Thursday, October 8, 2009

All Fall Down

Taken September 28, 2009.

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  1. Very Impressionist Andi.
    Need to sit and reflect.

    Beth, To Dog or not to Dog is a question many of us ask. Or cat or pet. You are right, that for now, a large dog isn't a good choice for you. You'll know when the time and pet is right and you may even find a great traveling companion. You have a tumble weed spirit. Have pet that will travel may be a good fit some day. I couldn't volunteer, cause I'd be wanting to bring home the sweeties.

    Maria--Happy Thursday/Friday.

    Farf, Glad Mason is better. Bed Snuggling the very best with baby.

    Waves to all. Raining here and storms across much of country so everyone stay dry and safe.

  2. Morning! Reminds me of Monet, andi.

    True, Lisa - the volunteering might not be a good idea either because I'll want to bring all of them home. We'll see what happens re pets.

    Wish it was raining here. Mid 90's and very humid - even at 9pm last night it was oppressive. With no end in sight. Enjoy the rain and storms!

    Hope you had a good anniversary, B2.

    My tumbleweed nature is kind of stuck right now, with owning a house and needing to get a real job. Trying to figure out how to balance the spirit and the reality.

    Hope everyone has a great Thursday - the weekend beckons!

  3. Lovely reflection of the season, Andi.

    Boran2, Happy Day After Your Anniversary!

    Mary, I hope things have picked up for you. May Nathan Fillion have the exact sort of contract needs that causes him to make a surprise appearance in your reception area. ;p

  4. Fall...plop...snooze. (Feeling groggy this a.m. - just tired of the clutter).

    Beth - it's tough to settle, I know exactly what you mean.

    Lisa - thanks for the wishes. It's Fake Friday!! w00t!!

    Picking up my Elfa drawer unit tomorrow from Container Store and on Saturday my colleague E is coming over with her little bro. They're going to help me put together the final pieces of furniture.

    ::crosses fingers that those ppl who are taking the old stuff show up as they promised::

    A happy day to all and may it be fabulous!!

  5. Beth, you beat me to it. I was going to say Monet too. So I'll say it. Looks like Money to me, Andi, from all my fine art expertise... Unless I just associate lilypads with money and these leaves look like lily pads...

    Any way, this is a gorgeous photo! I love the dark water with the light shining into it. Very cool.

    Howdy All.

    All the best to all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  6. Wow, watercolor indeed!

    Beth, I see a lot of people travelling with dogs, but they're usually some kind of terrier or terrier mix… perhaps because they're bred for dealing with confined spaces. The people must all be partially deaf if they can stand to be cooped up with a yapper for miles on end. :-P Big dogs & small cars aren't a good combination.

    B2, hope you had a good anniversary… did Mrs. B ever show up?

    Mason had his 1st month checkup yesterday. He has thrush, but that's not what's been bothering him. It's responding well to the medication, and he seems to enjoy tasting something other than formula. :-) Snippet got up & took care of things at the first night feeding, so Mrs. Fetched & I got a decent night of sleep.

    Off to the mimes-at-home… two nice days this week and I didn't have to be at the office for either one! Bread & jelly by the toaster…

  7. Raining here too, Lisa. They're talking about up to 5 inches between now and Friday night. Yuck. Hope your weather clears up sooner.

    Beth and CF, I can see a bit of resemblance to Monet's lily pads but to me it lacks the delicacy of his lines and the vibrant color.

    Beth, I hope your tumbleweed finds some place wonderful to be blown to.

    Morning Jen. How's that road construction coming along?

    Maria, you'll have to take some pictures for us when you get everything put together.

    I hope the thrush goes away soon, Farf. But the rest of news on Mason sounds pretty good.

  8. Thanks, we'll actually celebrate our anniversary this weekend in Cape May. There is a restaurant there where we usually go. Madame boran did finally show up, tired and hungry.

    Beth, You'll get used to the homeowner thing. We've been here since 1994, hard as that is for me to believe. We just had our roof redone last week, another joy of homeownership. ;-)

    Far, I'm so glad that Mason is doing well.

    Off to Cape May tomorrow.