Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaves for Lisa

Taken October 21, 2009.

Taken October 12, 2009

Taken October 17, 2009.
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  1. Feel all special this morning, Andi. Love my leaves. All different with their own interest.
    The one reminds me of pointalism. Think that's the term, with everything made up of dots.
    Thanks so much as I sit in the swamp. Two full days of rain. Supposed to stop today and goes a long way up into the country so many of you may get some as it moves.
    Bigger cracks in Texas--You CRACK me up.

    Maria, Let me get you a stool to elevate that knee and you take it very easy. I have to hold the rails on stairs most of the time. No fun all those flights of stairs. Ibuprofen be your friend.

    Farf, is that powerful PINK puter Yours? We've been debating laptops. Daughter got an HP shes grumbling about. Light and cute. The sleep blinking light upset her sleep.

    Beth, Hope you're back feeling all better. Temp work could be a great way to find something you like and still get the days off you want.

    Waves to All to come.
    Thursday winking at Friday.

  2. Morning Lisa.

    Yes, the weather gods did feel the need to share because we're heading into three days of rain and thunderstorms. And you've got the right art form, just the not quite the right spelling: pointillism.

  3. Leaves = pretty. Water = pretty Maria's knees = OMGOUCH!!

    VERY hard to get out of bed today and getting up from sitting is a feat in itself. Guess I'll be back on the cane for a bit. Lisa, I'm taking Aleve which is brilliant for the muscles.

    Farf! Adore the pinkitude. Agree, it's very Japanese Schoolgirl - should even have Sailor Moon decals or something. :)

    Hoping for a great Fake!Friday and no more fire drills!!

    ::waves to all::

  4. That's gorgeous, Andi!

    Back from Scotland. Have 5 days for book revisions, then off to St. Louis for a week. *sighs and waves in passing*

  5. Gorgeous leaves, andi - thanks!! Between you and O, I feel like I'm not missing too much of fall's beauty.

    AM missing the rain, though - hopefully it'll ooze down here too.

    Temp agency signup went fine - lots of oohs and aahs over my skill level, which always happens. Lots o' years of experience!! We'll see if they come up with anything. Worked as a temp for years, and loved the flexibility.

    Think I'll go to the beach today - the next 3 weeks look insane, so going to take advantage of the free time while I have it. Will send sunny vibes to all.

    Went to the writers' meeting - as I feared, not a group I can learn anything from. All much older than me, too, sigh. But nice to see their enthusiasm!

    Hope the knee improves soon, Maria!

    Happy Almost Friday, y'all!

  6. Beautiful beautiful!! Love the "suspended" one, great background in the reflection...

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  7. Hey ho!

    Lisa, fortunately not. The one on my blog belongs to a Taiwanese engineer who was at work for a visit. She was kind enough to let me get pictures. My MacBook's sleep light can be bothersome at night, but I fix that problem by turning it sideways on the desk. Hope you can dry out soon…

    Andi, I love that first pic (leaf in the water). Surface tension outlines it quite nicely. I was bumped from yesterday's meeting, since they'd covered my stuff and agreed to get it in while forgetting to include me, so I was despairing about getting a pic. But then I caught them in the hall and all was well.

    Maria, I was thinking Hello Kitty, but yeah. Knees no fun. I've got a Loritab for you if you're not allergic.

    HellogoodbyeKelly, hope you'll be able to sit down for a bit next time!

    Hey Beth, too bad about the writers' meeting. Maybe they could learn from you? Of course they're all older than you… you're in Florida now!

    Cone! Pet the puppy for me and keep us posted on your fall crop, okay?

    Working at home today, must get to it. I had to solo a 3:30 a.m. Mason feeding, but managed. I'm hoping he'll sleep until Mrs. Fetched and/or Snippet get back to the manor.

  8. Farf - I'd love the Loritab, but I have Vicodin...just too bad I can't actually take it. Puts me into a sleep coma that lasts for 9+ hours. Not conducive to actually working (or writing). ::g::

    I'll limp along on my Aleve.

    Now you've intrigued me with the Netbook, though. Considering one of the really teeny ones to carry around for when I can spare 15 mins to write. (that, plus ooh, shiny!!)

  9. Hi, all. Love that leaf that looks like someone's boat got loose.

    Maria, so sorry to hear about the knees. I am having sympathetic knee pain. Have you tried a brace?

    Still sleepy but slowly waking up.

  10. Maria, I love my little netbook for travel writing and webstuff. It's not something I'd want to write all day on but man it's great for notes and email on the run.

  11. Andi, your photos seem to suggest your woods are a little further along in the season than my neighborhood, it's like a fun little preview for what's coming to my yard next week. :) The floaty leaf with such a clear reflection is a terrific shot.

    Back from Scotland

    And where are the photos, Macduff?! You in leather with books is a big tall glass of local loveliness, but I've been waiting to see you afront castle towers modeling the latest manskirt fashions. I SUPPOSE I can wait until you get back from St. Louis.

    ::is done jerking Kelly's chain, big welcome home xoxo::

  12. How do you solve a problem like Maria? Keep her off her feet until she's better!

    Welcome back Kelly. And bye-bye.

    Not temporary good luck, Beth, with temping. Too bad about the writers group.

    Hi CF. The pond is great for shots like because it is so still (at least as compared to the camp lake).

    Thanks for getting that picture, Farf. I do appreciate the great effort you made. I am sort of aghast at the laptop, though.

    Rise and shine, Dina. Rise and shine. :)

    Jen, I'm with you -- we definitely need to see a kilted Kelly! I'm surprised you are behind us on the leaves since you are so far outside of the city (city heat always hold the trees back).

  13. oh... that leaf in the water over the reflection ... no words, just silent appreciation.

    Kelly, if you have time/desire for a quick coffee meetup while you are in St. Louis shoot me an e-mail at the e-mail address in my profile. I second (third?) the request for photos.

  14. I'm w/ maryb on the silent appreciation for that leaf photo ... fantastic.

  15. Hey everyone -- check out the spooky shadow on the bottom right leaf photo ... :D

  16. ::silently appreciates Mary and Olivia's silent appreciation::

    Hey O, thanks for noticing. I had no idea it was there when I took the picture. I love surprises!

  17. Andi, that top photo is evocative of Monet's Water Lilly series. I'd like to see a large print of this one.

    Maria, Take care of the knee.

    Far, I'm holding out for a ice burnt orange laptop.

    Welcome back Kelly!

    Good luck with the temp agency Beth.

    I can also recommend a netbook. My Dell Mini 9 is so light that the weight in my backpack is not noticeable. The keyboard is a bit small but portability can't be beat.

  18. Hey b2 is here. Time for bed. :)

    Night everybody.