Monday, October 26, 2009

How to deal with Mondays Part III (The Contrarian)

Taken October 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm feeling contrarian because I'm up at 5am and driving to Tampa! (AND having to face the VGW another day!) But looking forward to bartending school all week. Hope it's not an uphill climb!

    Will check in as I can - have a great week, y'all!

  2. Try not to yawn too much on your drive, Beth. I'm sure you'll just barrel right through the course and will be making the perfect vodka gimlet (to answer the eternal question: what'll you have) in no time.

  3. Happy mixing, shaking, and pouring, Beth.

    Great weekend with hubby. Got a couple of good pics I hope. In late and no time to download yet.
    Storms and rain have pushed out the beautiful weather.

    Water standing where ever we drove, so Texas is rehydrating from the drought.

    Go Giddy Girl.

    Marvelous Monday to All.
    Make my gimlet gin.

  4. Giddy looks very wolf-like in that pic.

  5. (waving) Good Morning!! I've been working on website stuff. Updating and editing mostly but there is one that's totally new.

    I'm also working on writing something about the MS news.

  6. I can't remember if I shared the basic info here??

  7. She looks likes she's enjoying that gorgeous light. (And that light is amazing-gorgeous!)

  8. What a great picture of Giddy, she should use that as her Facebook image. ;)

  9. Hi Lisa. Can't wait to see your pics.

    Laura, I actually think the older Giddy gets, the more wolf-like she looks -- it's the leanness I think.

    Morning kb. Nope, you haven't mentioned the details so do come back and share. :)

    Hi O. Giddy does love being out in the woods. It really makes me so happy that she's still able to go with us, despite her advanced age and arthritis.

    Giddy says to tell you, Jen, that she is an old geezerhound and doesn't cotton to any of that newfangled stuff.

  10. Hi, all. Love this picture. So far the only good thing going this morning.

  11. Tell Giddy I won't get her message unless she tweets it.

    (You know I KID, right? I'm allergic to social networking sites, but I think they're good joke fodder.)

  12. What a great photo and what a great pal.You're lucky to have her to lead your treks. How else would you know where to go? :-)

    Just had my wee pal outside. He's starting to take the lead instead of following on my heels. Maybe because he's gotten stepped on a couple times or would run into my stopped feet. :-)

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  13. Hey Andi, it's MONDAY!

    Catch up news: All are well. Danni is competing and being a teenage girl... ACK. Wes had a great time at special olympics and will be the stat boy for the JV girls basketball team. Yay!

    My spouse started volunteering every thursday with Meals on TWO Wheels. That's right he delivers meals on his bike. Hardcore! I'm so proud of him!

    Me, I'm still doing what I do best. Raising caine when needed. Still riding my bike to work. But had a hold put on that due to a nasty week of bronchitus and the flu. No, I didn't think I had the Swine Flu :) Just was super sick. Still have the job and we're heading into that "lovely holiday sesaon" called hell to those of us who are mere peons in the retail industry.

    Sad note: My brother is seriously ill. The enhalers he's been getting from ERs (his only way of getting help for his asthma) have damaged his heart and he's been passing out and near heart failure for a month. No insurance because he works in the service/food industry and he used up his catastropic insurance back when he hit his head.

    It's sick to me how some people will patronize the very things they call "not real jobs" when they say people like my brother should "get a real job". I wonder where they buy their food, go out to eat and who cuts their hair? Oh yeah,... they live in a fantasy land. Till it happens to them.

    While at the Nike Special Olympics Day, most of the people we met who had "real jobs" (actually fantastic jobs with so called fantastic insurance) their disabled children weren't covered because... ta da... pre-existing clause. Don't cha just love the priorities here? I must admit I'm a bit more angered by this "debate" because my own son was allowed to wither away and expected to die due to the "best health care in the world" of ours.

    Back to the rainy day coffee. Off to the mimes in an hour.

  14. Contrarian all right… smile and trot up the hill. Giddy's a good example.

    Ran a tad late this morning, keeping Mason occupied while Mrs. Fetched fixed him a bottle. This morning, he started getting interested in looking outside… maybe because he could see DoubleRed's car, which is also red. Either he was associating red with nipple, because he was getting hungry, or with my red Civic (which The Boy is using) because that's what his mom and dad drive.

    Anyway, I only got one cup of coffee and this long Monday meeting ran even longer than usual, so it kicked my butt pretty good. After a fresh cup of double-bag coffee, I'm starting to feel human. Happy will come later.

