Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Visit to Brown County ...

... can be very relaxing.

(no, that's not Mary)

Brown County State Park

Fried biscuits, a Brown County treasure (yes, that's Mary (on the far right))
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  1. An outing--What Fun.
    MaryB B Lucky--Fried Biscuits and a visit with Andi and Jim.

    Ibuprofin B my friend this morning after an afternoon of weed eating. Mother Nature is relentless. If there was just a pause button for the grass and weeds.

    Two four day weeks is all that is left-WooHoo.

    Hope everybody enjoyed time off.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Morning, gang!

    I spent most of this weekend offline, just relaxing and enjoying my days off.

    Lisa, enjoy your short weeks!!

    It's off to the mimes I go, in a rather blustery rainstorm. :(

  3. Nice pics :)

    For those who want to see where I stayed in Brown County, I posted it.

    It was a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to go back when the leaves turn.

  4. (blinking) That's no fair!! No fair at all. ... I'm kidding - that's just pure jealousy leaking out.

    It looks like you had a marvelous time. I wish we ALL were there! (I followed Mary's drive through facebook too.)

  5. Back from WisCon and running around like the chicken who forgot to duck the blade because MythOS launches today...bizy backson.

  6. Hi Lisa and yay for only 2 4-day weeks left (Jim's got the same amount left).

    Maria, glad you had a relaxing weekend.

    Hey Mary. I can't wait for you to come back. :)

    kb, I'm really sorry we're going to miss each other. Did you figure out where you are going to stay?

    Kelly, congrats on the book launch!!! I hope when things settle down you'll do a post on Wiscon at Wrydsmiths.

  7. No kidding, Toni - I'm drooling! Glad you guys had a fun visit - and what a cool place to stay, maryb. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a holiday weekend.

    I'm home, unpacked, and glad to be here. Stopped along the way for a glass of wine with friends from ID yesterday, and ended up spending the night. Now I'm regrouping and looking ahead to June - which amazingly is just around the corner...

    Glad you had a good con, Kelly - can't wait to see the book! Good luck with the launch lunacy.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend - sounds like a hot tub in the future, Lisa. I'm just thrilled to be in my own bed again.

    Happy (sorta) Monday and short week to all!

  8. Oh, how I wish I was in that hammock eating those biscuits!

  9. LOL Andi. Love those photos. :-)

  10. Toni and Conda, all you gotta do is come visit me and I'll personally introduce to those biscuits (well not "those" biscuits because they're all gone).

    Beth, nothing like a wine and good friends to inspire a re-grouping. :)

    Thanks, O.

  11. Vacation's over here too, gotta get the pics posted. I managed to get one of those long-exposure running water shots, hand-held! pats self on back, pats image stabilizing lens with other hand  

    Kelly, great news! Making mental note to stop by bookstore on the way home tonight…

    Lisa, just think: would you rather have the class full of Sweat Hogs, or the weeds? I cleared one flower bed of weeds yesterday afternoon, and helped Mrs. Fetched clear half of another. It does help to loosen up a small patch with a shovel before attacking with the hand-held cultivator fork.

    At the mimes, caught up on the nothing that happened last week & trying to pick up where I left off. Later!

  12. What fun, wish it wasn't all so far away.
    Glad you don't have long to wait, Lisa. School's out here this week, it's half-term, and I have a small girl staying over.Tomorrow is her 6th birthday and she's chosen her birthday treat: go to Grandma's Art Group and do some painting with all the arty ladies, most of whom are even older than Grandma! We're taking birthday cake to share at coffee time and then we're going out to lunch, just the two of us.

  13. Nicky,
    I'd LOVE to do just that. Go to an art class with the ladies and have lunch with You.

    Farf, just finished the mowing. That's a breeze compared to the weeding/weed eating. Hubby is not a good yard man. Cook Yes, Yard no. Ahh those choices.
    Sweat Hogs being particularly DRAMATIC. 7 more days.

    Yea!!!! Kelly.

    Waves to all to go sit and recliner and finish my Shiner light. Shiner=Premier Texas Beer.

  14. Interesting group of shots, Andi.

    The MM is in New Jersey and will be delivered on Friday. Woohoo!

    Good evening all!

  15. Farf, can't wait to see that shot!

    Nicola, that outing sounds like a very fine time. Enjoy.

    Hi again Lisa.

    b2, when that car arrives, you have to take a picture and post a link here -- I think we all need the catharsis. :D

  16. AndiF,
    That sure is an inviting porch to be a "layabout" in.
    I recognized the hand.

  17. Farf, that's a really good photo -- wonderfully dynamic! I couldn't resist doing a little post-processing on it [LINK] to drop some of the shadow and adjusted the highlights so that the flow showed up a little better.

    It's not a porch, Head. It's the entrance to a store -- but that's just how inviting our little tourist area is. :)