Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Poetry Post

Primarily Colors

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Matisse, Too
by Alicia Ostriker

Matisse, too, when the fingers ceased to work,
Worked larger and bolder, his primary colors celebrating
The weddings of innocence and glory, innocence and glory

Monet when the cataracts blanketed his eyes
Painted swirls of rage, and when his sight recovered
Painted water lilies, Picasso claimed

I do not seek, I find, and stuck to that story
About himself, and made that story stick.
Damn the fathers. We are talking about defiance.


  1. Love the picture, Jim. The old building background in contrast with the power of the bikes. Great color and texture and composition.
    As I push myself out of bed these days I am more tolerant of the old and the infirm further down the road than I. The map of crinkles beside my eyes leads their direction.

    More rain today and in the 50's-- Fall has arrived.

    Beth, Texas won so time to start ramping up to beat OU (Okla) next week. Enjoy your football today.

    Maria, hope you survived your jousting and the home is comfy with lots of places to store and work.

    Relaxing Sunday to all. We have Staff Development tomorrow, so no kids. WooHoo

  2. Interesting to think of defiance in terms of tweaking what you do to match what you CAN do. Kind of a quiet battle.

    Where's the pic taken, Jim? Great shot!!

    Craft show this morning with a girlfriend, Lisa, then football - go Broncos! Glad Texas won - interesting day of college ball.

    50's?? I didn't realize Texas got so cool so quickly. Still breaking records here, with no end in sight. Saw Little River Band last night - outdoor concert, and the humidity was stifling, even at 10pm.

    Farf, hope there are no health issues to deal with today - argh.

    Peaceful Sunday to everyone!

  3. Lisa, hope you enjoy some cool wet weather.

    Beth, the dilapidated building is a great white table cloth but casual restaurant called The Story Inn.

  4. Hey all! Love the pic — motorcycles and restaurants in old buildings just seem to go together. The poem goes well with it… motorcycles are often associated with defiance, of course. Then again, a building crumbling on the outside can host a thriving home or business on the inside — another sort of defiance.

    I love the idea of continuing to do what you're good at, even when ailments make it difficult… Ms. Ostriker could have mentioned Beethoven writing symphonies after going stone deaf, too.

    Mrs. Fetched's mom continues to do better; she'll be moving into a regular room from ICU some time today. Not so sure about Big V. Gory details at the usual place…

    Looks like warm dry weather today, with heavy rain tomorrow and follow-up rain most of the week. Now that the lakes are full, we're talking about recharging water tables. Every little bit helps, especially when summers can be so dry.

    Happy trails, y'all!

  5. Hey, I know that place ! :)
    Now I'm hungry.

    I am finally unthawed from last night's playoff game. Today is "there is always next year" day for me. How's that for defiance?

  6. Morning, gang. Lovely contrasts in the pic, Jim!

    Lisa - sadly, the place is still a sty. I'd unfortunately bought the wrong mattress at IKEA, so I have a sofabed frame, but no way to sit on it. That, plus so far, all but 1 person is a no show to pick up the old furniture. :(

    Temps here are dropping fast. It's a cool breezy day and I've kept my windows open.

    I'm probably going to go crawl back to bed now - woke up with sinus headache rapidly deteriorating into a migraine.

  7. Great photo, Jim. Love the combo of the bright and shiny against the old and tired. Glad to hear it's a cool restaurant. Definitely two great signs of quiet defiance.

  8. Thanks, Jim - I googled it, and it looks like a very cool place. I love places like that - hopefully if I ever get on the road again, I'll stop there!!

  9. Farf, I thought you'd like the photo. I was happy with it since it was one of my first iPhone shots.

    Mary, I had a rib eye of bison. I've never had beef as tender as that bison was. Andi had a veggie stuffed manicotti; others had wonderful halibut, pork chops, filet, soups, salads, and spring rolls. It was all great. Don't you think you need to come back and pay Sniff a visit?

    Beth, see above to Mary.

    Coneflower and Maria, it was a found photo. I just fell in love with the colors of the Harleys and the leather saddlebags. I got lucky in the framing.

  10. Oh. You. Evil. Tempter. You.
    ALL of that sounds yummy. Of COURSE I need to come back and pay Sniff a visit. sigh.

  11. Hi all, just passing through on a rush to somewhere else. Where does the time go?
    Love the picture and covet the food!
    Unlike our so-called summer, autumn is fabulous with a dry September and wonderful colours everywhere. But getting colder...

  12. Jim, this is a fantastic shot -- I love it!