Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The title doesn't mean anything. I just like the sound of it.

Taken May 8, 2009.

Taken May 6, 2009

Taken May 8, 2009.
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  1. Love the lavender. Interesting how we have different flowers. Nice to have some contrast with the GREEN. For all you long winter folks, it must be wonderful to have this riot of green and now flowers.

    Had my last counseling session with parents and kids last night so got in about 7::45. Woohoo, the end of the year is really coming.

    Kelly, hope you can tackle the right words instead of hiding between the physics equipment. I'm thinking test tubes and flasks but that's chemistry.

    Waves, to KB, Beth, Bono, MaryB, Jen, Farf, FM, Head, Nicky, Maria, Boran(Andi lol black pants and white shirt)Coneflower and any others I've forgotten.
    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. PS
    Time stamp for me is one hour later than my time, Andi. So didn't get to sleep in all that much yesterday.

  3. Morning Lisa. Given the difference in our climates, I'm not too surprised that the flora is different (though I'm pretty sure we both have dandelions).

    I know you are on Central time (and I'm slightly horrified that you are posting at 4:30 a.m.). But it was almost an hour later than usual, so I was hoping the difference was spent sleeping.

  4. Ah Dandelions, the roach of the floral world. If we could process and fuel our cars or heat our houses...
    Like cute babies and puppies, they have those fun fluff balls so we are distracted by their invasion.

    Some pretty daisy family wildflowers along the road down here. Deep, rich yellows. Will try to get some pics. Bluebonnets are the state flower but one of my less favorites. Like many of the others much better, just not good at remembering names.

    Pat the pups for me.

  5. We have some phlox, I think, around one of the corners of the house. At least, we will until that landscaper shows up. I love the spring here in the midwest! Almost as much as the midwest autumn, which is about the closest thing to a perfect season as I have ever seen. I am still finding it really challenging to deal with this whole four seasons business, though, what with all the clothes requirements (my stupid illness means I gain and lose weight so nothing ever fits and it feels like I have to shop constantly) and the other seasonal whatnots, lawnmowers, snowblowers, it's a lot of maintenance.

    As I am also an unwilling member of Team Insomniac, sometimes I fantasize about an afterlife that's comprised solely of the feeling of sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning, snuggled under the warm covers in the cool air while it rains on the windows and the roof; off in the far distance, the thunder rolls. And maybe there's someone in the kitchen cooking up some pancakes and bacon...

  6. That sounds like heaven, Jen. I'm not on the insomniac team, but sleeping past 6:30am is a distant dream.

    I miss the spring flowers down here, although I have seen trees and bushes in bloom. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

    Supposed to have showers today - fingers crossed. We could sure use the rain - while parts of the country are drowning. Mother Nature playing her games again.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, folks, however you spend it!

  7. I like to get phloxed first thing in the morning too…

    Flowers all over the place now: iris, thyme, bunch of stuff out front. A stray allium is starting to show that "onion dome" thing on top.

    Lisa, I like that description of dandelions. If you don't herbicide the things, they're good in salads (and for making wine, I hear).

    Flinging the Snooze Wand to Jen…

  8. Jen, spring is absolutely my favorite season. Everything is glorious and green and there's nothing to match the wonderful softness of a newly unfurled beech leaf. Sorry about the insomnia.

    Finger and claws crossed for your rain, Beth.

    Hi Farf. Because of the heavy canopy, the flowers are rather sparse here so I'm especially grateful to those hardy ones that can prettify my day.

  9. Love the purple. Lisa congrats on the last counseling session. Jen, sorry about the insomnia. Everyone else, have a good day!

  10. The purple phlox has such a lovely color. Lavender in flowers is probably the only place I really like that color. Any lavender flower is welcome in my garden anytime. The wild phlox is especially lovely. The top photo... is that a "grab your neighbor's petal" shot? LOL The little droplets in the lower right add such a "fleeting" appearance. You just know they're going to disappear before you eyes.

    Thanks for the hint about scrolling down. I had not seen that. Such cool information. Two types of flowers.... does that mean the single blossoms are male and the double (parasol) blossoms are female? I wonder. Thanks for the patience to check out 50 blossoms. Mercy! As for the recipes, all I could do as I was reading through them was this that I'd have to check 50 plants to find an "apple" to then cook carefully into a pie or whatever. That is a lot of bending and stooping and peeking under umbrella leaves. Lucky dogs have noses to do all that for them.

    Thanks again. I appreciate it.

  11. Hi Mary and Coneflower. I'd say more but I'm having a terrible case of the sleepies and saying "hi" has exhausted my conversational abilities.

  12. Boy, the color is so deep it doesn't look real. Gorgeous.

  13. Loverly pix as always. Spring is definitely my favorite season. You're correct, Lisa, the colors are reward for having survived the winter!

    Yes, we have Best Buy up here. Is there something there you recommend, Andif? (We don't have Wolf Camera here, Farf. We did have Ritz Camera but they went out of business up here.)

    Pancakes, Jen? Someone just told me of a restaurant that serves lemon souffle pancakes at their Sunday brunch. I sooo want to go.

    Howdy, y'all.

  14. Hi Conda. Phlox is probably the prettiest flower we get in the woods.

    I suggested Best Buy, bono, because they have good prices, a big selection (they ususally have several of the Canon Powershot SD models) and they almost always seem to have something on sale.

  15. Good evening all.

    Those are, ahem, phloxy looking blooms, Andi. We're starting to see a few blooming things here in the Hudson Valley. Finally. Forsythia and some other things are showing actual signs of life.

    Sorry to hear about the insomnia, Jen. Congratulations on your last one, Lisa.

  16. Hi b2. Are you sticking pins in a map to track the car's progress across the country? ;)