Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Imitates Art: Jackson Pollack?

Taken July 16, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Continued from last night (and saving Beth from the Vast Empty Great White) ...

    Hi Jen, Maria, Farf, and b2. Glad to hear Nancy surfaced, even if only briefly and not here.

  2. Seems too organized for Pollack but I loves trees in any form.

    Farf, glad knee is better and you have a plan for healing.

    Andi, you are the hostess with the mostest keeping Beth from being alone in the woods.

    Maria, Do the figurines get packed last or are they talking to you from boxes?

    Beth--Hope you are enjoying friend time.

    Waves to all as dives back into editing pool.
    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  3. Hi everyone! Thanks for saving me from the VEGW, andi!

    Had fun with my friend yesterday afternoon. Bowled a 176 on Wii - considering my best RL score is a 29, I was Quite Pleased. :-) We talked about longtime friendships (ours is 30 years and still going strong), and how lucky we are to have stayed in touch.

    Today is Tying Up Loose Ends day - since I'm moving SOMEWHERE tomorrow - still no firm "yes" from the bank, tho. So I'm doing all of the last-minute stuff, getting ready to clear out in the AM. Trying not to stress. Probably eating chocolate. :-)

    I'll let you know when I hear something - til then, everyone else have a non-stressful day for me! Including Maria, who probably never wants to see a cardboard box again either....


  4. Morning. It's a soothing image, and I don't usually feel soothed looking at Pollock's work ... ;-)

    Beth, sending positive thoughts. I hope you hear good news ASAP!

  5. Well Lisa, I did put a ? on it. :) But I thought the color -- particularly from the center to the left looked as like it had been flung across the image.

    Beth, so sorry the waiting is continuing. But I hope you at least enjoy the sugar high.

  6. I need to preview before I post.

    Morning O. You're up early.

  7. Here I am again, showing my horrendous lack of knowledge about "Art" Don't know Jackson Pollack but I do know I like the photo. The sun hitting those two trucks is really cool. Like they're reminding us that leaves and sunlight through the leaves is not all that makes up a forest. Very cool shot.

  8. Andi, Take a look towards bottom center. Looks like someone is watching you. Spirit of the forest me thinks.

    Beth, interesting concept. Moving no matter what. You have a whole lot less to move than I do, needless to say. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for good news. Maybe better just stick with toes and ankles as I'm writing today.

  9. Hidy ho!

    Been hanging out with the auto glass guy this morning. His Crackberry managed to get de-authorized while he was out here, so he got to borrow my phone to get support to talk him through a few things. We had a fascinating (to me, anyway) conversation, and I might try to summarize it a little later.

    I'm like Coneflower: I might be able to tell the difference between pollack the seafood and Jackson Pollack the painter, but that's about it. I thought the light-colored tree (dead? white bark?) stood out among the crowd… message enough for me!

    Knee continues to improve, but tires quickly. It *has* to get better, I'm going to play a round of golf with my dad next week!

    Beth, my Wii and IRL bowling scores are pretty similar, but my Wii golf scores are far better. A mediocre Wii golf round is -3 for me, and I'd be turning cartwheels if I ever shot that on a real course… Hope you get the green light from the bank in the next couple hours!

    Off to do… something, I guess. Glass dude is still trying to get his Crackberry going, I think. I've offered him coffee & wifi, if it continues to stay hung I'll invite him for lunch next. :-P

  10. I dunno, I don't think that's quite drippy enough (or drunk enough) for Pollack. ;)

    Farf, if you haven't done so already, get yourself the Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10 for the Wii, which is available now. (I've read bad reviews on the '09 version.) The '10 version has an "all-play" easy setting that will allow you to birdie every hole you don't eagle, and shoot hole-in-ones with some regularity. (All the other features are great, too, if you're into playing more like the real thing there's online play and real time weather and all kinds of goodies and extras.) My last tournament I shot a 90 under par over 4 games, lol. SO MUCH FUN.

