Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Poetry Post

Wrong state,
Wrong month,
Wrong tree,
     but it's the right color.

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A Yellow Leaf
    by Alberto Ríos

A yellow leaf in the branches
Of a shamel ash
In the front yard;
I see it, a yellow leaf
Among so many.
Nothing distinguishes it,
Nothing striking, striped, stripped,
Strident, nothing
More than its yellow
On this day,
Which is enough, which makes me
Think of it later in the day,
Remember it in conversation
With a friend,
Though I do not mention it—
A yellow leaf on a shamel ash
On a clear day
In an Arizona winter,
A January like so many.


  1. ::yawns:: Not yet dawn. Up at 4:40 for no apparent reason. Writing now, inspired by no sleep and the pretty poem.

    ::waves at you all::

    Back to nap I think, in a few, b/c wow, I can't believe I'm up this early.

    Super Sunday!

  2. Wow you WERE up early, Maria! Hope you're napping...still nice to see you on a Sunday morning. Happy writing!

    Love the pic, love the poem. Discussed fall with friends last night, and we agree we miss it, and wish we could live in a place that goes from fall to spring. But we also reveled in listening to live music outside, with a breeze keeping us cool as we watched the sun set over Charlotte Harbor, and that wasn't so bad.

    Wrapping up loose ends today. Will be in Tampa all week for bartending school - can't face the thought of being a secretary again, and we have SO many tiki bars down here...anyway, better than sitting on the couch wondering what the heck I'm going to do. Not sure I'll have any internet time, but will check in as I can.

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday, and week to come!

  3. Well, I see chairs for you & Andi… where's the other six chairs for the rest of us? Good poem, good pic.

    Moonshine Festival was the place to be yesterday, if you wanted to get photos of classic/custom/race cars. I really didn't want to be there, but took the opportunity to shoot up some pre-war (for various values of "war") Detroit iron.

    Good luck with the bartending school, Beth. It would be so cool if you ended up getting OJT from my bro. ;-)

    Getting ready for church… will type later.

  4. typing quietly to keep from waking the napping maria.

    bartending should give you many stories and characters, beth.

  5. Where does your bro work, Farf? I know you've mentioned it at some point, but you know my memory....

    And yes, I should be overwhelmed with characters, Jim! :-)

  6. Beautiful photo and neat poem, Jim.

    Happy Sunday to you all. We finally have a gorgeous sunny day here. A little chilly though for t-shirts. 40s.

    Good luck on the bartending job, Beth. You have a great personality to get lots of good tips. :-)

    One new puppy photo up...

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  7. Morning all.

    Jim ... that porch looks so inviting w/ all the leaves. A beautiful carpet, and look - you've even decorated w/ flowers ... ;-)

    Beth, can't wait to hear about your bar-tending school adventures. :-)

  8. Beth, I know he used to work at the Hurricane. Not sure if he still does. I'll find out next time I talk to him.

  9. Thanks Farf! I'm there every month or two, so if he is there, I'll have to find him next time!

  10. I'll send you a pic or something, Beth. ;-)

    Here's a few pics from the car show (link goes to Picasaweb).

  11. Thanks Farf! Great car pix - I love classic cars! My sis and BIL buy them, fix them up, play with them for a while, then sell them and buy more. These are purdy!

  12. My favs are the hood ornaments, Farf.

    Olivia, those leaves just were not to be outdone by the interloper flowers.

    Coneflower, the weather here looks to warm up to 70°F this week, but we are promised some wet too.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sorry about the delete, I forgot something.

    Beth, you ought to think about coming up to Planet Georgia next year, then… they do this every year, fourth weekend in October. They start up those old race cars a few times every day and revvvvv 'em up!

    BTW, you can click the "Like" box if you have a Google account and leave comments on the pix…

    Jim, I liked those too. I was thinking about doing a montage. We're supposed to get into the low 70s later in the week too… it's supposed to be 43°F tomorrow, so I might just bundle up & take Little Zook to work.