Thursday, October 29, 2009

Up and Down in the Valley

Taken October 26, 2009.

Taken October 21, 2009
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  1. Andi, Love blue sky. Not seeing too much of that lately. More storms headed our way today.

    Beth--sending 12 vibes. Fast and Furious.

    Farf--Five generation pictures is fantastic. My favorite first picture of sonboy in his little knit cap with dad and grandad. The best we could do was four generations.

    CF--Irish Bagpipe makers. Loved listening to the clip of you and hubby playing. My kinda toe tapping music. You are multi-talented. Wish I could play an instrument, but listening and enjoying seems to be my strength.
    My hubby plays bagpipe music to wake the kids up on scout campouts. Expose them to new/old music.

    Maria--enjoy the new book out high and the energy will propel you through book 4.

    Waves to all. No new kids this morning but this afternoon is another intake meeting and who knows. 21 in two days--need roller skates.

    Thursday winking at Friday.

  2. Morning! Dashing to school, but wanted to drop a quick note. Thanks for the vibes, Lisa - I'll need 'em! And some of that rain too, please. :-) Hot and humid inland - I miss my ocean breezes and cool nights at home!

    I'll keep the peace of these pictures in my heart today.

    Hope everyone has a stellar day - weekend ahoy!

  3. The horse love never really stops, does it? If I had enough land and support etc., I'd take in rescue horses forever and ever.

    Good luck today, Beth. My mom and I both spent time tending bars in SoFla, we both took the classes first, and we both stressed over the final, too, but we did fine. You can do it!

  4. Lisa, blue skies haven't been that plentiful around here either so I make sure I get pictures when they show up so I can remember what they look like.

    Work hard, learn well, and mix it up, Beth. :)

    We bought this place, Jen, with the idea that once we saved enough money, I'd get a horse or two but then I got a job where I traveled and it wasn't fair to leave Jim to take care of horses as well as dogs, so it never happened. Fortunately, living in the woods is its own reward.

  5. Morning, peeps!! I'm doing the "it's Fake!Friday Fabulous chair dance" - srsly!!

    Friend came over last night to help me rearrange furniture, so the hard part's done. Now I just have to tackle the boxes in the one third of the space (books and such) and the re-org will be DONE!

    Of course, it will have to wait until I'm done with Book 4, but that's fine.

    ::waves hi at Andi, Jen, Beth and Lisa..and Farf, who's probably typing right this second...::

    ::waves hi again to those coming along later::

    Cheers, all!

  6. Actually, FARf was about 40 minutes behind you, Maria. Sounds like you've got your apt. mostly settled in, and you've been able to write in the midst of all that. Interesting how that works… stress can drive me to the keyboard too.

    Andi, we're getting blue skies here — come get some pix, and bring Jim too! Mrs. Fetched had a horse when she was in high school, and talked about getting one or two more back when, but she wisely recognized that she didn't have the time for upkeep & I didn't know much about them. Then Big V got a bunch of them and they started coming up here to eat our yard anyway. :-P

    Jen, we learn a little more about you all the time. Rum & coke please, hold the coke.

    {{{Beth}}} you'll do it.

    Lisa, those generational shots make great pictures, regardless of how many. I really haven't had much of a chance to go through mine & pick out the best two or three, just a quick skim to throw out the clinkers. I hadn't emptied my MacBook's Trash folder in a while, and got back 4GB of space.

    I figured Mason would wake up by now — he was making the occasional squawk — but he's nice & quiet. The mime computer is calling, so I must stop rambling.

  7. Dude, imo it's a little early for shots, but I know what a baby does to your internal clock and I ain't one to judge. ;)

    ::free pours 151 into half an eggshell, lights it on fire, serves it to Farf in a bed of whipped cream::

  8. I've said it before, but you really picked a perfect spot to settle in. Those wonderful woods and horses too. How good can it get?

    Glad you liked the clip, Lisa. We had a lot of fun when we had that little band.

    Happy almost Friday everyone. Good luck Beth.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  9. No mindmeld today! Love the coloured field.

  10. Greetings. Just an update. So far I love my Mac and the free workshops at the Apple store to learn some things to do with it. I was hoping to use a local company to access the internet, but they all require pcs. :-/ Have an appt. to talk to someone re: a national brand instead.

    Lisa, I was looking at entries from earlier in the week and saw some pix you posted. What is the item in 2 pix that looks like a skull with 2 long protrubances?? You can keep the snake. I once lived in the "country" and came out to find a snake sunning itself on the sidewalk in front of the front steps. I used the back door instead. I just heard on the radio this week that snakes are the #1 phobia people in the country.

    Jen, my sister owns a horse farm in south central Ohio. If you'd like to ride sometime, I could give you directions. I don't ride, I think the height frightens me as much as anything.

    Still dealing with family issues. Just glad I'm able to help.

    Have a great day.

  11. Oops, sorry for the double post. Any way to remove it, Andif?

  12. So when will get some pictures, Maria?

    I think I can probably find blue skies a little closer, Farf, but thanks for the offer. :)

    CF, I honestly don't think it could get any better ... well scenery-wise. Broadband internet. OTOH, could be a whole lot of better.

    Yeah O -- I would have never thought of taking pictures of oatmeal so we aren't always on the same wavelength.

    That's weird on requiring PC's, bono. It doesn't take anything special to hook up to a cable modem or DSL line, especially if it's going into a router. Also, duplicate comment deleted.

  13. Thanks, Jen. Actually, the baby is helping to keep me sane (I got the stroller out & we had a nice walk)… it's everything else that makes me need the drink. Never seen or heard of anything like that, but it sounds like just the thing!

    Bono, echoing Andi here: whether it's DSL or cable, you should be able to hook up without any trouble. Unless they're using some funky-ass authentication scheme, it should be a matter of plugging an Ethernet cable into the Mac & the modem and away you go. If it's dialup, you'll need a USB dialup modem (which can be "got" from an Apple Store). If I was a little closer, I'd go over there & help you get it going.

  14. Bono, try talking to the friendly folks at your nearby Apple store. I'll bet they can tell you how to get your Mac on any PC-centric internet provider.

  15. Love those clouds Andi.

    Good luck with the class, Beth.

    Happy reorg Maria.

    I left a comment at your place, Grandpa Farf.

    I hope that you get your wish someday, Jen.

    Waves to all.

    It's almost Friday! Yay!

  16. I love Brown County horses. But I really like the streaky clouds in the other picture.

    Rain, rain and more rain here. I think I feel gills forming.

    Hope all went well Beth. You are now in charge of mixing us virtual drinks for us. Think of one that goes well with ... rain. :)

  17. Farf, my dogs said to tell you that they even know that walking in the middle of the road is a very bad thing and will get you yelled at. ;)

    Howdy b2. Have you taken any fall foliage pictures yet?

    Hiya Mary. Sorry about the rain. It's just arriving here and is staying for the weekend. :(