Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's All In How You Look at It

Taken October 18, 2009.

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  1. Andi, you have the innate ability to give me what I need.
    An upward view--just what my psyche ordered.
    Ten new kids today on top of yesterday's ten. Feel like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory when the supervisor yells--Speed it up.

    Beth--bartending is more physical than we think cause you gotta do all the pouring and shaking and mixing on your feet.
    Hope day three goes well.

    Maria--CONGRATS ON BOOK 3!!!

    Waves to all to come. Off to get ready for work.
    Didn't want Beth to have to face TGW.

  2. Morning Lisa. I'm glad I could do your psyche a good deed. The only reason I ever follow the advice "Keep your chin up!" is that I get to see things that are normally way over my head. Too bad that isn't the reason that most people say it.

  3. Wow, Lisa & Andi - you and I are on the same wavelength--those trees show me "onward and upward". I'm giddy with the Book 3 launch, yet angsting mightily about finishing book 4.

    Going to sequester myself again this weekend to accomplish many words...let's hope they make sense and work well together. ::g::

    ::waves at the futurecomers::

    Off to the mimes in a very rainy, icky weather day.

  4. I took something like that on a walk last week, although the trees in question weren't quite so tall. The rain here finally moved out, leaving us soggy and cool.

    I got nothin' else this morning. Mason got me out of bed at about the right time, but then we dozed in the big chair for a few. Mrs. Fetched has him while I finish my coffee.

  5. It's drizzling and misty and gorgeous here today. I wish I could be out in it but I'll probably spend most of my day in bed, blegh.

    Why does that picture remind me of a ponderosa pine forest? It doesn't look much like one, but the association was strong enough to evoke the vanilla scent as soon as I saw it. Weird.

  6. Sadness and joy. Sadness: beutiful leaves are falling and winter is coming. Joy: more light can get through.

    Just shows to go ya (as my grandfather used to say it) there is some good in everything.

    Sounds like you're all pretty busy. My busy-ness is all puppy and the occasional bit parat in making bagpipes, the Irish type (our business).

    Gloomy, dark and rainy today. Now I gotta find the good in that. :-)
    Ah!! not icey or freezing.

    Love th photo, Andi.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  7. making bagpipes, the Irish type (our business)

    Very cool business, Coneflower.

  8. Cone!! I adore bagpipes. I've been known to buy Irish and Scottish pipe music CDs. :)

    That's extremely cool.

  9. All you need to do is to channel all the angst into the characters, Maria. :)

    Farf, when is Take a GrandBaby to Work Day?

    I think, Jen, it's because the trees are tall, very straight, and rather thin, which is typical of a pine forest and unusual in a deciduous one.

    Do you have a website for your bagpipes, CF? I'd love to see them. I don't know about Irish bagpipes but I love Irish harps.

  10. Hi again, Andi,

    You can find out more about us and our business than you could possible want to know. :-)

    The ones we make are the Irish ones. Click on the icon on the right.

    Thanks for asking. :-)

  11. That's a really nice shot Andi. You have some amazingly straight trees.

    Waves to all.

    The rain has finally stopped here. For now. Maybe I can get some fall photos!

  12. Wow - B2 beat me. That doesn't happen often. Guess you didn't have to brave the VGW for me after all, Lisa. Thanks anyway, tho!

    Guess I'm the caboose tonight.

    Strength vibes to Lisa for more new kiddies. Wishing I was out walking in the mist and rain with Jen. Hoping Maria gets writing done, Farf gets sleep, B2 gets photos, andi gets taller :-), and puppies make CF happy.

    Another long day - not so sure I'm going to pass the practical part of the test on Friday. Have to make 12 drinks in 8 minutes - I'm doing 8 in 8 minutes now. Not sure how I'll increase to 12 in one day, but I'm going to do my best. Please send smart vibes...I have to memorize 130 drinks to be able to do the test. And I can't remember where I park my car at the mall...

    Off to study more. Hope all have a good day tomorrow - I'll check in as I can.

  13. Thanks CF. I'll have fun exploring your site.

    I hope you get some nice sunny days, b2, and we get to see some lovely New York color.

    Wow Beth -- 12 in 8 minutes. That's quite the test. Doesn't seem very "real world" but I sure hope it all goes well. Good luck!

    Night everybody.

  14. Cone… that’s just all kinds of awesome, making bagpipes for a living! Learning to play 'em is on my bucket list. At this point, to have any chance of doing everything on that list, I'll have to live past 100 (and what's the problem with that?).

    Smart & fast vibes for Beth!!! Just convince yourself… what you make in 8 minutes, you get to drink!

    I did the 5-generation photo shoot today: Mason, The Boy, Mrs. Fetched, her mom, and Granny. Actually, we did some inside last night & took advantage of a bright day to do some more outside. Now we have to pick one to send to the local rag. Mason, like his dad (and granddad) loves being outside.

    See y'all tomorrow…