Saturday, October 31, 2009

Orange You Glad It's Halloween

Taken October 26, 2009.

Taken October 18, 2009

Taken October 28, 2009.
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  1. That panoramic image is stunning, Andi!

    A hearty good morning to everyone else.

  2. Morning Jen--been fun filling out you a bit more--former bartender, horse lover.

    Andi, I'm with Jen on the panoramic, but I love the jack-o-leaf too.

    Beth, WOOHOO lady bartender. Congrats on the successful mission. Now you can relax a bit until you get that job and are up till who knows how late mixing and pouring.

    Maria--Happy Writing--here's to finding the right words.

    I'm actually going to a Halloween party. Have a friend that is CRAZY about Halloween and goes all out decorating and such.
    Got revisions to do so off and working.

    Sensational Halloween to All.

  3. Morning Jen. Are you expecting many kids today? Besides the lack of real broadband, my other living-in-the-country downside is that we never get trick-or-treaters.

    Have fun at the party, Lisa. What costume are you wearing?

  4. Lisa, I have always loved horses but I never tended bar for long enough to think of myself as a real bartender. :)

    Andi, I love Halloween -- it is like a high holy day for my people, lol -- but unfortunately one of the things that reliably trips my PTSD is repeated loud door knocks. Even though the rational part of my brain understands that neither armed cops nor armed drug dealers are beating down the front door, there's another part that won't respond to reason and it kicks my fight-or-flight chemistry into overdrive and none of those damn kids ever offers me a tranquilizer in exchange for the Reese's cups. Every few years I take another run at staying home on Halloween to see if this has worked itself out but so far no joy. Usually I like to go to a festive costume party, which my queer brethren throw pretty much every year in almost every American city, but the local Big Gay Halloween Bash was 2 weeks ago so tonight we plan to leave a bowl of chocolate on the porch to let the neighborhood's ankle-biters take whatever they want while we go out for a nice dinner.

    If anyone is dressing up, or has kids/gkids dressing up, I hope they will post pictures!

  5. Ah, so sorry to hear that, Jen. But a good dinner out is a fine thing.

    If we left a bowl of candy outside, it couldn't be chocolate since that's not good for dogs. ;)

  6. Love that panorama too!

    Your dinner sounds a lot more fun, Jen, although I'm sorry for the reason. I'm always afraid I won't have enough candy, and get tired of praising costumes, so I'm usually elsewhere on Halloween night. Although the World Series continues tonight, and I missed the first two games, so I'll just keep the lights off and hide. Besides, if I buy chocolate I'll have to eat it!

    Thanks for the kudos! I'm hoping to find a day job at first, so I'm not slammed with a zillion customers until I really feel like I know what I'm doing. But we'll see.

    Enjoying being home today - groceries, laundry, and a little live music this afternoon. Not a costume person - will stick a pencil behind my ear and call myself a writer. :-)

    Happy Halloween, all! May you get more treats than tricks...

  7. Morning, all!

    Hope you all have a great day/night.

    Beth, congrats!!

    Lisa, thanks for the mojo. :)

    Jen, yikes! Hope you have a quiet night. We don't get kids around the high-rise, as the management here holds a party in the lobby instead. I'm all for that. As the MAJOR introvert I am, I hate people coming to my door.

    Happy Hallowe'en/Blessed Samhain to all!

  8. Morning! Love the orange panorama, Andi. We're getting some color now, it's just not full-bore BURST OF COLOR like we got a couple years ago (which was in November, so patience may be rewarded).

    Community chorale went well, as did the shooting (mostly). One glitch: a DSLR is loud if you happen to shoot a pic in the midst of a rest. Fortunately, we took an old Sony with a blown imager & put that down front to get audio, where it likely didn't pick up coughs or the occasional camera clack. At least with an f/1.8 lens & shooting at ISO800, flash was unnecessary.

    Gotta run, will type later. Mrs. Fetched is calling.

  9. Hi,all. Beth, congratulations!

    Maria, keep writing (we need more books you know!)

    Jen, I am so sorry to hear about your PTSD. I hope you find a quiet place to celebrate Halloween.

    And a happy one to everyone. I love fall and Halloween though I very rarely get trick or treaters. Just my friend Chris's kids. But I enjoy it anyway.

  10. oh I should have gotten my act together and booked a trip to Brown County for the fall colors. :(

    Congratulations Beth! And good luck finding the perfect job - one with big tippers. :)

    Just realized it's becoming November and I'm going to visit The Mouse in Orlando next week. It snuck up on me. It will be good to get away. But first a visit from Andi :)

  11. Just got back from seeing Bright Star (the story of John Keats and Fanny Brawne), which I loved. It's not for every taste but if you like a well-crafted movie with a good story, great dialogue, fantastic acting, gorgeous scenery, and the poetry of Keats, it can't miss.

    Welcome back home, Bartender Beth.

    Hi Maria. Hope nobody comes by wearing a Cheney mask -- now that would be scary!

    Glad everything went well at the chorale and with the shooting Farf.

    Hi Dina. I get no kids so you're at least a bit ahead of me. :)

    See ya Monday, Mary. I'll track some leaves into the car and bring the Brown County color to you. :)

  12. Beautiful orange, Andi, just in time for Halloween. And the lacy leaf at the bottom is gorgeous.