Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Return of the Fog

Taken September 25, 2009

Taken September 27, 2009.
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  1. Life is a fog these days with glimmers of love and brightness. The cool temps and moisture reset the mind for another season, more time passing.

    Cyberhugs and positive thoughts for MaryB. You are right this is a hard week.

    Here's hoping for less gas for Mason. Amazing how the little things upset the apple cart. But then it is amazing how little things can bring us boundless joy.

    Beth, if you see a very young Steve McQueen hanging around outside your house--run. You'll realize that was the BLOB that had invaded your house.

    Waves to all!!
    Wonderful Weds.

  2. Happy Anniversary, b2. And most definitely many, many more.

    Mary, Jim and I and the furry folks are sending you good vibes for a better rest of the week.

    Morning Lisa. If I see Steve McQueen hanging around my house, I'm going to run because it means that George Romero is a documentarian. ;)

  3. Morning, all! Sorry about the bad week - seems that sometimes those vibes wander around and attack randomly. Hope it starts improving immediately.

    If Steve McQueen comes over, I hope he brings tools. I have lots of projects that still need doing. I would have to contact Ghostie, though.

    Up until after 3am - brain wouldn't shut off. Just when you think the insomnia wand has moved on, it sneaks back and whacks you in the head. Hopefully it was a short visit.

    Deciding whether to adopt 2 senior Labs this week. Company and unconditional love and doing a good deed, versus responsibility and being tied down. I change my mind every few seconds, sigh.

    Hope the hump in your Hump Day is a teeny weeny one!

  4. Mornin' All. Lovely photos, Andi. I love that mysterious myst. So much fun to walk around in too. I see your decid. trees are still green also. So are ours. A few have started to change but nothing like last year. Maybe we've had too much rain. Don't know. Sure hope we don't get snow on still green leaves.

    A young Steve McQueen. Mercy!! I'd be running toward him. Just watched The Great Escape last night. Whew! He's another one who dies too young.

    Beth, I was following your decision making on FB last night. It's no wonder your brain wouldn't let you sleep.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  5. Yeah, my brain was whirling last night, CF. Lots of irons in the fire, and it wouldn't let go. No wonder I woke up with a stress migraine this morning! I'll find a way to relax today, and sleep tonight.

  6. Yaboooo!

    Mason was much better last night, thanks. He had his usual "wake up & feed me" thing going, but nothing out of the ordinary. We wound up bringing him into our bed around 4:30 while I was warming up the bottle, then he slept (without eating) until 8. Daughter Dearest was fond of doing that herself… she'd get up some time in the night (or morning) and climb into bed with us.

    In my daydream, Steve McQueen rolls up on his motorcycle and says "get your helmet and gas up your bike, we're headin' to the coast!"

    Hey Beth, if you adopt the labs, you gotta get the t-shirt! It just occurred to me that the doggies would reduce the presence of dead what-zits on your lanai… gulp grin slurp

    Working at home today, yay! Mrs. Fetched is still in bed, so I'm out in the living room. Mason is zorched in his bed behind me. *yawn* Eh, back to it!

  7. I can think of many more things for a young Steve McQueen to do for me than run errands :)

    Been out with vertigo for two days and I'm still exhausted so called in to the mimes and told them I was still out. Three days now.

    Today is Danni's 15th bday and we haven't been able to get a thing done, she won't be home tonight till 9 due to practice anyways so we'll have her celebration Friday. Plus we have an IEP (that's like a contract with the special ed peeps and school) for Wes tomorrow. I used to hate preparing and going to these meetings when we lived in Redneck land. But good schools and good locales make a big difference in a kid's life. I wish we had been able to move sooner for both kids education. I'll never forgive myself for trying to stick it out and make things better. Sometimes you just have to leave.

  8. Beth, being a dog-aholic (I'll bet you never guessed), I'm certainly inclined to say go for it but if you did it would be a huge change in the way you live ... though we've had very good experiences with dog/house sitters.

    CF, those pics were almost two weeks ago so there has been some change and some of trees have started to turn (some of them are already bare). But things are still more green than not.

    Yay for happy Mason news, Farf. That's a really clever t-shirt but I think it would freak me out to wear it.

    Janet, I hope Danni has a great birthday today and celebration on Friday. As for Steve McQueen, I don't think Beth plans on having him run errands; she's just wants to find out if he really knows how to use his tools. :)

  9. ROTFL andi!!! You devil you.

    Am thinking the dog idea isn't going to work for me right now. I don't have a support system here yet, so if I needed help getting a heavy dog into my car, there's no one to call. Or if I get stuck somewhere, there's no one to run over and let the dogs out. I AM going to be in Mexico for Xmas, so that'd be a $600 boarding fee.

    As much as I miss having dogs around, and want to help these pups, I think I'm just not in the right place to do it at this point. Very sad to decide that, but after being up all night, I have to listen to my gut. Which is saying, wait til you have more friends to lean on before you undertake a task this big.

    So thanks for the support. Sigh. Kind of a sad decision.

  10. Well, Andi, he did his own stunts and drove his own cars... I'm sure he knows how to tighten his own set of nuts. :)

  11. (((Beth)))) I think you made the best decision for you and the dogs.

    I know that at our Humane Society it's a no kill one and people can go online and sponsor animals. Many can't keep a dog, but many can help keep a dog who is waiting for a home, in treats and such. Or you can volunteer to go in and take them for walks and stuffs.

    My husband is volunteering with Meals on Two Wheels. He just got the call and he goes in tomorrow for his route. The other bike commuters at his work are excited to hear how it works out. His work will match his hours with his salary. So he does 20 hours a month, they pay Meals on Wheels/Loaves and Fishes his salary of 20 hours. It's a win win sitch.

  12. Thanks, Janet. I'm really disappointed, but have to be realistic. My heart always rules my head, and it never works out. I had intended to volunteer at a local shelter before I heard about these guys, so will do that instead.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  13. Yeah, I hear ya, it does suck but I think ya done good :)

    I too live and make many decisions based on my gut and feelings. But I have to be careful about it, too.

    I have to be realistic and not allow Danni to volunteer at the cat shelter. She'd come home with each and every cat. We just know it. And so does she :)

    It's much easier for her to do bikeathons and sign petitions and such FOR animals. And much safer on her extremely moose-sized heart. :)

    Right now she's trying to stop the slaughtering of wolves in Alaska and now ... I forget what the other state is... Wyoming or Montana - via Defenders of Wildlife. Plus she's been a card carrying, fee paying member of the Sierra Club since a teacher got her involved in that since she was 8.

    Danni is pretty hardcore. She doesn't put up with much bs. :)

  14. Beth, I sent you our Tour de Lab bikeathon photos from this September. Hope that perks ya up.

  15. They helped, Janet, thanks! A little down because I hate when my head rules my heart - although it's usually the prudent thing to do. I'm just a heart on my sleeve kind of gal, and would rather dive headfirst into a situation and figure it out later. Just didn't make enough sense here.

    Thanks for cheering me up!!


  16. Beth, I'm sorry you had to make the decision you did but I'm sure you made the right one. And brave of you to volunteer at a shelter -- I'd have a zillion dogs if I did that.

    Janet, you must be proud of Danni and I'll bet she's proud of the mom who taught her to stand up for what she believes in.

  17. Beth, Too bad about the dogs. Maybe in the future.

    I hope that you got some sleep, Far.

    Hi Janet! I hope that you're feeling better.

    Good evening to all.

    I'm still waiting for madame boran to come home. :::taps foot:::

  18. I love that photo on the left Andi.

  19. I hope Madame boran has showed up because then I can say good night to both of you. :)

    Night all.