Monday, October 5, 2009

The Leader of the Pack

You don't have to be out in front to be ahead.

Taken August 23, 2009.

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  1. Good weekend away.
    Atticus the Corgi and I got to walk and take pictures will download and link this week.
    RAIN, STORM did dampen our outside time.
    Nice couple time with hubby.
    I am right there with ya pulling up the rear Giddy.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Morning, all! Would love to follow Giddy down that path.

    Our rainy season seems to be over - none for days now. Guess I need to get the irrigation system fixed. Glad you had a good weekend away, Lisa.

    Fun with friends yesterday, and my Broncos won - amazing. Another good game to look forward to tonight. In the meantime, have to figure out how to fill today.

    Hope your Mondays are painless!

  3. Monday!

    In & out once again… I got up early enough to (almost) get out the door on time for a change. Mason must be having a growth spurt, he's eating like twice his normal intake & wanting more. And it's making him cranky. He only calms down for Mrs. Fetched & me (he ended up in the guest bed with Mrs. F last night).

    Love the comment on the pic, Andi. So true.

  4. Simul-post! Hi Beth! I was just happy to see the Cowfelons lose, but if the Broncos win makes you happy then I'll go with that too!

  5. Morning, gang! Off to the mimes soon for my first official 4-day week.

    On the menu today: writing up a task list for HIPAA compliance...sounds like fun, no? ::g::

    Managed to totally bork my iTunes menu library last night - utterly my own fault. The song/audio/video files still exist--what I borked was the file that points to the location.

    So, I've rebuilt most of it, just working on the occasional item that I bought outside of iTunes and trying to locate those files.

    Le sigh.

    This is what happens when you have multiple external drives and don't remember *which* is the master iTunes drive.

    Catch you all later and a great Monday to everyone!!

  6. Good Morning! (FAR has a baby? was I gone THAT long?)

    That's a great photo, Andi. I've always liked walking but, it's a lot more fun when a dog takes you!

  7. Hi KB! FARf has a grandson… I've posted some pix on the blog over the last month-ish. Welcome back, hope to see you around more often…

  8. G'Mornin' Everybody! Love this photo, Andi. The pack all strung out, moving along in a leisurely way,and Giddy checking up to be sure no one gets left behind... Perfect.

    Hi again KB. Had to laugh. You thought Farf had a baby, and I thought Mason was one of the pups. LOL Guess we both missed it.

    Good to hear from all of you.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and every day.

  9. Okay, this time for sure. Let me just put this platter of hot chocolate scones in the corner with the pot of clotted cream and set a pot of tea* on the counter and then I'm off to the airport.


    *This Ceylon, Ratnapura BOP, looks good. Extremely hearty, bright, and crisp with a marvelous, almost fruity flavor. A fabulous breakfast tea that is great with milk and sugar.

  10. Lisa, can't wait to see the pictures.

    Beth, come join us any time.

    Farf, don't miss that baby too much and don't enjoy the break from the baby too much. :)

    Maria, pooh on the iTunes botch but yay for new furniture and buying tools!

    Hiya kb. I get taken by the dogs all the time. ;)

    CF, well babies and puppies are both cute as can and spend most of their time eating, sleeping, and pooping so the confusion is understandable. :D

    Kelly, I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip to Scotland and a wonderful time once you are there.

  11. Nice backdrop for that very happy puppy, Andi.

    Back from seeing the family on Long Island yesterday. I was actually glad to leave after things became a bit heated between my mother and sister. Sigh.

    Off to Cape May later this week. I can't wait.

  12. Thanks O.

    The favorite thing about family gatherings, b2, is saying goodbye.

    And now I'm saying good night.