  11. Thanks, Jen! I'll definitely be watching for that one — I think it flew off the shelves here, and the video rental place can't seem to get a copy at all.

    Hey all, Carnacki is starting a new story Friday! "Vampires, Nazis, sex, violence. In other words, be here for the still untitled latest adventure of our stalwart heroes."

  12. Question: Life Imitates Art: Jackson Pollack?

    Group answer: No.

    Hi CF, Farf, and Jen.

    Lisa ... umm, if you say so.

  13. Hi, all! ::sneaks in again::

    The place (office) is a madhouse what with the packing for the move and final prep for tonight's 10th anniversary party.

    I'm trying to stay in my office and keep out of the madness.

    Andi - many of the action figures are yelling from a box, where they have been tossed as freebies. The rest are glaring at me from shelves, yet to be swathed in tissue and packed.

    I have made progress, though. Found a LOT of fun stuff, including a pink bubble gum cigar given out at least 7 years ago by a co-worker on the birth of his daughter. Admittedly, *most* of the things I'm finding are in the shred pile or in the trash. I am SUCH a packrat!

    ::sneaks back out to do some actual work::


    I've been doing the happy dance all morning. Well, actually, I've been packing and vacuuming and running errands, and doing the happy dance in my mind. Maybe I'll have time to do actual dancing next week...

    THANK YOU for all of your support - obviously the finger and toe and ankle crossing worked!

    Oh, and Nancy sent me a one-line congrats, so she's out there somewhere.....

    Big hugs and wet kisses to everyone! Off to do more dancing...

  15. BETH!!! w00t!!!!!! ::happy dance:::

  16. Thanks, Maria!!!!

    ::stupid grin::

  17. Thanks, Maria!!!!

    ::stupid grin::

  18. Oh Beth, that is the best news! I'm so happy for you ... :D

  19. Yay Beth!!! Waving little flag & happy dancing with "Stars & Stripes Forever" playing in background

  20. Huzzah Beth!!!!!

    And to steal one from my mom: may you use it in good health.

    Oh yeah ... and I think it was the super-wedgies that did it. :D

  21. Congrats to Beth!!! I'm so happy for you!

  22. Thanks, everyone! Yep, I'm sure that was the trick, andi - we should have tried them sooner...

    Off to vacuum - and dance at the same time!!

  23. I agree with Lisa, too organized for Pollock. But it is a really nice shot of your woods, Andi.

    Hoping you hear something soon, Beth.

    Glad it's getting better, Far.

    Good evening all.

  24. Oops! Missed it! Congratulations Beth!

  25. So glad I happened to pop by - Beth, great news!

  26. Thanks, everybody!! Boran, when do you leave on your western adventure? Will be crazy busy the next few days, getting the new homestead ready for visitors. When are y'all coming down?

    Did you know CF and I share something special? I just found out!!

    Still happy dancing, but a little weary...

    Night all!

  27. Good evening b2 and Dina.

    Sweet dreams of your new house, Beth.

    And good night to all.

  28. Well I missed all the excitement. CONGRATULATIONS Beth! Nothing like them leaving it to the last possible moment huh?

    Just think - soon we'll be able to have a virtual unpacking party with you and you'll NEVER have to pack and unpack again. Unless you want to.

    Hi and g'night to everyone else (including the lurking Nancy).

  29. Thanks, maryb! In my world, "Never" means five years...but I'll be happy to host the virtual unpacking party!! Not to mention the cardboard box burning party...

    Now I really AM going to bed - night, all!

  30. I love Jackson Pollack and I love trees but those look a bit tidy for him. Back from great time at Romantic Novelists' conference and then a stay near Hadrian's Wall up in the north of Englad. Fabulous, fabulous place, we had a whole day of Romans that satisfied even me: and this one: and this one which I liked best of all as there were no other people there:
    And it hardly rained at all! It's big country up there (speaking in English terms, not Texan of course) and we reckoned every sheep could have its own field!