Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peeking at Fall

Taken October 15, 2009.

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  1. We're getting tinges of yellow and the leaves are beginning to fall here. Just trickling now.

    Andi--Request. Leaf pictures please. Close up. Before they all pack their bags and float away.

    Blustery day out. I think the rain is supposed to revisit soon. At least we've had several beautiful sunny days.

    Wonderful Weds to All.

  2. You wish is my command, Lisa. Tomorrow's post is just for you -- but everybody else gets to look too. :)

  3. Thanks, Lisa and andi - missing fall colors here big-time.

    Rainy season done here - season of dead lawns approaching, sigh. I've enjoyed the daily showers. Guess I should have moved to a place with more rain. Send it this way, Lisa!

    Last-minute dinner with a musician friend last night - it was fun. Thinking about attending a writers assn meeting tonight - we'll see if I work up the nerve. And a job interview this afternoon - just to join a temp agency, but it's something.

    Hope everyone has a great Hump Day!

  4. Lovely landscape shot, Andi. When was it taken?

    Commiserating with Maria & Farf from yesterday, I just cut about 10K words. I'm feeling the pain but it's surgical, this really needed to happen. (Fwiw, while I continue to avoid trying to publish, I'm working on novel #11, and making drastic cuts at this point is much easier for me than with the first handful of books.)

    Had to have the exterminator out yesterday because we have been finding BEES INSIDE the house! ::faints:: Guy couldn't find any hives. Working theory is the bees are either living in the chimney and/or coming in through it so we need to get another professional to come out and start climbing around up on the roof. OMG BEES. ::faints some more::

    Here's a couple pictures of autumn beginning in our front yard and progressing along beautifully in the back yard.

  5. A friend had the same thing happen recently, Jen. She lives in an old house, with wood paneling inside. The bees moved into the chimney and kept crawling through the knotholes in the paneling. It took a couple of visits from the bug guys to get rid of them. Eek! Good luck!

    I'm still trying to figure out how the palmetto bugs are getting into my lanai, when I can't find any holes that big in the screen or under the door or or or... Stupid bugs.

    Thanks for the purdy pictures - love the red leaf.

  6. Beth, if you can keep the palmetto bugs restricted to the outdoor portions of your home in Florida, you're totally winning the bug war. :)

    We actually had this damn chimney entirely re-built when we moved in here two years ago, and the house is not that old, and we've no wood paneling, so I don't know wtf is going on, but we've found 3 bees in 4 weeks and I'm developing a[nother] nervous twitch. ACK.

  7. Double oops: 1) left off the date of the picture (which was 10/15, Jen) and 2) that leaf post is for tomorrow so Beth you're not going crazy, it was there and now it's gone.

    Well Beth, on the bright side, you don't have the gray and brown months ahead that we do. Good luck with the interview and I hope you do go to meeting.

    Liked your pictures, Jen. A lot of trees are getting bare here now but the oaks and beeches are just starting to turn. This fall isn't going to be anything close to the glorious one we had last year.

    We don't get bees in the house in cold weather but we do get wasps. And those damn ladybugs (though not nearly as bad as they used to be). The joys of country life. :)

  8. Lovely, leafy photo.

    And, admittedly, I don't have my reading glasses on, but that astronomy pic of the day looks like a butt crack.

  9. Yep, I thought so too, Laura. Though I thought the tattoo was in a very weird spot. :)

  10. WASPS OMG. ::screams and faints::

  11. LOL on the astronomy of the day. I had the first same thought.

    Lovely photo, Andi, as always.

    Rory, new puppy, had the Big D last night so I was up a lot. Am a zombie today. But he seems to be recovering. At 3.3 lbs, there's not a lot of extra for Big D to take away.

    I did finally get my garlic planted, also spinach, toy choi bak choi, radished, and turnips, all of which are supposed to be fall/winter crops.

    Rory helped me with the planting.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  12. Jen, Jim wholeheartedly agrees with you. But one "good" thing is the weather makes them very sluggish and thus very, very easy to kill.

