Friday, October 2, 2009


Taken September 19, 2009.

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  1. Love the cooler weather, in the low 60s this morning. Now that 30s stuff---way too early for that.

    Andi, thanks for the daily diary of incremental change. I SO ENJOY the colors and smells of fall.

    Beth, open windows and no A/C is wonderful.

    Hubby and I are off to Cherokee for some away from the city time. Taking the deer blind he built down. Next weekend is the manly man weekend to put the blind in place, so I'm getting my time at the place in before the testosterone gets too strong.

    Maria, so glad it is a new day at work. Four day week sounds pretty great. Hope you can get those great ideas you had down on paper this weekend. A friend is LOVING book 2. Slow reader me hasn't started yet. She and I agree--a movie, tv deal would be great for you. Good character/story for it.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Your changing leaves look like ours. We had our first frost night before last, and big thunderstorms last night. Autumn has definitely arrived.

    I am really wishing I felt well enough to go see Whip It, which opens tonight, alas, my stupid chronic illness has me down for the count lately so I am probably going to have to wait for it to come out on DVD. I know people think Drew Barrymore is a huge flake but I respect a lot of the choices she's made in response to the challenges in her life, and she reminds me a lot of one of my sisters. And my other sister actually does roller derby on a real team and everything, which makes me laugh because she has always been so girly, but she has always been tough as nails, too.

    Hope everyone has a fine weekend.

  3. Lisa, have a great time. Take pictures. Upload some of the pictures. Post links to the pictures you uploaded. Yes, those are all orders because we all know that teachers believe in following directions. ;)

    Morning Jen. I've read good things about Whip It. Jim hates to sit in movie theaters (it's hard on his arthritic knees and hips) so I won't be seeing this for awhile either but it's on my list. BTW, I don't think she's a flake and Ever After is one of my favorite movies..

  4. Morning, all. I love the sharpness of the picture, andi - and like Lisa, will enjoy the fall colors here, since I won't have them.

    I haven't been to a theatre in years - much prefer watching movies without someone yakking behind me, expensive popcorn, and uncomfortable seats. And a pause button on the remote for timely breaks! It'll be out soon, Jen - sorry you can't see it today, tho.

    Spending the night with friends from home who moved out here a couple of years ago - having a bad case of the lonelies this week, so it'll be nice to have some company.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone! The weekend is just around the corner.

  5. Ever since I got sick, I have a similar complaint as Jim about movie theaters. My legs usually start to tingle and hurt within 15 minutes, and then there's a painful numbness (sounds contradictory, I know) that takes over from the waist down. "Too sick to sit in a theater right now" is another one of those things a lot of people under 50 don't understand and they think I am just blowing them off when I say I can't do a show b/c of my health.

    BTW, I don't think she's a flake

    Yeah, but you have good sense, while most people ain't got no sense a'tall. ;p I've read a couple good reviews too, I'm excited to see it. Plus Ellen Page is a great young actor, I love that her career is taking off.

    PS. Recent photos of Wes & Lucy, quality not great due to cell phone cam, cuteness factor unaffected.

  6. having a bad case of the lonelies this week

    ::leaves homemade cookies, friendly note, and cutesy stuffed bear on Beth's cyber-porch::

    Hope things pick up soonest, Beth, I know that's a hard feeling to navigate in a new home.

  7. {{{jen}}}

    Some days this blog is my only company. I know it'll get better, Jen - thanks so much for the reminder, though. And the gifts! Big hugs.

    And I understand the sitting in the theatre thing. When I had chronic fatigue, I couldn't even talk on the phone. And no one understood - it seemed like such a simple thing. But not for me. More hugs.

  8. Beth, I'll try to provide you as much color as I can. I have a feeling that this year is going to be one of the better ones but there's always some color somewhere. And maybe I'll dip into last years pics because that was probably the most spectacular fall we've experienced in our 32 years here. And I'm very glad you've got good friends to help chase away your lonelies.

    Jen, I think one of the great things about technology is how it makes experiences available to people who for all kinds of reasons would have been cut off from them. Plus it means I get to see those adorable pictures of Wes and Lucy.

  9. Beth, fwiw, I understand that very well. I have tried to explain to friends and family that phone calls are often hard for a variety of fog-brain reasons, while email/writing lets me pause and find a word, or realize that I am not making sense, etc. It is frustrating for me that they don't really get it but I am happy for them that they don't, I wouldn't wish the experience(s) required to gain this understanding on anyone.

