Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall into Autumn

First picture taken after Autumnal Equinox.

Taken September 22, 2009.

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  1. Love the tinge of fall color above the horses. Wonderful pic.

    More new kids so gotta get ready for the ever changing classes.
    Farf, not so much SNAFU so far this week. But ya never know when it'll hit.

    Waves to all and hoping for a Wonderful Weds.

  2. Lisa!! You beat me to the great white void. :)

    Fall picture is lovely. Woke up to alarm (practicing for my return to mimes tomorrow) and snuggled under blanket. It's definitely fall now.

    Of course, now that I'm returning to work, I get a blinding epiphany yesterday about the social them for book 4. It's got me on FIRE to write - was up past 4 a.m. jotting scene notes and writing pieces parts. Ah well, figured it would be so. What would I do without the deadline pressure??? ::g::

    Expecting folks to stop by today to pickup ugly gray storage shelving in prep for my brand new desk and shelves. Yippee!!

    Fabulous Fall Odin's Day to all.

  3. Morning, peeps! Observed the Vast Great White earlier, and chickened out. Thanks to Lisa and Maria for making tracks that I can follow. No fall colors here, although I did see leaves turning as I crossed Alligator Alley last week, which surprised me.

    Congrats on inspiration, Maria - that's the way it always is, isn't it? Enjoy your remaining free time.

    Pretty quiet around here -might do some sightseeing today to get out of the house. And avoid the job-hunting thingy for another day. Missing my friends back home.

    Have a good hump day, y'all!

  4. Lovely, serene, peaceful and yet that sky tells a story. Great photo!
    I like the sun and shadow on the pasture land.

    We're getting the rain here now that a lot of you got before. Autumn rains, I keep hoping the sun will come back before the rain turn to snow.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  5. Morning! And woo, upper 40s (F)… yup, it's fall, even if leaves haven't started turning here.

    Mason's been somewhat un-conducive to sleeping all night… he's been a bit gassy. Between feeding & a case of strep, Snippet's about worn out. We've been all getting up to help her out at night, but she's crashed upstairs for now. Mason thinks Mrs. Fetched is a wonderful bed to sleep on.

    The mimes are at home today, I'm hoping to relieve the girlies in odd moments. I finally got WP episode 25 nailed down last night… it shouldn't have been all that difficult, just organizing a move for a couple dozen people. It's the mundane stuff that kicks your butt sometimes, huh?

    Hump Day! Hope everyone… never mind. :-P

  6. Lisa, good luck with implementing No-SNAFUs zone. :)

    Maria, glad you got inspiration but I think you need to teach it about circadian rhythm.

    Beth, fall color and Florida are two thoughts I don't normally hold in my mind at the same time.

    CF, the sun was being very nice and just breaking through opposite the field to make some nice shadows and light.

    Farf, if you won't say it, I will: Hump away everybody. :D

  7. Hello, all. Fall is here and I am happy. I love the fall.

    Maria, congratulations on the inspiration and a day late on the release of Blood Bargain.

    Happy Fall all!

  8. Riding my bike to work. Roads are wet. I really need to get fenders! :)

    Today is our 20th anniversary. Marriage. Not 20th anny of drinking margaritas :)

    Last night we got a soaking. Hard, heavy raining going on. Coast got warnings of the tsunami kind.

    Gotta get ready to ride to the mimes. Everyone, have a great day. Look for bikes on the road and give me a friendly wave.

  9. I always like the Indiana horse pics. :)

  10. I love fall too, Dina (though spring is my favorite).

    Happy 20th, Janet! Be careful on your bike.

    Howdy Mary. I like Indiana horses (and Missouri horses but I didn't see any between the river and the hotel).

  11. Happy anniversary, Janet! Hope you get new fenders and lights!

    Well, mason has gone back home & he took Snippet with him. We'll miss him, but at least we won't get woke up at 3 for chow time. :-)

  12. Evening all.

    It's really starting to be fall here, cool temps and noticeably shorter days. And some color.

    Give that baby a kiss for me, Far.

  13. Sorry for you now quiet home, Farf.

    boran2 is here and I've finished watching the National Parks episode so it must be time to say "Good night".

  14. Aaaargghh! It's October already and to compound it I've just bought a couple of Christmas presents. It's too much, I want a summer (though admittedly September has been pretty good here).