Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still Life

Taken October 22, 2009

Taken October 23, 2009.
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  1. Wow, Andi. Those are ART. Love the textures.

    The clouds are about past us. Add 4 or so more inches to our rain total. Has to be a record. Looked like Ireland(well West Texas style Ireland) as we drove to and from the property. Here is a friend I met this weekend and Hubby's Taj Mahal deer blind among a few other pics.

    9 new ones, 6 in my 9th grade class first period. Job security.
    One of my girls told me yesterday she couldn't wait for me to be fired. When I talked to her out of the room, I assured her I was older, wiser, and meaner and they were never firing me. She laughed and agreed.
    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Well Lisa, I gotta admit that was maybe one or two more shots of a blind than my enthusiasm was up for it totally recovered once with that sweetie in DSCN2012 and the great big turkey (hope nobody shot it). :)

  3. Don't ya love that hay bale Turkey!! Something to be said for small town America.
    Sending link to sonboy so blind pics will be of more interest to him. Though if you consider it a photo op station might be of more interest to you. It's all in perception don't you know.
    Thought Kipling would bring a smile to you.

  4. Andi, those are fabulous.

    From yesterday: Janet, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, all my best wishes to you.

  5. Andi - gorgeous pics! Love the close ups.

    Lisa, ha! I love the "older, wiser, meaner" bit. I tend to think that a LOT when I encounter the youngsters.

    Today, dear friends, is RELEASE DAY!! BLOOD KIN is officially now available in many stores near you--including Target and Walmart.

    I am totally psyched.

    BTW, in case you're not on Twitter/Facebook, I'm having a contest on my blog. Take a pic of any of my books in the wild (bookstore, library, your home, etc) and you could win a prize. Bonus entry if you dress in costume and take pic of you and book ('cause in case you hadn't noticed, it's Hallowe'en week!!) (yes, I'm being facetious).

    Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!

  6. Lisa, so did you sit in the blind and take pictures?

    Morning Jen. How are the leaves doing at your place. We're getting pretty close to bare here, which is about two weeks early.

    Hey Maria, get ready for a BIG royalty check. I finally got out of the house and to a bookstore* yesterday to get "Blood" books 2 & 3. But just don't go spending all that loot I'm bringing you rashly. ;)

    * what a bummer I didn't know about the contest.

  7. Morning, Jen - we must have cross-posted!

    Andi - it's not too late. Take a pic of the books at your place (dress in costume) - still a chance to win naming a character in an upcoming book. :)

  8. Morning, Maria. Good luck with that extremely brave contest. I hope someone with a talent for naming wins. :)

    Andi, the season is progressing inconveniently here. It was slow to start but must have picked up speed while I was distracted by something shiny. A couple of the yard trees are already bare this morning, which was a big surprise. I would like to get out and try to shoot what's left of the local color but I have a ton of errands b/c E's b-day is this week, plus my stupid chronic illness is restricting my up-time. I wish Mother Nature would be better about checking my calendar when she schedules these shows, alas.

    Lately I've been distracted and half-unplugged because I've near constantly got a head full of book, but not enough energy to work as much as I want. I recently made a very large cut, and now I'm rewriting through the hole it left, which is going really well, I'm still very happy with what I'm producing, but damn, all the TIME involved in this type of writing now is so daunting. I used to be able to write a book in 4 months, but this is still on pace for at least 2 years (total), maybe a little longer, to get a finished draft. O_O

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  9. Heyo,

    Crazy busy right now and not keeping up on my online reading at all but Jen mentioned over on Wyrdsmiths that Scotland pics really ought to be forthcoming and figured not everyone here tracks what's going on over there, so here are the pictures. Well, the links anyway.

    Jen, great to hear that you're head is full of book and it progresses even if it's not as fast as you might like.

    Andi, fabulous pics as always.

    Janet, best wishes for your brother.

    Maria, congrats on the release!

    Everyone else, hellos and hugs as appropriate.

  10. Maria, picture at my place ... no problem; picture of me in a costume ... not happening in this temporal plane. But as an encouragement to the more adventuresome, here are your books doing a fine job of interior decoration at my place. [LINK]

    Jen, that's how it went here -- the leaves went in a flash. But I'm happy that you're trading leaf-looking pictures for a headway on the book.

