Monday, October 19, 2009

How to deal with Mondays Part II

Taken October 1, 2009.

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  1. My favorite Bebo picture is the one with her on the couch sacked out with the mophead looking toy.
    This is my second favorite.
    Nothing like that unconditional love to start the week.

    We have had WONDERFUL WEATHER the last few days. The ground will eventually dry out, still damp but not gooey muddy. My pups have LOVED being out in the sun and rolling in the grass.

    Busy, Busy day so will wave on my way to get ready for work.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. (smiling & waving) Good morning Andi & Lisa! This is just a quick stop-in on my way for a blood test but, . . . I'll be back to see EVERYONE after that. (and to check the email box. For some reason I don't get it the first time around)

  3. Lisa, I'm so glad my influence with the weather gods has been proved. ;)

    Morning kb. Nice that your blood work is first thing in the morning so you don't have to go hungry for too long.

  4. Morning, gang! I could totally cuddle up to Bebo right now and be utterly happy. :)

    Lisa, glad your weather's cooperating. I know you all needed the rain, but too much of a good thing = annoying.

    KB - best of luck with the blood draw!

    ::waves to Ms. Andi for another lovely Monday a.m. pic!::

    It's off to the mimes I go, via the PO so I can check for mail.

    Hope everyone has a super day!

  5. Yo ho… just on the cusp of freezing here, so I'm cuddling up to the firebox. There's one happy dog with a fur coat, eh? It's supposed to warm up a little through the week & then more rain on Friday. The World's Cutest Grandson went home yesterday afternoon, so we got a good night's sleep last night.

    KB, don't let Dr. Nosferatu get more than he needs for testing. :-)

    Will be off to the mimes shortly, but Episode 5 is up and there's a couple of Mason pix down-blog, one of which you guys got to see in low-res already. Hot coffee and hugs all around!

  6. Late to the blog this morning. Woke up with some kind of icky flu bug yesterday, so slept most of the day trying to feel better. Missed a craft show and football party, doggone it. Slept til 9 this morning, so hopefully I'm on the mend. No big plans today except to lay low and let my body fix itself. Have to be able to watch my Broncos tonight!

    Our weather is stellar, and all I can do is enjoy it from the couch. Mid 70s and breezy, no humidity. We could use the rain, but I'll take this for now!

    Love that lapdog! I could use one of those, instead of a blankie.

    Good Monday to all -

  7. Adorable picture, makes me miss our old dog, nearly ten years gone now; the cats probably would prefer us not to get another dog though!
    Bright, sunny autumnal weather here but with a nip in the air. Supposed to be writing but actually organising an art exhibition for next month. Writing is all procrastination!

  8. (back from the lab and full of breakfast & coffee)

    I'm so sorry, Beth. Take care of yourself and watch out for fever.

    FARf those were great photos -- thank for sharing them.

    Andi, I can't wait until my dog learns to sit on laps -- that looks great.

  9. Bebo is obviously a dear. I'm jealous of her (him>) adulthood.


    We got a puppy!!! Cairn terrier, 8 weeks old. He has a wonderful personality and seems to love us already. One thing I'm sure of is, his plumbing is working perfectly... almost on overdrive. :-)

    I have some pics on my blog.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  10. CF -- he is adorable! :D

    Andi, I love that photo of Bebo!

  11. Maria, Bebo isn't a great cuddler but Sniff wants you to know he's terrific at it and he says you can come here any time to find out just how great he is.

    So, Farf, how does a good night's sleep rate as a trade for the world's cutest grandson?

    Hope you feel better very, very soon, Beth.

    Happy procrastination, Nicky. May your deadline treat you kindly.

    kb, I actually prefer couch potato snuggle dogs to lapdogs ... much more comfy.

    Oh CF, he's so tiny and cute! And he also looks like he's ready to take on the world.

    And aren't you impressed, O, that she's completely in focus. :)

  12. Definitely -- even the very tip of her tail ... :D

  13. Following up from Sunday: Olivia, choose a favorite; how does a glutton choose a favorite?

    Coneflower, I like Mr. Coneflower's play posture.

    Beth, 70s and no humidity in FL? You may not have the flu; it may be frostbite.

  14. That's how I would have liked to deal with Monday as well. Cute photo, Andi.

    Our weather has finally stopped bringing us rain only to leave coatings of ice this morning. It is supposed to warm up this week.

    I did manage to get a lot done on my latest painting this past weekend. And we finished our work for the great decorated pumpkin contest being entered by the b2 boy. I'll have to post a photo.

  15. So, Farf, how does a good night's sleep rate as a trade for the world's cutest grandson?

    I'd like both, please. He'll probably be sleeping through the night before long; once he gets past the current growth spurt he won't be so HONgry.

    Cute little Conepuppy there…

    I'm roasting some ants in the firebox… they rode in on a big piece of wood and I had to vacuum up a bunch of them too.

    Off to write some. This tale is growing in the telling… I figured it would run about 40 episodes, but after 33 I'm just getting started.

  16. Ooh b2, can't wait to see that pumpkin picture!

    I hope you get both, Farf, very soon.

    Night everybody.