Friday, October 30, 2009

Light Falls Through

All photos taken October 17, 2009.

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  1. Uh oh, can't wait for Lisa. Gotta go be a bartender.

    Wish me luck on my test this afternoon, please. I'll let you know how I do - I'll be home tonight, yippee!

    I'll pretend I'm walking in these woods to keep a calm attitude.

    Hope everyone has a great Friday, and slide easily into the weekend.

    See ya later!! Waving to all who follow - VGW is breached. :-)

  2. Good luck Beth! Jim, the Pack, and I will all be think positive mixology thoughts this afternoon.

  3. Beth--You Go Girl.
    Sorry, I was in slow gear this morning writing my Friday post for my writer's loop.

    Sun is supposed to breakout for the weekend. MaryB and Andi and all that are drenched--hope it makes it your way too.

    Farf--LOVE the picture of you walking Mason. Now what are you being called? I've learned this is important and well thought out by some. Granddad/Grandmother just doesn't suit everyone.
    My grandlizard just gives me hey you-where's the food looks.

    Bono--my son asked the same question about the pictures. It was a seed pod I found that looked like something with long devilish curled horns. Devil Pod?? Glad to see you here. Do you have the same email? if not update me please.

    No kids today and only a half a day at the mimes to allow for parent conferences. We had one show last night when we had to stay until 8. Got pizza and Costco came by with pumpkin pie to tell us about themselves. Ah the exciting life I lead.

    CF can provide music, Beth the drinks. Sounds like a virtual party is in order soon.

    Fab. Friday to All.

  4. Thanks, andi et al! I appreciate it! And thanks Jen for your comment yesterday - it helps. Off and running - or mixing...

  5. Lovely trio, Andi. Reminds me a lot of the pathway through the woods to the neighbors' land, out by my dad's old cabin in Alaska.

    From yesterday: Bono, that's super cool that your sister has a horse farm. I have wanted one for as long as I can remember and used to pester my mother to take me riding as a kid. She shared your fear of horses, but when I was young she was very over-protective so the first time we went riding she was unwilling to let me go off on trails alone with the stable staff. She asked for "the oldest grayest slowest mare you've got", which mare, naturally, took off at top speed for the bushes as soon as my mother was in the saddle. And that was the end of that activity for my mom, lol.

    I'm far enough south of Dayton that my neighborhood borders farmland and has several horse farms within a few miles, but I haven't been able to ride in a decade due to the muscle weakness in my legs and back caused by my stupid chronic illness. :( Of all the things I can't do anymore, riding is one of the ones that really hurts.

    Chiming in with Andi, Farf, and Jim on the net connection thing, btw. I'd offer to walk you through it but it's been too long since I fiddled with fruit and I don't trust that the operating software is similar to what I remember. It sure seems like the Apple Store should be able to help get you connected quickly and easily, though.

    Hope all y'all have a great day and an even greater weekend!

  6. PS. I guess I got the day wrong yesterday, good thing it wasn't my final, heh. Good luck Beth!

  7. Go Beth go! Whether or not you pass the test, you can mix our drinks any time!

    Lisa, I'm angling for "granddad." Nobody else in either family uses that version. CF can provide music, Beth the drinks. Sounds like a virtual party is in order soon. I'll start the pretzels…

    Andi, judging from the pix that feature The Pack (or today's examples for that matter), I couldn't push that stroller down their favored walks. Samson, the big Akita mix who's a complete moron in all other respects, won't even go near the road.

    Jen, if you haven't messed with OSX, it's mucho different. Think NeXTstep with a Mac skin, plus a few updates. Since I'm about as comfortable with a Unix shell as a GUI, it's a godsend.

    Mason woke up to say hi to everyone… we're shooting the community chorale tonight, so it's going to be a long day. Now I'm gonna pass him on to Snippet, then it's off to the mimes.

  8. Farf, I thought that was likely to be the case re: OS changes. I'll have to get around to borrowing one to see what they've done. Btw, I don't have a Twitter account so I hope Andi does not mind if I comment here that I LOVE that picture you put up of Snippet and The Boy modeling hats. They look so young and goofy-happy that when Mason is The Boy's age I bet he will find that picture precious and hold it dear to his heart.

  9. Hi Lisa. Supposed to be Sun by Sunday. I hope.

    It's cool to think that my place might look like Alaska, Jen -- so long as we're not talking snow. :)

    Farf, tell Mason hi right back. I hope the chorale is doing music you enjoy so your long day will have a nice highlight.

    And Jen, you can post any comment you like any time you like. In fact, if you ever feel like doing one of your great essays, please, please do.

  10. Hi, all. Gloomy day here so love these pictures.

    Beth, good luck on the test! Too bad you couldn't practice on all of us.

  11. Uhm, Afternoon, all! Woke up way late this a.m. (10) and instead of running errands, as I'd planned, I'm being a total veg. Writing, though.

    Beth, best of luck, though I'm sure you're done by now.

    I'm taking a break so I can order lunch (one of my errands I didn't do was grocery shopping), then back to the writing. With all this focus I've had over the past couple of weeks, I feel like I'm still stagnating. :( (it'll pass, but damn).

    Happy Friday to all!

  12. Thanks for all the positive vibes, folks - they worked!! I passed the written test with a 97.5, and made 14 drinks in 8 minutes (12 was the requirement). So I PASSED!!! WHOOPEE!!

    Wish I could make drinks for everyone - I DO know 130 different ones now, you know.

    Save a pretzel for me, Farf! Just wanted to let y'all know. I'm home safe now, and heading out to buy groceries. And maybe have an adult beverage!

    It was a grueling week, but hopefully will open a new side career (next to my writing) for me. If you have any special drink recipes send them my way, and I'll make a special card in my card file just for you!

    Happy Friday evening, all! And thanks again! Big hugs!

  13. Woo hoo! Yay! Mazel tov! w00t! I knew you would do great. Vodka gimlets for everyone!

    Also, hi Dina and Maria.

  14. Thanks andi! And now I know how to make those vodka gimlets!!!

    ::beaming proudly::