    Andi, I really don't know what I would do without the internet, it is such an important part of my ability to socialize and feel connected to the larger world. And I would be BEREFT without my beloved kittehs. :)

  10. Wow, you guys are up early today!!

    Thanks for passing along your friend's comments, Lisa. I'd totally love for a movie/mini-series option to be picked up for my books.

    Jen--I adore Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. Drew's done a LOT to overcome her early life and she deserves kudos. Ellen P is just cute as a bug and is a powerhouse actress. ::hugs you to stave off the lonelies:: Too bad we're not near each other, so we could visit in RL! I'm with you re: Internet, though. When I'm deep in lonesome mode, I cling to my online family/friends--and I DETEST talking on the phone with anyone but my sister. (I think sometimes she and I share a brain).

    Andi, thanks for the fall pics. Trees are just on the verge of turning here. I can't wait!! This is absolutely my favorite season.

    Going in to the mimes today. My 4-day week kicks in next week.

    TGIF, all!

  11. Ditto re the online family, ladies. I really don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my network of friends to reach out to via my laptop. I'm doing my best to make friends here, but y'all are my anchors.

  12. Maria, it's actually Beth with the lonelies but thanks for the hug anyway, my hug-o-meter was running low. ;) {{passes hug to Beth}} Hope you have an easy Friday and a great weekend.

    Now that everyone else is up, I'm going back to bed for a while, but at least I have some goodies on the DVR, and new Dollhouse tonight, woohoo!

  13. Morning… FRIDAY morning!

    Wasn't around much yesterday… reading & in-laws wanting to eat out pretty much did for the first half of the evening. Making pretzels did for the rest. But it hit 38 here ysterday morning, no frost but I opened windows because it was colder in the house than outside by mid-morning.

    Need to put up a new blog post… there's a couple of Mason pix to share, plus some stuff I shot with the new telephoto lens. With some luck, I'll get 'er done tonight.

    {{{Jen}}} feel better, OK? And one for {{{Beth}}} for the lonelies — I know what you mean by family online here. See you guys later, & snag a pretzel.

  14. Ah, Beth, oops! I'll totally hug you, too - heck, I'll hug all of you!!

    Farf - I'm snagging at least one of those yummy pretzels!!

    I'm featured today at the Outer Alliance - an organization dedicated to promoting LGBTQ characters in SF/F fiction. The blog post just went up. :)

    At the mimes, downing caffeine, because reading and writing documentation for HIPAA regulations = snooze-inducing. (we're now covered as business associates under the new HITEC act).

    Still Friday!!

  15. Mornin' All!
    Lovely photo, Andi. Those hints of red here and there and really cool. We're seeing that here too. Guess it makes sense since we're down-wind of you guys (and a wee bit norther)

    I understand about the lonelies. I sometimes wish I could have the house to myself for a day or two David is a real talker) and then when I do....I get lonely really quickly... too quiet.

    Jen, your beloved kittehs are adorable. Even as quiet as kitties are, they fill a house with their presence.

    Beth, it's hard to make friends in a new place. We've been here for a year and I still don't have any "friends" that I can dash over to their house and visit with for a bit or call on the phone for a chat, or whatever. Email is great for that even though the responses can be REALLY slow sometimes. I think that's part of why I make it a rule that anyone who visits my blog MUST leave a comment. No one knows about that rule but you, Beth, I think.... Last night several people visited but.... no comments. (Thanks for the map idea).

    Lisa, have a great weekend.
    Maria Lima, excellent news for your book!

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  16. FarF, you sneaked in while I was writing my comment. Your temps sound a lot like ours here in Ohio. Night before last it got to 36, then warmed up nicely yesterday. Today heavy rain and very gloomy. I'll be checking out your new lens products.

  17. Had to skip back & check out Jen's kittehs. To me, it seems that Wes has a Buddha-like joy, while Lucy is just being a flirt. Both of them look like they'd love a belly-rub.

    The Lucy shot turned out quite well for a cellphone pic, especially backlit like that. Is your phone an LG? From what I've seen on the net, they have the best cams.

  18. I thought I was doing pretty well making friends, but then they got together a few times and no one invited me, which made me feel awful. Just have to remember they might like me, but I'm not part of their circle yet. In time, hopefully. Guess I expect too much.

  19. Maria, that was a great interview. And congrats on selling book 4!

    Beth, what is especially great is how the anchoring is shared -- we each anchor and are anchored. Or maybe it's that friendship is the anchor and we're all links in a finely wrought, beautifully made, immensely strong chain.

