Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing Succeeds Like Succession

One of our favorite creek valleys provides a lovely illustration of forest succession*. It's not as far in recovery from being clearcut as other parts of the forest, possibly because it was cleared later or because the braided stream washes away young trees before they are firmly rooted or both.

Taken May 9, 2009.

When we first moved here, the edge of the woods was a good way back and most of the trees on the valley floor weren't much thicker than my wrist.

Taken 10, 2009

Taken May 9, 2009.
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* I was hoping to find something specifically on Indiana but didn't so here's a rather nice write-up about forest succession in Maine.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Andi.
    Braided streams and Succession--Wooo Boy, you are learning us today.
    Unfortunately, my Sweat Hogs, as Farf called them, have crushed my brain with their DRAMA. No cute John Travolas in my classes.
    There's a line in an old Rex Allen song that fits these last days.
    I'm gonna stomp a mud hole in ya and then stomp it dry.
    That's what a few of them are making me fantasize doing to them.
    10 days after today.

    Wonderful Weds to All.
    I'm just going for survival.

  2. Ah Lisa, I'm sure your husband could tell you that when you've been married for a teacher for a long time, you can't help absorbing that need to teach. :)

  3. Andi, I have a degree in Physical Geography. Phytogeography was one of my areas of interest. That be the geography of plants.Succession playing a large part of that.
    Water being a source of great pleasure for me, anything stream related has always fascinated me.

    So your words are actually music to my ears.
    I SO LOOK FORWARD to meeting you & the Poet Man, the pups, and your forest in June.

  4. Sending strength vibes your way, Lisa. After years working with pregnant teens as a social worker, I sure understand the sapping nature of troubled kids. Ten more can do it!

    Thanks for the lessons and pictures - matches the fresh green of the new grass popping up in my friends' back yard. In my mind I'm walking there with you.

    Dashing off to walk the dog betweeen storms. Happy Hump Day!

  5. That pic on the lower right is very dog's eye view, I like the perspective of it.

    For another different perspective on the forest (or for those who just need a vacation from the planet's surface for a little while), check out The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. There are some unique photos and awe inspiring shots in their galleries, like auroras from space and earth's cities lit up at night.

  6. Lovely photos and very interesting info on the forest succession.

    But that lower right photo takes the cake! Now who would think of taking a shot from BETWEEN two fern fronds? Wonderful!

  7. Jen, the auroras from space are awesome.

    I've been following astronaut Mike Massimino who is twittering from space:

    Today he is "Enjoying a day off in space, taking photos, enjoying the view, having fun".

  8. That lower right pic--Fern Hug or Am I About to be Devoured?

    Jen--Love those spaced out Earth pics!!

    Beth--Much better day with the Sweat Hogs today. Some remain merely arm pits and don't rank sweat hogdom. Hope you and furry friend are doing well.

    Waves to all--back to the Mimes.

  9. Physical geography, Lisa -- how excellent! As far as Jim and I are concerned it could only be better if it was geology (we are huge geology geeks).

    Beth, I hope it rains and gives everything the soaking it needs and then stops on Friday so everybody will have a fine weekend (and all those elderly Orthodox Jews won't have to walk to the shul in the rain).

    Jen, it's more a squirrel's eye view since the dogs always have their noses to the ground. And thanks for that link, the photography is amazing!

    Coneflower, fronds are curved over about 99.99999% of the time so when I saw the upright ones, I couldn't resist the sheer novelty of the shot.

    Hi Mary. Don't we all wish we could have fun at work like that.

  10. Lots of cool pix today from the ground and from the sky.

    Alas, wishing didn't make it so, Andif. It's not Friday here, I have to go to work tomorrow. :/

    Happy humpty day.

  11. Greetings from vacation, a few hundred miles northeast of FAR Manor, and about 3000 feet higher. Not sure how much I'll contribute the rest of the week; I've got a decent signal for the iPhone but broadband means a hike to the clubhouse.

    Hey, does anyone know why an HP printer driver would try to install Yahoo Toolbar?

  12. Gasp! Those are gorgeous photos, Andi!

    Hang on, Lisa!

    Keep dry, Beth.

    Good evening all.

    The MM is still in Amarillo, apparently.

  13. Aw bono, you just need to try harder -- or in lieu of trying harder, you could just get yourself fired. ;)

    Have fun, Farf! (I don't know nothing about birthing no HP software.)

    Oh-oh, b2. Looks like I might have been right about Texas seceding and your vehicle needing a passport.

  14. AndiF,
    I like the razor guards image.

  15. Head,
    I like your metaphor.