rick Bayless, the chef behind Frontera, while watching him win Bravo's first season of its cooking competition show Top Chef Masters.

  4. Great artwork. Love the side view to give the face and body definition.
    Daughter wants to go to Kimble museum in Ft. Worth on Black Friday. No shopping for us. They have a Michaelangelo painting on display. Only one of four works in the world. Feeling the need to nourish the soul.
    Thanks Andi for jump starting that with today's pic.

    Making yogurt--in the crock pot.
    Mine is finishing up on the counter as I write. Super Easy.
    1/2 gal milk
    Cook 2 1/2 hours on low in crockpot.
    Unplug crockpot and let sit for three hours.
    Remove 2 cups warm milk and add 1/2cup plain yogurt (I'm using some of what I made about 10 days ago.)I used Brown Cow plain to start with and they suggest using new cultures after 4 or 5 times.
    Pour this mixture back in crockpot,put lid on and wrap crockpot in thick towel. Let sit overnight 8-12 hours.
    Voila Yummy fresh yogurt.
    I line a colander with coffee filters and spoon the yogurt in there and place in a big glass bowl to remove some of the whey and thicken it up. There are suggestions to add powdered milk or gelatin to thicken but I don't.
    Great--sweeten it with what you like or not. I like to add strawberries and blueberries and granola. Refreshing.

    I will continue cleaning and do some cooking in anticipation of brother getting in town today.
    We only have turkey and dressing left to cook for the actual Turkey day dinner. I'm doing the dressing and hubby the turkey.

    Maria--cyberhugs, sweetie. Enjoy the writing and days off. Us cooks need enthusiastic eaters too.
    What is your favorite to eat for Thanksgiving?
    Wonderful Weds to All.

  5. I love cookbooks, Maria -- especially when they have gorgeous pics (my idea of truly sensuous p*rn).

    That recipe sounds delish, Jen. Some of us geezers have to care about fat, though, because we need our arteries not to dwindle narrower than a country lane in Brown County.

    P.S. I never worry about my mythology pronunciation since I live in a state where to get directions to Versailles, Indiana you have to say vur-sales instead of vər-sī no one will know where you want to go.

    Cool on the Michelangelo, Lisa. I saw this sculpture in Bruges, Belguim. It was the kind of experience that made two weeks working in gray, grimy Brussels feel worth it (Bruges is a fascinating city to visit as its medieval center city is intact). And also cool ... making your own yogurt.

  6. No VGW AND a recipe for rolls! I'm in heaven. What a cool picture, andi - whatever it is, it's gorgeous. Natural art?

    Recipes! I love recipes! Makes me want to start cooking again...

    Here's my German grandmother's stuffing recipe, tomorrow being Turkey Day and all:

    3 c chopped apples
    1 c raisins
    1 c chopped onions
    7 c bread cubes
    1 1/2 tsp salt
    1/8 tsp pepper
    1/4 c sugar
    3/4 c oil

    Mix together and stuff turkey - or else bake in a covered bowl, or even in aluminum foil.

    Today I make pies and pack. It's pouring, and I'm doing a happy dance - both for the rain, and for not having to drive in it.

    For those of you who won't be here tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for my virtual village and its inhabitants, each and every one of you. You brighten my world.

    Gobble gobble!

  7. Wow, I took some time looking for the recipe, and the world passed me by! Hugs back, Maria. Thanks for the recipes, Jen - I've always wanted to make that dip, and now can. Ditto yogurt - that's pretty ambitious, Lisa! And museum instead of mall sounds good to me.

  8. {{HUGS to everyone!!!}}

    Andi - if I could see, I would make those biscuits right now!! (Instead, I'm going to settle for some coffee and toast....

    I love todays photo -- it's really tough to get a good photo on a cloudy day and you got a GREAT photo!

    Maria Lima - I really enjoyed Matters of the blood but, I haven't found Blood Bargain or Blood Kin.... I think I'd better try Amazon.

