Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pond of Many Colors

Both pictures taken October 8, 2009
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  1. Andi, the weather gods DID LISTEN to you. They were just backed up and it took a while for the SUN to reach us. Yesterday afternoon the dogs got to lay out in the back yard and roll in the grass. I opened the blinds to let more of the sun in while I cooked dinner.

    MaryB, you totally crack me up. I did think I saw something flitting between the trees in one of today's picture.
    Interesting how the two pictures have such different feels. One widely spaced and more open while the other more malevolent.

    Maria--the idea of cleaners coming sounds wonderful. Enjoy the aftermath. Happy End of Work Week.

    Beth, Enjoy time with parents.

    CF, How's the Garlic coming?

    Farf, Here's to a quiet, healthy day for you and yours.

    Waves to all to come.
    Here's hoping for Rain or Sun for each of us, depending on our needs.

  2. Well, I dreamed it was raining last night, so thanks for stirring SOME gods, andi! Yay for your sunshine, Lisa!

    Time with the parents - so far, so good. Full day ahead of biting my tongue and remembering that I'll be 88 some day, too. And that they love me.

    Weatherpeeps are saying 74 on Sunday - we'll see. Still in the 90's today. Think I'll take a dip in that lake!

    Enjoy your Thursday - the weekend's almost here!

  3. Morning, gang.
    Lisa & Andi - my cleaners are a JOY! I came home to a wonderfully clean place and all my piled of laundry done and put away. This is the one indulgence I will *never* give up.

    Beth, you should come visit for coolth. Today's high is around 45F. It's raining, though, and forecast is for rain throughout the weekend.

    Off to the mimes for my Fake!Friday. Then a weekend of intense writing.

    Ciao, all!

  4. Morning all! Beautiful pond, not a ripple… if it were July, it would be CANNONBAAAAALLLLLLL time!

    Mason (and Snippet) came home with us after Daughter Dearest's birthday dinner. DD was around too… the upshot was, I ended up not doing much with Mason because DD was stepping in where I usually would. Mrs. Fetched & DD were watching Hairspray last night… I never realized John Travolta played the mom in that movie!!! I iz more whitebread than I let on, I suppose. :-P

    Between being up writing until midnight & one of those traditional 4am feeding times, I'm feeling a whole lot better at the moment than I have a right to. Maybe the coffee's helping with that. Hoping I can get some more writing done this weekend, but the forecast gives us dry & way-cool so I'm probably going to get some fresh air instead. And cut firewood.

    This evening's post at TFM is #1000. Wow.

    Hope everyone who wants rain gets it, and everyone who doesn't want it gets to dry out a bit. Later!

  5. So beautiful and peaceful but showing promise of times to come. I love it! It is interesting how different the two views of the same space look. Who is the little red guy to the right in the first photo?

    Are those trees a fringe of deciduous in front of the pine woods?

    You have such beautiful variety around you.

    Lisa, you do such a great job of speaking to everyone. My garlic is still in its shipping box. Today it's raining again, but not hard. I may have to poke them into the ground anyway. Gotta have lots of garlic.

    All the best to all of you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  6. Hi FarF. We cross posted. Hope your making Mason happy and getting your writing done at them same time. :-)

  7. That's really pretty. I really like the spacing of the trees in the right-side photo.

  8. Mason was snoozing a little while ago. So was Snippet. ;-)

  9. Yay for sunshine, Lisa!

    But sorry I failed, Beth, on the rain for you.

    Happy Fake Friday, Maria.

    Happy (I hope) houseful of family, Farf.

    Since I haven't been back in that corner, I'm not sure on red tree, CF. It's probably either a maple or a black gum.

    Hi O. The difference in spacing is a exaggerated a bit (but not much) by the angle of the left shot versus the straight on right shot.

    Aww, that's such a sweet picture, Farf. I love the position of Mason's hand.

  10. The spacing of the trees on the one on the right plus the way nature organized the colors plus the way it's all reflected - just gorgeous.

  11. Andi, maybe you could put in a word with the weather gods to take back the snow they've sent here. BTW, that is a really nice reflection on the right.

    Get some sleep, Far!

    Glad to hear that the visit is going well, Beth.

    Back to the snow.

  12. Thanks, Mary. I often think that the secret to photography is good timing.

    Sorry b2. The weather gods' motto is "No take backs". But I hope you get some nice pictures at that overlook on your way to work.