Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Meditation

Chase the squirrels or just take it easy?

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  1. Like Bebo I get to gaze out the window and chill out today. Hubby is camping this weekend so will have time to get caught up with class assignments, veg, watch some tv. Maybe even go see Star Trek.
    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. Morning!!

    Lisa, do go see Star Trek. It's a total blast. Plot holes big enough to drive a fleet through and "science" as accurate as the original series, but that's exactly why it's so much fun--it's our favorite characters redux.

    Can you all tell I'm still on a high from having seen it again last night? Heck, I'm just on a high from having been to the movies twice this week - both times for ST - which makes this more times at the theatre this week than in the last 2 years combined.

    It's still raining/grey here, but at least it's Saturday. I'm off to the hair salon in a bit, then home for relaxation and a nap.

    Catch you all on the flip side!

  3. The size of the rest of that cutie pie pooch has finally caught up with those big feets. In that gazing out the window image, you just know she's thinking about tasty squirrels.

    File under Yay, Escapism!: Despite wrapping with possibly the lowest ratings ever in their target demo, it looks like they're going to give Dollhouse 13 more, we may find out for sure on Monday. And in the good for me department, Better Off Ted (link goes to promo video) got picked up too.

  4. Hi Lisa, have fun having the place all to yourself and going to the movies.

    Maria, have fun getting spiffed. :)

    Jen, have fun (I know I will) giving high fives to the critters over Dollhouse's renewal.

    And speaking of Bebo and squirrels, I thought about posting this picture [LINK] but decided it was a bit much for the front page.

  5. Hi, all. Gloomy day here so I am with taking it easy. It's the dignified look that gets to me!

  6. If that's a dead squirrel picture, I will spend an hour crying because I am a BIG BABY who understands the way of the world just fine but who nonetheless cannot help but cry about it, so you will forgive me for not clicking. :)

    Okay I'm off to the store to pick up ingredients for halupkis (stuffed cabbage), mmm. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

  7. Andi, I'm so jealous that you got to visit Jen!! Hope you gave her big hugs from the rest of us. And congrats on making the drive - we do look at that from very different perspectives. I drove 250 yesterday, and it was an extremely short day for me. :-)

    Gorgeous day in SW Florida, after a wee storm last night. Hopefully another one will magically appear this afternoon. But for now, Angler (my fuzzy surrogate kid) and I are hanging out after a long walk. But he only watches the squirrels.

    Enjoy your weekend, everyone, be it wet, lazy, or Star Trek-filled!

  8. Good morning everyone,

    It's overcast and dreary here also. We're supposed to have rain all w/e. I've got a brother and sil coming in today and they'll probably be here for a couple of weeks. That will be 14 days of George at a constant bark.

    Andi I think Bebo is even out slacking me laying back like that. :)

    This newest Star Trek must be pretty good. So far, I haven't heard anything bad about it. I'll do my usual and wait for it to come out on TV. By that time there might be one or two newer Star Treks in the theater.

    Well I've got to get up and move around or I'll fall asleep in my chair. See ya'll later.

  9. What sweet photos. I love them both. The two tempos of furkids. Alert and out cold (asleep).

  10. A little squirrel chasing, a little rest, a little squirrel chasing, a little rest ... it's a dog's life.

    I'm trying to tempt someone to go see StarTrek with me today but don't know if I'll be successful. At least it's supposed to clear up today (after rain all night) so hopefully most of the weekend will be beautiful. And they got my back steps finished before the rains set in yesterday so I can now go out my back door without the danger of killing myself :)

    Have a good weekend everyone. (and Jen ... good on Dollhouse!)

  11. btw, today's CG's birthday.

  12. Take it easy! Take it easy!

    And look - Bebo is in focus ... twice! :D

  13. Cute pix, well maybe not the linked one (you were right not to look, Jen).

    Happy to get the yardwork done before the rain started. Almost. So you get wet finishing the mowing, at least there was no lightning.

    Out to a friend's birthday celebration.

    Have a great day.

  14. Dina, Bebo will be glad to give you lessons on how to turn your bones into jello.

    Jen (and bono), the squirrel is just sleeping. Really. And the tooth fairy is real.

    Beth, you are the queen of distance-driving and I am humbled before your magnificence.

    FM, Bebo's slacking is rather fine but if you were to experience the full force of her energy, you'd go into apoplexy.

    Coneflower, you forgot the most important temp of all -- blissed out by food.

    Mary, thanks for the CG birthday reminder. Went to BT and left best wishes.

    You're right O. How could I complain (and how come all the shots I took of her on the walk are out of focus).

    Have fun (and lots of good food too) at b'day celebration, bono.

  15. Oh, no, andi, no magnificence at all. Complete insanity.