Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Roads Taken

Well paths and not in a yellow wood and maybe not less traveled but they still make all the difference to me.

Taken May 17, 2009.

Taken May 12, 2009

Taken July 5, 2008.
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  1. Top picture reminds me of the Casa Magnetica at Six Flags back in the cave days of my youth. Slanted house where water ran uphill or so it seemed.

    Yesterday was a much better day. Even though I was called a liar several times in a parent-student- principal conference. Amazes me how unplugged some kids are these days. The waters of Denial River run deep for some parents and thus their kids. Mom never said a thing to the girl until the girl finally got sassy with her. Big tears when mom yelled at girl. Tugged at heart strings--NOT. Suspension from school. It does a body good.
    Off soapbox.

    Andi, pat the pups for me. Feeling the need for plenty of unconditional love.

    Thursday FLIRTING with Friday and a three day Weeekend.

    Big waves and cyberhugs to all.

  2. Lisa, the dogs are wagging their tails, just waiting for you to show up so can they show you the love. Well actually Sniff is in the kitchen scouting for dropped food (Bebo is a sloppy eater), Giddy is on a dog bed licking her foot, and Bebo is stretched out on the couch -- but if they knew you were coming, their tails would be wagging. :)

  3. I like those wide paths that look EASY to walk.

    Lisa - just keep telling yourself the year's almost over. I couldn't do your job - I have so little patience.

  4. Morning all! Hang in there, Lisa - you have the right attitude, and will make it! And you'll love the andi clan, people, dogs, woods and all.

    I love these paths, andi - something about walking in the woods...

    I'm staying dry as possible - apparently it's REALLY raining in St Augustine, so guess I'm glad I'm here this week, where it's just kinda sorta raining...

    Have a great almost-Friday!

  5. Mary, all of our paths are easy to walk -- all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other. :)

    Beth, today walking in the woods was quite the adventure as the link shows [LINK]It was a real contest as to who more shocked -- me, the emu, the dogs, or the dispatcher at the sherrif's office when I called in.

    Best part, the animal control guy told me the dispatcher called him and said "I don't know if she's drunk but some woman just called and said she saw an ostrich or emu in the woods.

    Prosaic part, it escaped from a farm where they're raising them for commerical products.

    Interesting part, the farm's about 8-9 miles away so the bird's a pretty good traveler.

  6. There is only one word for a surprise emu sighting in the Indiana woods, and that is: awesomesauce. (Okay maybe there are two words, because "flashback" seems potentially accurate as well, lol.)

    It surprises me that the animal control guy was surprised, but apparently the local idiot population "adopting" exotic animals for entertainment isn't a universal phenomenon, just peculiar to some places I've lived.

    the farm's about 8-9 miles away so the bird's a pretty good traveler

    Smart enough to know what the what is, in any case. You gotta put a whole lotta gone in between you and the place what wants to manufacture you for parts.

  7. Okay, THAT is hysterical, andi. Of all the critters you expect to see on a walk thru the woods, an emu AIN'T on the list. :-))

    So true, Jen - smart fella, escaping his eventual doom.

    The dogs must have been stymied...

  8. AndiF,
    I`m always impressed by the perfectly groomed trails in your images, that are (I presume) naturally manicured.

  9. Looking at this pathways, I can't help but imagine a certain four year old who is obsessed with all things nature stopping every five seconds to crawl around and examine something.

  10. Jen, awesomesauce it was. I'll have to check back with the animal control guy to see how it ended (if it ended).

    Beth, Sniff wasn't stymied for a second -- it was alive; it wasn't him or Bebo or Giddy; therefore, chase.

    Head, the trails were artificially created but if you consider feet walking natural, then their maintenance is mostly natural.

    Toni, it would such fun to have him come here. When my niece brings her boys down, they have a great time.

  11. An emu??? Good grief. My closest encounter with an emu was trying emu steak which was pretty vile. My cousin did spot a kangaroo bouncing across her farm near Oxford but it had escaped from a wildlife centre and ended up squished on the main road.
    I love these photos of Andi's woods; we have an oak wood at the bottom of our garden but it's tiny in comparison. Nice little roe deer peering over the fence today though; two startled cats peering back at him, from a safe distance!

  12. Afternoon/evening, all!

    Another busy busy day at the mimes, compounded by silly interoffice communications snafus. Ah well.

    Lovely, lovely woods/path. I believe I shall amble down it and lose myself in the pretty.

    Hope you're all taking care!

  13. Nicola, all woods are wonderful as far as I'm concerned. I'm glad you have some to enjoy.

    Maria, get lost! :D
    (Come along with The Pack and me and we'll show you how it's done.)

  14. I love that top photo, Andi. That is an inviting path.

    It's almost over, Lisa.

    The MM is now reported to be in Virginia. Woohoo!

  15. Whew, the MM has escaped Texas. And Virginia -- why that's just about spittin' distance!

  16. Love photos of paths or trails ... makes me wonder where they lead ... take a short journey in my mind. :-)