Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grading on the Curve

Taken October 7, 2009.

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  1. Loving that spattering of fall color. Could use the quiet reflection time by the water and most of all SUN. More gray rainy today. Feeling my inner Eeyore.

    Coneflower--you have my admiration for the tulip planting. Will look forward to pictures in the Spring.

    Waves to Maria, Beth, Farf, O, Dina, Maryb, Kelly, Nicky, BONO-woohoo she's back, and all others.

    Terrific Tuesday.

  2. Weather gods, give Lisa some nice sunny, balmy days! Right now! (Lisa, I said that it in my best Mom voice so maybe it will fool them.)

  3. Sure wish I could trade my weather for yours, Lisa. Eeyore would have a sunburn in Florida these days. And my soul withers when we go too long without rain. Sending sunny thoughts your way! Andi, can you ask the weather gods for rain for me, too?

    Love the golden light, andi.

    Great football game last night, after a quiet day at home. Running around today, and music and Parrothead meeting tonight. Trying to work on my query letter, but other more exciting things distract me - like watching grass grow.

    Happy Pseudo-Monday, y'all!

  4. Fall!! fall, fall, fall, pretty, ooh, shiny! Love this season best of all, the coolth, the gorgeous colors, the sense of crisp magic in the air.

    Mimes are (so far) doing well, been working on a project for the !Boss. A bit tedious, but it's great that it is. I can listen to music while I work. :)

    Must hunker down for the next few weeks on Book 4 - so I may be missing for a bit.

    I'll still probably tweet some, just for a mental break.

    Lovely Tuesday, all!

  5. This is my kind of curve!

    Hi to all.

    Off to Bouchercon tomorrow so will be gone for a bit. Everyone have fun and Maria, hope you finish the book.

  6. I can sympathize with Maria — evenings drive me between the keyboard & Mason (when he's at the Manor). I've got characters running amok in my head!

    M-I-L is doing better, she might be home today. One of those monster asthma attacks, it seems, nearly did her in. I guess she'll have to keep an eye on herself.

    Y'all be cool… Daughter Dearest just texted me with a happy on her midterm.

  7. You caught that color in the reflection just perfectly. That and the contrast from the shadow and the (what is that curve anyway?)curve are wonderful.

    Just gathered the last of my tomato stalks into a bag for lawn waste. Will plant the garlic where they were.

    Not supposed to get rain till Friday. That will give me time to finish tearing out the garden. Will keep the veggies that are still growing until the last minute. Carrots, anyone?

    All the best to all of you and to the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  8. I always love the photos with the shimmery reflection in the lake. What a great "beginning of Fall" picture.

  9. Ah who can think about query letters, Beth, when there's music on tap.

    We'll miss you, Maria. Maybe you can stop by now and then and give us an update on the book.

    Hope you have a great time. Dina. You'll have to give us a report when you get back. And say hi to Nancy if you see her.

    Farf, yay for the good news on your m-i-l and the dd's midterms.

    Ooh, CF, your own little garlic patch. I am jealous. And if I was closer, I'd definitely be over for those carrots. The curve is the dam from a slight off-angle.

    Thanks Mary. The light was just gorgeous that day. On parts of the lake, the reflection was wonderfully golden.

  10. I love lake photos in the fall!

    So, I was at Macy's site to see if they had any flannel pajamas for sale and I found this: would you call this pajamas? for women?

  11. Boy I sure wouldn't be wearing those in bed or anywhere else! Not quite flannel PJs!

  12. (nodding) I KNOW!! That's what I thought too Beth! All I want were/are some flannel pjs yet that's the sort of stuff I saw.