Saturday, October 3, 2009

Arch Rivals

Taken Septebmer 20, 2009

Taken September 26, 2009.
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  1. Puns usually make me groan, but this one is fantastic. A+ :)

  2. Good morning Andi & Jen (and everyone yet to awake!)

    Andi, I love the arches - they're both lovely.

    Life has been VERY complicated lately and it's been months (it seems) since I've been here. But, I don't think it's going to slow down anytime soon and I've GOT to find a way to see my friends. So here I am.

    I know -- I still haven't done a think with the Indy photos....

  3. Jen, I love puns. I'm crushed that we aren't simpatico on absolutely everything. (j/k -- I think)

    KATIEBIRD!!!! Welcome back! I'm sorry about the complications. I'm guessing that family members' health issues are a big part of your complications and hope that they and any other problems improve soon. I'll forgive for the procrastination on the pictures. :)

  4. KB, good to see you even if just passing through. I hope things get less complicated soonest, or at least, easier to manage.

    Andi, I love every other form of wordplay, and I have never been able to intellectualize what it was about most puns that turned me off. It feels like a very physical, sensory thing; I cringe the same way as when I hear an instrument that is way out of tune. Every once in a while, though, something like "arch rivals" seems exactly on pitch, and I am delighted whenever that happens.

  5. KB!! Glad to see you, even if for a moment.

    I love arches - such elegant lines.

    Had a bit of a DIY saga going on. My tabletop/legs from Container Store arrived, but unlike IKEA, they needed actual power tools/real tools for assembly. (Not something mentioned on their site, mind you!)

    But the DIY Fail is now a WIN, thanks to my buddy Jason G, who came over this a.m., helped me with the table and also took away the old Rubbermaid shelving units (for his daughter's school).

    So yay! Going to the dentist in a bit (please send prayrs!!) and then back home to continue the Lima apartment re-org.

    Sensational Saturday to all of you!!

  6. Well my Arch beats both of yours any day :)

    End of the regular baseball season this weekend which always means the end of summer for me. Now on to post season. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

    But the Blues figured out how to beat the Red Wings. It can only be downhill from here. And WHY are they playing in Sweden?

    Am going to figure out this weekend if I can still get Springsteen tickets for his concert on the 25th. I had to wait because there is a family wedding that weekend and I needed to figure out "the schedule".

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  7. Great photos, Andi. But I'll take the one on the right anyday.

    Katiebird!!! Great to see you. Hope you can come back soon.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  8. As I think about it, Jen, it's more a case of ambiguity (the poetic technique, not sloppy language) than an actual pun. So that may explain it.

    Oh noes! Maria! You passed up a chance to buy tools! I love tools (though I'm more partial to hand tools than power tools). Good luck at the dentist.

    Great, Mary. Blow off about the Arch and then rub in St. Louis stomping the Cubbies. It's a good thing I'm not one to hold a grudge (wait, what am I saying ... I AM one to hold a grudge). :P

    Afternoon, CF. I prefer that one too. Especially on the fine fall days we've been having.

  9. Clever! Is that the I-65 bridge at the Columbus exit on the left?

    It's just me & Mason for the moment. He squawked in his sleep just now, but he's been pretty good about letting me catch up with some of my blog-buddies so far. Another 1/2 hour & I can get the dough out of the bread machine and in a pan. I had to change an atomic diaper a while ago, but he's been snoozing ever since. BTW, there's some new Mason pix & other stuff on the blog now.

    Yay, tools. Mrs. Fetched loves her some miter-box saw. :-)

    Hey {{{KB}}}!! You gonna stay around for a few?

    Bread will be ready in a little while, stick around. Mason's starting to squawk some more so I'd better finish this up while I have the chance! :-)

  10. Love it. :)

    And my turn to pat myself on the back ... :D

  11. I must be slow today - what did I miss, O?

    Back home from a night with friends, which was a nice break. On the couch for a few hours, then out for music with friends tonight, yippee. Bee sting is history - keeping it iced and elevated worked this time. Wish I could get into hockey, but I have enough sports to follow as it is. I'll sit on the sidelines and support you fan out there!

    I stayed in a hotel across from your arch for a week, mary, but was buried in a trade show so didn't get up in it, sigh.

    Glad you got the furniture put together, Maria - it's frustrating when you start a project and can't finish it. For me, anyway.

    And I love puns! :-)

    Happy Saturday - diapers and all!

  12. Yep Farf, that's the bridge. Wonderful pictures -- saws and babies, how can you miss. :)

    Afternoon O. Yep, you've definitely trained me. ;P

    Beth, Olivia has spent years harassing me to take pictures literally every time I get in the car to go farther than taking out the trash. Because her through-the-window shots are always fantastic, she thinks everybody else's will too. S

  13. Heh, getting decent shots out a window requires cleaning the window. Guess I won't get too many here. :-D

  14. Well Farf, I normally roll* down the window before I take the shot. However, that shot was through the windshield and I used my graphics editor to remove the noticeable grunge.

    * of course that's no longer the right word but I'm sure it will hang on, just like leading for fonts.

  15. I have just popped my IKEA cherry. ::g:: After the dentist, I drove down to the nearest store (17 mi) and was immediately overwhelmed. I did, however, have a list and accomplished most of that list. (Didn't like a couple of items in RL).

    Sofabed that is replacing my old futon delivers tomorrow. I managed to get everything else...including a desk chair!! in my Smart car.

    I'm exhausted and sweaty. WHEW.

    Still, I need to do more tidying before tomorrow's delivery, b/c I have to figure out *where* the new couch goes. Probably for now in the place of current computer desk.

    This home redecorating is tiring!! ::g::

    Oh, and Andi - I did buy a cool little tool kit. :)

  16. Andi, don't forget "dialing" a phone!

    Maria, yay you got the tools!

  17. (smiling) I've really missed everyone -- this is a great thread!

    (waving at everyone & naming no names)

  18. Oh, and Andi - I did buy a cool little tool kit. :)

    Way to go Maria!

    That's another good one, Farf.

    ::waves back at katiebird::