Thursday, October 1, 2009

Double Dew

Taken September 19, 2009.

Click image to see larger version

A marmotini for Janet and in honor of all the happy birthdays everyday everywhere.


  1. Happy Birthday, boran2! I hope you have a great day being the birthday boy.

  2. Looks like one of those slow motion splash pictures. Very cool.

    Cyberhugs to Maria and first day back at the Mimes. Short and sweet week to ya lady.

    Farf, the adventures of grandpa and Mason are so fun to read about. Such a lucky tike to have the family buzzing about. Gassy I understand. We ended up having to get daughter some medicine to relax her some to be able to release the gas better. I remember putting her tummy down on my knees and doing a up/down motion that used to help some. The swing help with her too. So many baby techno options now.

    Had the best time in class yesterday. Students are writing stories to go with the pictures we took a couple of weeks ago. I wrote one as an example and read to them-I was very pleased with how that came out. They gave me characteristics and setting details and I came up with the story. Many are doing a good job in their planning.

    Beth, I've braved TGW for ya.

    Waves to Boran, CF, MaryB, O, Nicky, Dina, Kelly, and any others I'm too sleepy to remember.

    Good I Previewed-Happy Happy BDay Boran.

    Thursday winking at Friday.

  3. Hippo birdie, B2!!! Cake and ice cream heading your way.

    Glad the kiddos did good yesterday, Lisa. Makes the mimes so much more tolerable.

    I can handle this kind of web shot, andi - doesn't make me think of creepy crawly things.

    Opened the windows for the first time last night - SO nice to have fresh air in the house. Will have to close up soon, but it's a nice taste of things to come.

    Tough week for many reasons - can use all of the positive vibes I can get. This too shall pass.

    Happy Thursday, everyone! Smooth sailing wishes for the day.

  4. Spectacular photo.

    Happy Birthday Boran2!

  5. Way cool photo!

    Happy B-Day B-2!

    Halloooo to all!

  6. Happy birthday, B2! I'll stick some candles in this torte and you'll be all set! :-)

    Is that the spider just below the first web? I can imagine he's wondering when the fire dept will get there to pump the water out of his basement…

    Good to hear the kids did well, Lisa. Here, I slept all. night. long. First time in a while, including quite a few days pre-Mason visit.

    Second & last work at home day this week. A couple reference thingies landed in my email this morning so I guess making heads & tails of those will be the first odor of business.

    [oops, would be good to hit Publish instead of sitting there for a couple hours]

  7. Happy bday b2!

    Lovely dewy webs Andi.

  8. Good one, Farf!! :-)))

  9. Happy B'day Boran and Happy belated B'day Andi. I hope both of you have many many more.

    Good morning to everyone. After almost two weeks of rain, we have finally had a few days of perfect weather.

    Hope everyone is doing fine.

    Take care


  10. Fam!! I was thinking about you this morning - you must have read my mind. It's great to hear from you - we always miss you when you're gone. Hope you're doing well!! And enjoy your gorgeous day - I still haven't had to turn on the A/C yet today, and that's SUCH a treat! Though we could use your rain.

    Take good care, and come back soon! Big hugs!

  11. Happy Birthday, B2!

    Love this picture.

  12. Happy Marmotini Day, Boran2!

    Looks like some spiders made a funhouse trampoline.

  13. Morning Lisa. Wonderful to hear of the success you are having.

    Beth, we were the opposite of you -- we had to close the windows because it was in the low 40s. BTW, I liked how you used the fog picture.

    Hi Jen! How are the leaves doing at your place? They're definitely starting to turn here.

    Morning Kelly. I'll bet you can beat us with even lower temps. Did you have a frost?

    Farf, no spider but it a (not very lucky) bug. Me, I'm looking forward to not working at home any more ... because that will meant that I'm retired. As for your link ... :D

    Morning O.

    FM!!!!! w00t! Now I'm really happy about b2's b'day since it got you to visit. I hope you are back for more than one visit.

    Howdy Dina. Fall still treating you okay?

    Janet, that's the second time you've mentioned the marmotini so I decided to update the post.

  14. Happy, HAPPY B'day b2. The world is a better place because you were born into it.

    FM - always nice to see you.

    It's a little early for a marmotini, but what the hell ...

  15. Thanks, andi. Glad you approve. :-)

    And thanks for the marmotini - I might just have to have one myself...well, at five o'clock, anyway!

  16. Happy B'day B2!!! Hope it's grand!

    Day's nearly over at the mimes - a nice quiet day so far. Working on some testing and research for future documentation.

    SUCH a different experience than the previous position.

    Cheers, all!

  17. Wow! That is so cool. Just the double web would have been great but with all that dew it's totally awesome.

    You all are having such good times, Congrats all around.

    {{{{{FM}}}}} yeaaaaaaay!! So glad to see you back in the ether with us. You been away too long. How's everything going?

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  18. Oh brrrr, Kelly. 63 here tonight. Windows open. A/C off. Stay warm!! Then again, maybe it'll help you get ready for those brisk Scottish breezes!

  19. "What the hell" is exactly the right toast for a marmotini, Mary.

    Hi Maria. Nice and quiet sounds ... well ... nice and quiet.

    CF, I've never seen them double like before but that one day there were 5 or 6 of them like that. Makes me wonder if I've just never happened to notice the doubles before.

    Ah Kelly, I knew I could count on you (and Wisconsin) to make me feel better about the low 40s temps.

    You low, Beth, is our high tomorrow. But I don't mind. I really like cool fall weather.

  20. Thanks to all!

    That's a really cool photo, Andi!

    We went out to dinner at Chili's and came home for cake.

    It's getting cool here, possibly into the 30s tonight. I'll have to get back to the Hudson river for a shot with fall color.