Friday, October 9, 2009


Both pictures taken October 1, 2009
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  1. This may be the only sunlight I see for a while. Storms here this morning.
    David was able to get the yard mowed and trimmed yesterday in the brief break.

    Fabulous Friday is here. Have 7 new kiddos on our side today. More job security.

    Maria, stretch and wiggle as you slowly get to wake up and start your three day weeeekend. WooHoo.
    Have fun with friends building furniture and nesting. Oh and writing too.

    Beth, are you swimming regularly in that pool? That is a piece I envy. I'm liking the cooling weather here and love seasons which I'd miss in FL. But being able to swim more would be fantastic. Kinda of a slug (wait I might get snow shoveled) lately.
    Need to be closer to Andi who could tether me to one of the dogs. Better be Giddy or I'd be eating dirt behind Bebo or Sniff.

    Cyberhugs to all the lonelies, fretting, sad, STRESSED, underslept, as well as to happies.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Morning, all! Nope, I don't swim, Lisa. I submerge myself once or twice if I'm suntanning. I need to buy floaty things. It's a shame I don't use it more often. I'll make an attempt to do so today, just for you.

    I do miss the seasons (well, not the snowy icy one). Right now we're breaking heat/humidity records, which is miserable. And the rainy season is over, so no fun weather. (No, I'm not wishing a hurricane on myself.) Enjoy the storms for me!

    Did I tell you the slug thing was a glass lizard? Thanks to my lawn guy, who knew right away.

    No news here - trying to remove my heart from my sleeve. Is there a formula for that?

    Have a great Friday, everyone!!

  3. Sheesh Beth, hot weather and you're not in your own pool? :-)

    A little soupy-looking out there this morning, a fine mist falling but nothing horrendous (five inches of rain, Andi? Sounds like us). New pictures at my place, the fall flower-weeds are doing their thing. No Mason pic, but there's a sound file…

    Off to the mimes, will be back later.

  4. Hi Lisa, Beth, Farf and everybody who shows up later.

    I'm not going to be around much between now and Sunday evening (but there will be a post tomorrow) because today is the start of the annual get-together with my old college friends and I do mean old since we've all known each other for at least 41 years.

    It's my turn to host and since my place isn't big enough for everybody, we've got a tourist rental (ah, there is an upside to living in a tourist area) but there's no internet access there.

    I hope everybody has a great Friday and weekend.

  5. From yesterday: The roadwork is even dumber than all the talk of a bipartisan healthcare plan. And that it keeps dragging on is just messing everyone up. E was in an accident yesterday, not directly due to the roadwork but I blame it anyway. It was at low speed and she is fine, but her car might need a new quarter panel.

    Hope you have a fab mini-reunion, Andi, with lots of laughs and great times with old friends. Drive safely! ;)

  6. Yes, you and all your friends drive safely! A guy passed me on the newly-opened 4-lane this morning on the way to the mimes… a minute later, some whackjob in an SUV pulled out in front of him and cut across to the next lane, but it was one of those Ex-Lax moments. Any of us who have to commute to our so-called living take our lives in our hands twice a day.

    Jen, glad to hear E is OK. Cars can be fixed or replaced, partners not so easily.

    My first thought on seeing the picture was part of the verse in Days of Future Passed, right after the overture:

    Pinprick holes in a colorless sky
    Let insipid figures of light pass by…

    A little early for the Sunday Poetry Post, but it sounds like we won't have one of those anyway. :-)

  7. We'll have a Sunday post. JimF won't let us down. I'll bet he has it all planned and scheduled already.

    Beautiful photos, Andi. I still love them. My hubby saw a solar eclipse once when he was a kid through the pinhole of leaves on trees. All of the little spots of light were crescents! How cool is that?

    This weekend, I'm planting garlic. I bought 2 types from The Garlic Store. It'll be fun seeing how they turn out next summer.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, O. You can't die because you're bringing the turkey to the family dinner. ;)

    Jen, bummer on E's accident but I'm sure glad it's only damage to the car.

    Farf, CF is right. There will be a Sunday Poetry Post because this is an old broads gathering which makes Jim quite literally the odd man out (though he does get to go to dinner with us Saturday night).

  9. Hola, all! I've been busy today - ran to Container Store for my Elfa drawer unit. As always, ended up buying more - but all very needed stuff. Managed to exercise restraint. ::g::

    Jen, sorry to hear about E's accident - glad she's okay!!

    Andi, enjoy the gathering - we old broads are the best. :)

    Going to spend the rest of the afternoon writing. My buddies are coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me finish up the furniture assembly, then I'll be DONE!


  10. Andi, "old" is a state of mind, not an indicator of age. The flirty woman at the lunch counter this afternoon might have had a few years on me, but she wasn't old. But either way, I'm glad to hear that SPP is going on as usual. I tend to call them "hen parties" to remove any chronological bias… Jim, I've been odd man out myself, more than once. :-D

    Maria, did they replace the busted paper towel thang? Good luck with the writing and furniture assembly. If you were a little closer, I'd have come by with hammers & drills & instruments of construction to get you taken care of. I guess I could have hopped the Amtrak.

  11. Farf, she's actually not my partner, but she is my family, and I am a worrier. Thanks to you all for the good wishes. :)

  12. Have a great time with your friends, I'll miss you.

    Jen, glad E is ok.