Monday, May 18, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Yeah I know, it's really "Looking up At Things" but I thought a little Monday morning optimism would be appreciated.

Taken May 12, 2009.

Taken May 9, 2009

Taken May 7, 2009.
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  1. Love the light in the leaves, Andi. Can't be Texas, there'd be healthy hunks of poison ivy twirling round those trunks.

    Maria, You were right, Star Trek was great fun.

    Beth hope your house sitting and furry friend are doing well. Rain and storms your direction.

    Farf, like the way the characters invited the dog into their story.

    Bono, we're having a week of warm, sun. Grass will be transforming like the Hulk here. So I will be mowing at least every 4 or 5 days. Hope you got some rest with all the weekend chores. Wow shuttle across the sun pictures.

    Waves to Jen, MaryB, KB, FM, Nicky, Dina,Head, Boran, Kelly, CF, and heck I know I'm missing somebody so All to Come.

    Marvelous Monday.

  2. Lisa, around here the poison ivy has so many trees to choose from it doesn't need to grow on just any ole tree.

  3. Morning! Having a great week with my furry friend. Remembering how much work a dog can be. :-)

    Thank you for the storms, Lisa!! Hoping they're hitting St Augustine at least a wee bit, too, but I'm loving the turbulent weather.

    Off to walk the kid, then hopefully get some work done today.

    Head, hope you weren't too shaken up last night!

    Hoping your Monday leads to an even better Tuesday...

  4. Mondays are Mondays. The good thing about this one is that Virtual Friday is tomorrow. All hail the six-day weekend! A bit nippy this morning, as Blackberry Winter sets in for two days. No frost, just lows in the mid-40s.

    Lisa, that particular Dog loves everyone, especially kids, so he sort of invited himself into their tableau. And Bono, he *is* the Dog that barks in the night. Or one of them, anyway. Beth has the right idea… temporary slobberhound for a few days then give it back. :-)

    Andi, we have an abundance of poison oak here too. Nasty stuff. I found out the hard way that it's still potent even in the winter.

    Y'all have a good one. The FAR Future episode went up this morning right on schedule, so if you're reading it's waiting for you!

  5. (waving) Good Morning! I've supposed to have a breakfast outing with my brother & mother so I'm about to run out the door.

    But I'm so glad I stopped by - Andi, I love your optimism!

  6. yay for Monday morning optimism! I'm feeling optimistic because I'm mostly finished my first assignment for class...woo-hoo! What was I thinking, going back to finish that silly degree? It's like, work. :)

  7. Beth, Work!?! says The Pack huffily. We don't believe in no stinkin' work. We believe in The Three Great Truths: sleeping, eating, and playing.

    Farf, Six Day Weekend sounds like a great concept. Perhaps you should try selling it more broadly than your house this week. :)

    Hi kb and CG, I'm not really optimistic but I am as good at faking it as Meg Ryan. :)

  8. Funny, I haven't minded Mondays for the past year.

    That top shot made me feel a little dizzy.

  9. I use the term loosely, andi. I'm putting together a book of my blog postings from my round-the-world adventure in 2005 (finally), so "work" means selecting pictures and placing text...although I plan to follow the Pack's advice this afternoon, once I'm done!

  10. Afternoon, all! Definitely Monday here - had a bit of a reaction to meds yesterday, so did the prudent thing and stayed home today.

    Just woke up, actually. (reaction = extreme sleep).

    Trying to stay awake this afternoon and read a bit. :)

  11. Well Toni, you can always be a good teacher and plan ahead ... for minding them in the fall.

    Beth, The Pack approves of your long-range plan.

    Maria, wishing you a nice nap followed by a nicer recovery.

  12. Nice perspective - looking up. I don't do enough of that. Thanks for the reminder of what I'm missing.

    Lisa, my sister maintains that someone put cutouts in front of a yellow ball. lol "No way that can be the sun," she says. I just think it's cool that someone could coordinate the timing to take the pic.

    Wow, Farf, poetry inside a story. Talented be you. And where do I sign up for the six day weekend??!!

    Andif, your astronomy pic of the day goes well with Jimf's Macbeth selection from yesterday.

    Long day. Tired out. Waves good evening to you all.

  13. Evening bono. Hope you are having a nice, relaxing evening.

  14. It was a very optimistic message for a Monday.

  15. Thank goodness, Mary, it's almost Tuesday and I can stop pretending.

  16. Gorgeous perspective! Love that bright light!