    Wow Kelly, lots and lots of great pictures. You do nice work with arches (whether entrance ways, bridges, wheels, or tunnels). And the Doctor Who sets was great fun but my favorite was the Highland and Sky set. And if I had to pick a favorite photo I think it would be "The road ahead" -- perfect framing for a gorgeous subject (plus interesting geology).

  11. Hi all. Rainy morning here and I am glad to be in.

    Janet, so sorry about your brother. I know what it is like to run through benefits and it has nothing to do with a 'real' job!

    Maria, congratulations. I am planning to go to Borders on Monday when I can hopefully take a pic and pick it up!

  12. Janet, let me echo late hopes for your brother's recovery. *feeling insensitive about now*

    Andi, I love the criss-cross shot.

    Lisa, that was a good story… you handled that quite well, I thought! Looks like you were having a good time out there in Cherokee. Around here, they hang chairs in trees & call 'em "deer stands." It doesn't look like you have big enough trees for that… besides, that blind would keep the rain off you. After seeing a 20% chance for rain last night, it rained pretty much all night here. cue Ray Charles

    Good to hear everyone's writing. Naming characters is my least favorite part of writing, so I'll just stand aside in that contest, Maria :-) — and congrats on the release! I'll see if I can get Daughter Dearest to grab one of your books in costume.

    Jen: don't get discouraged with the slow pace; it took me almost two years to finish FAR Future (and that was the writing part). It kind of snuck up on me… I'd long ago written the last two pieces & was filling in the gaps. I finished an episode and said, "OK, what's next? … well shit, I'm done. I'm done. Whew!" I'm in a minor drought phase right now, but with six months' worth of ep's in the can (at one per week) I'm not sweating anything right now. It's annoying when everyone sucks away your evenings every evening for days on end, but October's usually like that around FAR Manor. The unusual part this year was that the time-suck started so late.

    Mimes want their pound of flesh. Later!

  13. Morning, I think... :) Picture retake here at school. So everyone is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Anyone like Year Round School? I tired of my kids doing 4-5 hours of homework they sometimes don't even understand so we have to reteach it. And they don't have time to be frikken kids anymore. They're taking the Arts and Music out and now we've got Marine Recruiters eating lunch with our 9th graders. Losing Arts and Music is the end all to a civiliation.

    Thanks for the well wishes for my brother. He needs health care. Period. Thinking about trying to get him to go to Sweden, Germany, Holland, hell even Iraq had NHC before we blew it up. Anywhere that has a civilized society so he can get the heart help he needs BEFORE he DIES.

    I like the Still Life photos... but why does it make me think Mother Nature has a Kinky Toy Cache? :)

    Congrats Maria! That is so awesome. I'll look for it at Powells.

  14. Love the lighting on the left photo - both are beautiful.

  15. Amazing detail on the left, Andi!

    Well done, Lisa!

    Congratulations Maria! I hope that it does well!

    I've just about finished my latest painting. I'm already thinking about the next one.

    Good evening to all!

  16. Thanks for the support, guys. After a full day of erranding I'm ready to go lie down and look at everyone's pictures on the laptop, yay! G'night, all.

    ::passes Boran2 like ships in the night::

  17. Here's me, like a caboose - well, except for B2.

    Survived Day 2. A little easier today, but twice as exhausted. Can't wait to get home on Friday - hopefully with a certificate in tow. Apparently the test is tough, and folks often fail the first time - I will not fail, because I don't have time to take it again. :-)

    Sendings hugs and cheers to all who need them! I'm staggering off to bed to memorize flash cards...

    Night all!

  18. Hi Dina. I have great expectations about the costume you'll wear in that picture. You won't disappoint me, will you?

    Hi Farf. I would think that naming characters would be fun.

    Janet, Mother Nature IS a kinky toy cache. :P

    Hi O.

    B2, you're here too early -- I'm not ready for bed! :)

  19. Oops, should have refreshed.

    Good luck Beth!

  20. Janet, I'm just glad my kids finished school before that year-round crap happen(s)(ed). The local high school, for all its (at best) mediocrity in other respects, does have a pretty decent arts & music program — all the more amazing, being in an off-the-rails crazy arterial red county in a not-so-sane red state. I hadn't heard about mil-spec recruiters lunching with the kids here, either, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. I'll have to ask the nephews.

  21. AndiF,
    Two wonderful images.
    I actually prefer the one on the right for the overall look.
    It seems to have continuity.
    The light branchings of the brown leaf seem to be receding as they dry out & succumb to fall.