  9. Love that statue, Andi.

    Jen ~ I think I will be making that spinach artichoke dip, with absolutely NO low-fat versions of anything.

  10. I love stuffing, Beth. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only reason to celebrate Thanksgiving (j/k ... I think). Columbus is very big on public art. Eos is my favorite but there's a lot more to see.

    kb, they really are very easy to make but it is a good idea to have your eyes open. :) BTW, I got both books at a Barnes & Noble bookstore.

    Morning Laura! I don't know if you remember but we went past that statue when we were walking around downtown Columbus. And happy T'day to you and the kids.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

    Maria does cook occasionally or at least bake and I have the pictures to prove it.

    But my best recipe is to go over to my brother's and let him do the cooking. Which I will be doing tomorrow.

  12. And of course, just to prove how forgetful I am, I forgot to say just how much I love this picture and the statute. Incredible.

  13. Wow, that's a permanent sculpture? I thought it was an organic whatzit made from reeds and other bits of flora. Awesome.

    Tomorrow, I'll be making challah bread (link to recipe), except I don't know how she goes 375° for 35 minutes; I get it done pretty well at 350° for 15–20 mins (maybe if the oven wasn't preheated, but that's specified). I bought the biggest flat cooking sheet I could find so I could put both loaves on it; it takes up the entire rack in the oven.

    Lisa, could I get a little clarification on one of the steps in the yogurt recipe? Remove 2c milk, add 1/2c yogurt… are you saying to mix the yogurt into the 2c of milk then pour that mixture back into the crockpot? I might have to try that one.

    Earlier in the year, I found a recipe for kotijuusto (Finnish home cheese) and posted it with a bunch of other stuff happening around then. It has a consistency much like ricotta; we made lasagna & cheesecake with it and both were pretty good.

    I've picked up a horrendous sore throat, so I don't know what else I'll be doing today. Good thing the oven kills all the germs, eh?

  14. Love your photos of the statue ... you've captured the movement!

    I won't be making anything Thanksgivings-y but I hope you all enjoy yours as much as I did mine!

  15. I love that sculpture. But even more, I love how you shot these photos with no indication of the space in which she stands (floats?). Even though I don't object to her location because it has its own resonance. If all that makes sense.

    And I recommend a trip to Columbus Indiana to everyone. Especially with the guided tour by Andi :)

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dina. I hope you have a fine day watching your brother cook.

    Definitely metal, Farf. I've never thought of challah as a traditional Turkey Day food. It does, however, make stupendously good french toast. Sorry about the sore throat. Hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Not Thanksgiving in Canada Day tomorrow, O. :)

    Hiya Mary. Next time, though, I'm going to make sure we go on a day when I can show you the inside of North Christian.

  17. Farf,

    Yes, mix the 1/2 cup plain yogurt into the 2 cups of warmish milk and then add back into the crockpot milk, cover and wrap for 8-12 hours.
    I just finished putting today's batch into a container after a day in the fridge draining whey.
    Thick and creamy. EASY. Super Easy--Beth.

    Would love the bread!!
    Farf, you take care and pamper throat and self.

  18. Sneaking in to wish everyone a good Thanksgiving! Back to the pumpkin cheesecake baking.

  19. Mmmm, mmmm, boran2. Have fun and good eating.

    Good night everybody.

  20. Gee! Gorgeous statue. That's art that I can get a feeling for. She is so graceful and so light and flightworthy. She expresses so much gratitude and joy.

    Wonderful recipes. Great new logo yesterday.

    Everyone have there pre-Big-Dinner
    prep all done? David is brining a 3 lb Cornish Hen. It's just the two of us. I'll be making my special cranberry salad and rice stuffing tomorrow.

    Peace everyone.

  21. Winged Victory of The Plains. Oh, I love this a lot.

  22. Of course I remember! That's why I said I love that statue, not I love the photograph of that statue. :)