Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Meditation II

Sprawl inside or sprawl outside?

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  1. Aspiring to be more Beboesque this weekend.
    Hubby doing Manly Man things so a quiet weekend with me and the critters.
    Read, Write, Sprawl.
    Love the Double Decker Dogs.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. I also need to take some relaxation lessons from the pack, there's a massive decision due out from the Cali Supremes this Tuesday and it is already nagging at my mind the way things that stress me out but I have no control over tend to do.

    I hope everyone else is able to enjoy their weekend, I might have to bake some chocolate themed somethings to help me cope. :)

  3. Morning Lisa and Jen.

    Jen, I just read that the decision will posted on Tuesday. I'll be worrying and hoping with you; unfortunately, there's nothing I can bake that will make the eternal pessimist in me think that it will be a good outcome.

  4. I'm slow on the uptake and had to figure out the Cali Supremes wasn't some new singing group.

    Jen, There is always hope for change and acceptance.
    Fear trumps hope more than we would like to admit.
    Still, it is the individual spirit I look to, rather than the political platforms or legal rulings.
    I refuse to allow the obtuse view of some to veil the wonders of life. So I prefer to let go of the things I cannot control, as much as I can anyway. And concentrate instead on leading the best life I can. I teach my students and parents that it is only through our own behavior that we can have an impact on others.
    So Jen, I will be right there hoping those Supremes sing a song that will make your heart soar.
    But no matter what their song, I will be here every day grateful that I have you as a cyberfriend.I KNOW I am a better person for it.

  5. Well, as you know I'm not a constitutional lawyer but I don't think that "the good option" is available to the court, so I don't expect a truly good outcome either. (But will be thrilled if a good outcome surprises us all!) Of their available options, one is extremely terrifying, so my whole thing right now is merely hoping to avoid that disaster, the worst possible outcome. Anything else can be volleyed.

    That so few people understand how the law works means that whatever comes down is likely to result in some ugliness, it's going to be a matter of degree and direction, and I am definitely not looking forward to the potential shitstorm aspect of it. But some shitstorms end up ripping out things that needed to go a long time ago, and that could actually wind up happening here -- if the Cali court has the guts. We'll find out soon.

    Thanks for the support, though, as always it means more to me than I can say.

  6. Oh well thank you very much, Lisa, what a lovely thing to say. :) My very best wishes are with you as well.

  7. Morning folks! I'm eternally hopeful that the gov't (and many others) will get its head out of its nether regions one of these days, Jen, although I know I'm probably deluded. Too bad we don't have any real problems in our country to deal with, so they could focus on them instead of playing games with people's rights. Sigh. Have a double dose of chocolate, and I'll do the same.

    Furry kid's parents come home tonight, and I'm ready to hand over the responsibility. Though it's been a peaceful week here in Dogland. No big holiday plans. House is clean, laundry is done, and I'll head home Monday.

    Hoping everyone has a stellar weekend, whatever you do!

  8. Morning, gang! I shall be sprawling today with the best of them.

    Jen, yeah, nail biting going on amongst all my buds about this...many in CA. I send many positive vibes westward that the court will do what is right and good. ::hugs you loads::

    Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!

  9. Since I'm a political ignoramus, I can only say that as always I send positive energy that good will be done for all the little people. The rich have enough money to buy whatever "good" they want. It's the little people of all types that need the good help.

    As to that delightful furkid of yours, I don't know her name but I'd like to suggest either Pretzel or Smudge (for the black mouth corner) if you need a new name. Really cute photos.

    Have a great weekend everyone, however you can manage it.


  10. Bebo - in focus again! ;-) She looks so comfortable. Plus we get bonus Sniff! Love her pink and black spots.

    Jen - here's hoping - really, hoping - that we will be surprised (in a good way) by the decision. But I think you're right. Sometimes shitstorms are necessary.

  11. Good morning! Wondering why no shoe pictures from your tourists in your area this weekend... :)

    Jen, I'm thinking I'll bake these homemade oreos this weekend in solidarity with your desire for a good outcome on Tuesday.

  12. ::hugs this thread::

    omg CG those look amazing.

  13. Yes, they do!! Argh. Jen, how about I make a batch and bring them up to share? Otherwise I will sit here and eat them all, one by one, all by myself. Oink, oink.

    Now I'm going to crave chocolate cookies all day.....

  14. Hi everybody. MaryB is here so bye everybody.

  15. Waves to Andi and MaryB.

    CB Those Homemade Oreos look wonderful. I'm thinking Ice Cream in the Middle sounds good since I've just wrestled the weedeater around the front yard and out of line. So tomorrow will go get more line and find the broom. Where is that thing. Hubby didn't put it back in its spot GRR.
    Now that I've had my exercise I can make like Bebo and lounge a bit.
    Good evening to all.