    Oh too bad about the puppy being sick, CF, but good to know he's doing better.

  13. I think we'll be getting some color soon, but we've had peaks near mid-November in the recent past so I'll just watch & wait. And enjoy Andi's wonderful pix.

    Jen, are you allergic? We get the occasional wasp or yellow jacket in the house. Little scorpions too, which I actually prefer to wasps because the stings are no worse & they're much easier to kill — partly because they're fragile & partly because they don't fly. This is the season they come in… they're looking for a place to spend the winter. Doesn't make it any better — worse, actually. If you don't get rid of them, they'll bring their families. :-P Andi, we get the ladybugs, or the imitation ones that don't have spots. They love our garage, so I'll be vacuuming up corpses by the thousands before long.

    Beth, get yourself to that writer's assn meeting! You'll kick yourself if you don't! Good luck with the interview and enjoy that warm weather…

    Mason's at the manor again… Snippet did most of the getting up last night and gave me a break, so I got the best of both worlds. When he gets a big bottle of warm formula, he ends up in such a deep sleep it's like he's boneless.

    Cone, sounds like Rory had a hard day yesterday. Did he dig up the garden for you? I need to get some spinach & garlic in the ground; lots of locals also plant turnips, mostly for the greens.

    Astronomy butt crack… sigh I'd have missed it if Laura didn't point it out. I'm in serious danger of losing my perv certification for that, so let me say that the streak of white looks like a blob of KY Jelly… now I can stop worrying.

    Had to come into the mimes, hoping to get a pic of that pink laptop today. I'll post it on the blog tonight if all goes well.

  14. (waving) Good morning everyone!! Andi, this is GORGEOUS!!!

  15. Jen, are you allergic?

    Nope, just an advanced case of chickenshit-itis. ;)

  16. I used to be afraid of wasps. Then I married one. ;-P

  17. Success! It's an ASUS S6 "Pink Leather" model. I got my own pix, will post tonight.

  18. Andi, you're a sweetie.

    That astronomy picture ain't nothing compared to the real butt crack I saw in school last week.
    Kid leaned over talking to one of the other staff members.
    Talk about scary!!!!

    CF--I'll look forward to hearing about the winter meals with the yummies you've planted.

    Farf, enjoy Mason and cute new puter.

  19. Hola, gang. Started off a fairly quiet work day. Buddy J & I took a stroll in the great weather to a Japanese grill type place. New to us. Yummy lunches.

    Then around 3 pm, fire alarms went off and we all had to leave the bldg...TWELVE FLIGHTS DOWN. As I reached the 2nd floor landing, my knee gave out and I fell onto the landing (I was only 1 step away, so nothing major happened). Standing up again was rather interesting, for all values of "interesting" = Oh, my bloody badbadbad words.

    Got outside, had to walk about a block away to our designated area (news to all of us!). Luckily, the weather is fantastic.

    My knees are still shaky. They don't hurt as such, but feel weak and wobbly. Think I'll skip the exercise bike tonight!

    At least tomorrow is Fake!Friday. ::g::

  20. Love the color, Andi. We've got plenty here, and the leaves are just starting to come down.

    I hope that you get rid of your bees, Jen. I have a friend that had a nest in her wall. It took some doing but they managed to get rid of it.

    Scorpions, Far! Remind me never to move to Georgia!

    Maria, I hope that you're knees are okay! That must have been scary.

  21. Farf, what a relief. I was afraid you would have to go to the mimes and then end up with the huge disappointment of not getting a picture of it (and wow, that is pink). ;)

    Good evening, kb. And thanks.

    Of course, one of our kiddos would have the biggest butt crack -- I mean, we are talking Texas and we all know everything is bigger there. :D

    Maria, you should milk that injury for all it's worth and make Fake Friday into into Freeload at Work Friday.

    Hey b2, I'll bet that overlook on the way to work is sure pretty with all that color. And the Friday Foto Flogging theme this wekk is "Colors". Hint, hint (okay, more an outright statement than a hint).

    Good night everybody.