Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Imitates Art: Henri Rousseau

Taken October 1, 2009.

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  1. Andi--Rousseau is my favorite French Impressionist and you captured him perfectly. LOVE his jungle scenes.

    Maria, what a handy gal you are with new furniture. In with the new and out with the old is FUN.
    Cyberhugs for day two of four day week.

    Need to purge more here.

    Beth, Hugs for the lonelies your way too. Way to go Broncos. No love lost here for the Cowfelons as Farf calls em.

    Kelly, waves towards Scotland. Sounds fabulous.

    Farf--grandfather duty is special. Mason is one lucky tike to have You and the Mrs. Love her and the her saw pic.

    CF--Are you able to grow pansies during the winter? Those were my grandmother's favorite and so one of mine. Delicate but hardy.

    Waves to Katy, and MaryB, O, Dina, Nicky, B, FM, and all others coming.
    Terrific Tuesday to all.

  2. Morning, all! Thanks, Lisa - hopefully lonelies are subsiding. Feeling a little more on top of my game this morning - we'll see how the day unfolds. Can use all of the hugs I can get!

    Great game last night, Packers vs. Favre. That's my kind of drama.

    Still in the 90's here - summer won't let go.

    CF, found a foot long something on my porch yesterday - not a snake. Do slugs grow that big?? It's dead, so now I have to figure how to get it OFF the porch. Ugh.

    Hope your Tuesdays are joyful and slug-free!

  3. Morning. Mason was having his gas issues last night. Up till 2. :-( I think he's going to the pediatrician today.

    Beth, that's probably a newt, or the remains of one. Get a shovel, rake, hoe, or an unwanted magazine, to dispose of the remains.

    Off to the mimes. I might call it an early day & come home to work the next couple days.

  4. Found a use for the snow shovel I mistakenly dragged from Idaho - scooped the icky thing up and tossed it into the woods. ICK!!!!!!!!! Still have the willies.

    Remind me why I moved to the Land of Bugs??

  5. PS - no legs, Farf. Not a banana slug, either. Too fat to be a snake. But small enough to slip under the screen door - I bought a new sweep yesterday. Guess I should have taken a picture, but it's long gone now. And I hope I NEVER see one again - especially not on my lanai!! Shiver.

  6. Beth! Why DID you move to the Land of Bugs?? Well, the nice thing is that you can go visit anywhere and still return to a lovely warm climate any time of the year.

    Andi, I have such a Fine Art deficit that I have no idea who Henri Rousseau is. Guess I'll ask Mr. Google... But I surely do like your beautiful photo. I like it enough to go ahead and try to see some of Rousseau's work.

    For all the rest... "What Lisa said". Lisa, you covered everyone so well.

    Beth, I saw slugs in WA that were easily 6" long. Better go with what FarF said. Sounds like you took good care of it.

    All the best to all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  7. I've no idea why but I apparently have some subconscious aversion to learning Rousseau's works, so I looked at this and thought: Pissarro...whoops, guess not. Over at this quiz game, in the section on identifying famous paintings, I can never get anything by Rousseau, even though I have played the quiz multiple times and should know at least one or two by now.

    lol@ the All Mason All The Time show down at the Mansion. Hope the kidlet feels better soonest, digestive troubles are no fun for anyone.

    Don't know if Kelly will stick his traveling head back in to check threads, but sorry I missed you on your way out, KMc, and hope you and the doc have a really great trip. Can't wait to read about it and see the pix.

  8. Hey Jen! Any clue what my critter was? I thought you might know, since you've lived in this part of the world. Guess I should have taken a picture, but I really didn't want any reminders of it!

  9. Thanks Lisa. Have a good one with the kiddies.

    Beth, I can't even begin to guess what it was, especially without a picture. But on the bright side, since you didn't take a picture, it will be a lot easier to forget it.

    Farf, poor Mason. Poor you.

    CF, I hope you report back on your Rousseau investigations. I'll be curious to hear what you think of his work and how close you think I got.

    Jen, what draws me to Rousseau is the simplicity of the lines and color but at the same time I'm somewhat put off by the faux-primitivism.

  10. Beth, I was a city kid and aside from the beach and a few school field trips out into the swamp, I stayed in the concrete jungle. I can tell you what any dude on any corner is selling from 500 paces and without having to ask, but I am useless at trying to distinguish a slug from a snail from a newt from whatever else.

    Even though I spent considerably less time living in Alaska than in Florida, much of that time was spent in a very remote area in the center of the state, so I know a few useful things about the Alaskan wild -- if it had been a moose on your lanai, I could help, hee. Although finding a dead moose where you are would probably be much creepier than whatever you found. ;)


    Curiously, it reminds me a little of the art in Where The Wild Things Are; I wonder if Sendak was influenced by Rousseau.

  11. My investigation of Rousseau, (if you can call 5 minutes an investigation...) tells me that you did a good job in finding Rousseau in Nature. I think it's the leaves showing so distinctly in the foreground plus the color softly in the background that does it. Good Job! I still wouldn't buy a print of his. I so appreciate the real McCoy instead of an imitation by humans. I guess that's why I like photography. It's not imitation.

  12. I'm right with you on Northern mountain beasties, like bears and mooses and deer and the like. Even trees and weeds and flowers. Everything down here is still strange and sometimes not-so-wonderful.

    I'll be calling the next time I need to buy something on a corner, Jen! :-))

  13. Jen, I think are similarities, especially in the precise-edged drawing -- the way in which every object seems distinct from every other object. I think their use of color is similar as well.

    CF, though I don't go looking for artists in nature, it's really fun to look at a shot and see the similarities.

    Hi O.

  14. Evening all.

    Beth, ick, keep that snow shovel handy.

    Our 19th wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Where did the time go?

  15. oooh, I LOVE this. Add it to my list of favorite works by AndiF.

    Happy anniversary b2 to you and Madame Boran. Hi to everyone else.

    It's been a terrible week so far. So any good thoughts are appreciated.