Monday, October 12, 2009

How to deal with Mondays

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  1. Sniff snuggles ARE a great way to start the week.

    Andi, hope the Girl weekend was fun.

    Rainy, dreary weekend and more dreary forecast. Needing some sun therapy.

    Beth, I hope your football was fun and you get some relief from the heat.

    Maria--The best laid plans get frustrating when you are stuck with too much stuff. I still have the to-sell boxes filled with stuff we need to deal with. Too good for garage sale, but don't want to keep. Have a great second week back at the mimes.

    CF--Hope the tulip and was it garlic planting went well. I've planted daffadils before but no tulips. The dafs come back so makes it worth it.

    Waves to Mary B, drive by Nicky, Farf, Boran, Jen, O and others to come.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Boy you're up early, Lisa!

    I missed something re Girl Weekend - sounds like fun!

    Football was good - my Broncos won again, go figure. One more game tonight, yippee! Red Sox lost though, sigh. Now I have to root for anyone playing the Yankees.

    Heat persists - another week, at least. I shouldn't complain, because at least it's not snowing.

    Hope the settling in is done soon, Maria!

    Waving to all who follow. Enjoy your holiday, if you have one!

  3. Hi everybody. Missed ya'll.

    Morning Lisa, the weekend was great. Lots of talk and talk and talk and eating. :)

    Beth, this weekend was the annual get-together for a bunch of us who were college friends (and lived in the same dorm).

  4. Forgot to link to pictures. A mixed bag for sure.

    Pictures from Cherokee plus a surprise

  5. Whoa, Lisa! Hi to you and Maria!!! Got me grinnin' on an early Monday morning fer sher. We still have boxes we haven't even opened since we moved to FAR Manor, so I know that feeling. It's also pouring down rain at the moment, so I know that feeling too.

    Beth, I didn't see much football, except for the highlight films on ESPN when eating. Looks like the Broncos pulled one out of their back pockets. Otherwise, it seemed to be a weekend for blowouts, including the Falcons putting a 45-10 whomping on SF.

    Welcome back, Andi! Sounds like you have a good time, anyway…

    Mrs. Fetched's mom is still in the hospital, but moved from ICU to a regular room yesterday afternoon. She's in good enough spirits to joke about losing her teeth now, which is good. She'll probably come home today or tomorrow. Big V is still in ICU… she doesn't take care of herself and that's the result. Maybe she'll straighten up.

    Coffee's ready. Must drink. Then off to the mimes, more or less on time for a change.

  6. Lisa, I loved that picture of you and Maria. What a couple of charmers, you are. And my other favorites were the big, yellow flowers.

    Morning Farf. Sorry about the family health problems. Hope things get much, much better in that direction very fast.

  7. Morning, gang! Lisa, that pic turned out great!! Made me smile again, remembering the fun day. :)

    Off to the mimes in a bit for more policy writing. Trying to ignore the mess in my apt.

    Have a fab day, all!

  8. Hi, all. I have been quiet lately but following a bit.

    This is my idea of a good Monday, Andi!

    Best to all.

  9. Morning all! I totally agree with Sniff. That is exactly what Mondays are for. Too bad he missed the pillow though. :-)

    Loved your photos Lisa. You have a good eye for photography. And what a happy pair you two are. That's a great picture.

    Sorry about the illness FarF, Hope everyone gets well quickly.

    Beth... I was happy to see the Browns win. It was a close defense game 3-3 until the last few minutes.

    Happy Howdy to you Maria.

    I got my tulips in... around 100 bulbs I guess. No garlic yet though. I've got a bed just about ready for them though. I also bought some winter crop seeds, turnips, spinach, radishes and lettuce. I've never planted winter crops before. Hope I'm not too late.

    All the best you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday

  10. Jim describes dinner and you post a cuddly picture of Sniff? You might find me on your doorstep tomorrow. :)

  11. Maria, if you need any help learning to ignore messes, let me know. It's one of my best skills.

    Dina, I hope it's a perfect Monday because you get Columbus Day off.

    CF, of course Sniff thinks that's what everyday is for. :D

    Mary, can I get you here even sooner if I mention that Saturday I had fried biscuits at the Nashville House?

  12. Hey, all. Well, the laptop went back when I discovered that a cord was missing, there were no cds, and I kept getting error messages. It caused me anxiety re: getting a Mac. My nephew has made recommendations re: pcs, but I don't like what I read about Windows 7. So, I'll probably get a Mac with extended warranty like Jimf suggested.

    Other than that, I am so thankful for the perfect (for me) weather over the summer. I wish I could have enjoyed it more and not had such a hectic schedule. I could use some sunshine at this point.

    Cool pix, Lisa! I want to visit everyone, too. Maria, let me know when you are coming to Cleveburg.

    Miss you all. Hope to be back soon.

  13. bono! Damn those computer woes that are keeping you from hanging out. I hope the sun shines on you and a new computer very soon.