    Jen, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Morning Farf. Those pretzels look wonderfully yummy.

    Howdy CF. Did you get all those storms yesterday too or did they skip northern Ohio?

  20. The leaves are turning here too but we haven't had a frost. I love fall. I wish it lasted six months. One month of a hard winter (to kill the bugs) and one month of semi-hot summer (to make us appreciate the rest) and four months of spring. I don't ask for much.

    I too want to see Whip It and am a big Drew Barrymore fan. And I loved that other actress (whose name eludes me) who was in Juno.

    ((Beth)) I'm not particularly huggy but felt like you needed one.

  21. Then your hug is extra-special, maryb, because it's rare. Thank you!

    And I like your idea about the seasons. I could tolerate winter if it was only a month - and I could leave town! :-) And the rest spring and fall. Especially as we emerge from a really long hot summer down here.

    Bring on the colors!

  22. First off, big huggage for Beth and Jen. I am now superduper honored that I once was able to talk to Jen on the phone. And I have a little bit of guilt now thinking how hard it must've been for her. (((Jen)))

    No Marmotinis today as last night my beloved Sharks showed up at the Denver ice rink to do navel gazing. They lost... bad. Can't even chalk it up to openining night jitters.

    But we had a friend over and had cheesesteaks and cheesecake. :)

    Rode my bike twice in a row. The challenge is over but I'm still riding. Almost got hit yesterday. Floozezilla taking her free right on red while talking on her freaking phone entered the intersection as we were taking our lighted left. Then she STOPS midway and tells us to go. Well, darling, I can't because I can't get around you. I'd have to go into oncoming. Then the cars behind me were upset. So this woman... she points to her phone then shows us the "wait" sign. Talks for a few seconds. Hangs up then moves on. ACK!

    Then coming home I found one of those "night riders" fools. No lights on their bike and he was on the wrong side of the road. Nutcase! But those types give us all a bad rep.

    No mimes for me today. But I have mimmick a mime and run some errands.

    Wes and Lucy are cute.

    As to theater... We go for Bond, James Bond. But that's it now. Last Potter movie was interrupted THREE times by a cell phone user and the music was migraine loud but the dialogue was whisperish. $40 for a family of four for a crappy time? Naw, I can spend $19.99 on a director's cut, special edition, etc etc. Or I can be patient and get it for $8.99 and have my own damn popcorn and pause for potty breaks.

    I don't blame the theater owners. Society has become increasingly rude, selfish and people generally just don't give a marmot's butt about anyone else but themselves.

    Hell, we go to the performing arts center to watch plays where the tickets are hard to come by and not at all cheap and people act like their at a Nascar rally. Last time at Wicked I had to literally get in the face of some old hag who wouldn't shut up. She didn't get the hints from everyone else around her. So it had to go from "Pleasant Pleases" to "STFU!"

  23. PS to Jen, WHIP IT showed here in Portland this week. We have a roller derby team and a pretty loud and proud gayciety here :)

    Danni is a huge Drew fan. EVER AFTER, anyone? :)

  24. Andi, we got the storms during the night... No bad thunder. Guess we got off easy. Gloomy and rainy today.

  25. And, back from the mimes early (though working @ home) b/c the furniture that was "backordered" - turned out to be on the truck for delivery TODAY!!! Good thing I checked the status.

    It's now arrived, but I have no place to put it yet. Person that was going to pick up the old shelving units was a no show. :( At least one of my former coworkers wants them and is coming by in the a.m.

    At some point, I'll have the place all spiffied up!

  26. Back from my bike ride to my favorite margarita joint.

    Freaking ICE aka Immigration Goosesteppers got rid of my favorite bartender. So now his espousa and baby are alone.

    Woody Guthrie's "Deportee" is singing to mis amigo, Cruz. May you work your way back home to Portland. xoxo

    I celebrated election night with him and his co-workers. I'm really sad and frightened for him and his family...

  27. Sorry about your friend Janet. I hope things will okay for his family.

    Night all.

  28. Farf, I almost got an LG but I fell for the Walkman features on this Sony Ericsson. I've been pleased with it in general, and it often takes a nice picture.

    Janet, no need to guilt trip, I mind my limits and do as much of what I want within them as possible, and connecting with friends is usually high on my list. I'm also very sorry about la migra catching up with your friend. There are still some decent people stashed here and there in the system, may he find them quickly and at least get through the process without being abused.