Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flowing to Fall

Taken October 13, 2009.

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  1. I had to take some time to stare at the picture this morning. So much to see. The frame of the fallen tree and the delicate leaves all across the top and the subtle colors--eye candy.

    Monday Night counseling last night and I finally had a big group. 10 families, so I was hopping to get around to everybody for comments and thoughts. Good session. Ended with hugs between a Bi-polar girl and her mom. It's a good thing.

    Farf the ant killer. If it's fire ants stoke the flames and go looking for more. Glad the writing is taking off.

    CF--cute, cute pup. I got my two dogs as adults. Didn't want to be on piddle patrol. You'll have lots of fun with that bundle of energy.

    Need to get in some writing myself. Terrific Tuesday and Waves to All.

  2. Morning, all! Glad the session went well last night, Lisa. Good writing vibes coming your way today!

    As always, wish I was walking through your woods, andi. Planning to walk along Charlotte Harbor today - I've seen a path that looks tempting. Want to enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts.

    My Broncos won last night - they continue to amaze everyone, including die-hard fans like me. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop...

    Ditto on the fire ants - one bit me in March, and I still have the scar. Grrr!

    Hoping to be back to full speed today, health-wise. Although it's been nice to take a break from fretting about stuff, and just focus on getting better.

    Have a great day, all!

  3. Morning Lisa. Sounds like you had a really productive session last night; that must have felt very good.

    Beth, a harbor walk sounds so nice. Take care of yourself (chicken soup for the body!).

  4. Morning, Lisa, Beth, Andi! ::waves at those coming along later::

    The powers that be willing and the proverbial creek don't rise, I'll get this damned book finished on time. Had to scrub out some extraneous pieces (for all values of some = several 1000 words) - trimming the narrative down. 'Twill be better for it, but ouch, it hurts to do that.

    One would think this gets easier over time. This is, after all, my fourth novel. News at 11: nope. Not easier. Some things are - structure, pacing and such, but getting those amorphous ghostlike thoughts on paper in a story that works? Not so much with the easy.

    I shall leave you all with a thought for today: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!*

    * with thanks to a certain headmaster of a very special school...

  5. Hi, all. Back from Bouchercon. Saw Nancy for all of two seconds and heard that porchSally was there but never even caught a glimpse of her.

    Wonderful time but didn't keep up with anything! So good thoughts to all!

  6. Had to quickly head to the mimes this morning, we had some people from Taiwan in helping with a product and I had some interface issues that needed to be aired. The young woman had a hot pink alligator skin netbook with an ASUS logo… that was almost the equivalent wake-up of a cup of expresso!

    Lisa, it was only wood ants, thank God. I'd have been nailed multiple times if they'd been fire ants. Then again, once they were in the insert, they became fire ants for a few brief moments. :-P Good to hear the session was a win…

    Hey Beth, good to hear you're feeling better. Sunsets on the west coast are a lot easier to attend than sunrises on the east coast! Your Broncos won, my Falcons won, I guess we're all happy.

    Enjoy that walk… but I'd enjoy a walk in Andi's picture almost as much as a walk on the beach.

    Maria, commiserating vibes are coming your way. I've had to toss 1000 words or so myself, after I realized (or "they" told me) it was the wrong direction. I keep getting these little pings about parts not yet written, and I have little clue about what's happening there, but I've learned I have to trust things to fall into place at the right time.

    Hi Dina… hope you said hi to Nancy for all of us!

    Back to work. Lunch in a little bit.

  7. Andi, beautifully composed! I love the opposing falling trunks ... wow.

  8. I like how even though all the leaves are turning the foreground looks greener and the leaves turn yellower as the eye is drawn back. Lovely.

    Lisa - 10 families. holy moly.

  9. I wouldn't think it, Maria, because I don't think anything ever gets easier. ;)

    Welcome back, Dina. I hope the 2 seconds was long enough to let Nancy know how much we miss her.

    Did you take a picture of that laptop, Farf? It seems like it would worth immortalizing.

    Hi O. I like that two -- isn't it nice that nature is so helpful in making photo ops? :)

  10. Reminder to self: if you leave the comment window up for a long time, refresh before you post.

    Actually, Mary, not all the leaves were turning when that picture was taken. Most of the beeches and oaks are just now starting to turn and are still mostly green.

  11. It does look like fall is flowing. It seems like you've still got a good bit of green there.

    I got stuck in traffic on my commute over the mountain this morning, in back of a crashed pickup. It was interesting running into the nearby woods to relieve myself of my morning coffee. Other drivers were doing the same. Someone really needs to invent a device that could be used in the car for such purposes. :-)

  12. Andi, I went looking for it online (it's an ASUS) but didn't find one. Fortunately, we're meeting tomorrow afternoon so I'll ask her if I can get a pic. With or without her. :-)

  13. It was interesting running into the nearby woods to relieve myself of my morning coffee. Other drivers were doing the same. Someone really needs to invent a device that could be used in the car for such purposes.

    Boran… it's been done.

  14. Bummer on the traffic, b2. But I'm relieved you were relieved. :)

    Farf, I knew you would try to come through for me (and looks like you did for b2, as well).

    Night everybody.