  15. Morning Farf! Thought this might interest you. Some haters are demanding the bike commuters and bike riders register their bikes and pay the same fees as those who use the DMV.

    Whem my husband went to renew his ID in August there was some pathetic petition there. Then they asked him about organ donation. He said, "sure, mine will organs will be alot healthier than the SUV driver ones".

    I think the risk involved in biking to work is the price bikers pay.

    Thought about you on my last haul to work. I didn't realize how much fumes are out there along the road. You don't know it till you're riding alone and enhaling it. Plus... I no longer think MiniVans are a nuisance to society. I know it. LOL

  16. Dina, Giddy is absolutely giddy with delight to added something good to your day. :)

    Jen, we are shocked! shocked! to think that you would joke with us! ;P

    CF, a minor cautionary note: following Giddy (or Sniff or Bebo) is NOT a good plan.

    Janet, I'm really sorry about your brother. I hope there is better news on that front soon. But excellent to hear about how well the kids are doing and great big kudos to your hubby.

    Hey Farf, Giddy says that ain't a trot; that's a power move and everything, Mondays included, damn well better get out of her way!

  17. Janet, I have to agree: that "idea" to make bicycle riders pay license fees is pretty pathetic. The whole idea behind licensing fees/taxes is to fund the roadway system. Some states even have the fees on a sliding scale by vehicle weight — which is simply logical; heavier vehicles are going to cause more wear. Compared to a 3-ton SUV, how much stress would a 250-pound bike+rider put on a road? Eliminating that, how many bikes could you fit into the footprint of one car? I figure four, which tells you how many fewer lanes would be needed…

    Sheesh, you don't even need pavement for a bike way; just pack down the dirt really well & sprinkle a little pea gravel on it to keep ruts from forming. I rode a trail in Michigan (Kal-Haven, a Rails to Trails project) like that; it was smooth, offered good traction, and had the side benefit of being four-season capable (x-c ski or snowmobile in winter). If you resurfaced all the roads and then eliminated motor vehicles, they would last for centuries (modulo sinkholes and the like). So there really is no logical reason to slap license fees on bicycles, except just being spiteful or desperate for tax revenues.

    Good luck with the commute! And the unfiltered fumes too… not to mention roadkill or burning leaves. OTOH, you also get to smell fresh-cut grass and barbecues. You get all that in a car too, just filtered so you don't notice it. And that's the problem… you're removed that much from the scene instead of being fully in it.

  18. Hey, y'all. Still without ISP. Every time I mention a provider, someone tells me a horror story about it. :-/ Frustrating.

    Thanks for the info re: cameras.

    Beautiful fall pix. Our leaves are pretty much all russet colored now.

    Sending good thoughts for your brother, Janet.

    I will be on the road again this week taking care of family medical issues. "It's always something." -Roseann Roseannadanna

    Have a great week.

  19. Janet, so sorry to hear about your brother. (((Janet)))

    I'm hoping Beth has good stories from Bartender School. And now we'll be able to ask her to tell us what's in all kinds of drinks we might want to order some day.

    I'm pooped today. We had a big family wedding over the weekend - a cousin. The bride and groom had been together for 13 years so it was more like a giant party weekend with a short wedding thrown in. The bride wore red. :)
    Then I went to the Springsteen concert last night where he played the whole Born to Run album. For me, that was a religious experience.

  20. Janet, I hope that your brother is feeling better soon!

    Andi, Giddy looks like a wild dog in that photo.

    Beth, good luck with your course.

    Thanks goodness that Monday is over! I'm exhausted!

  21. Glad to see our MIA friends popping in - waving to you all!

    Exhausted here, too. My head is spinning with martinis and manhattans and tequila sunrises and chilled glasses and strainers and and and... We learn for an hour, then practice for 3. An hour for lunch, then ditto in the afternoon. Three more days, then testing on Friday. I've learned a lot, but am cross-eyed tired. A couple hours of homework, and I can crash.

    Hope all had a great Monday - big hugs to those who need them...

  22. Oh bono, I hope you find a new ISP soon so your frustration goes away and we get to have you visit much more often.

    Mary, that's the kind of religious experience I can get behind. :)

    Hey b2, glad you've survived yet another Monday. P.S. Giddy is just a wild and crazy puppy. A very, very old wild and crazy puppy.

    I'm sure, Beth, you'll be as smooth as scotch in no time. And make mine a rusty nail.