Monday, May 4, 2009

The Last Sunset

until late November, anyway. Till then we can only tell there's a spectacular sunset or sunrise by the tantalizing glimpses of color that flash through the canopy.

Taken April 24, 2009.
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  1. Love when I go to work and that palette of colors is in the predawn sky.

    Morning Andi and all to come.

    Five weeks and counting down.

  2. This blush of color seems to say, "Don't worry, I'll be back next fall" but you know it's always there waiting to speak to you again.

    Lovely photo, lovely...

  3. I need to go to bed earlier to see the dawn! And I surely do miss sunsets here on the right side of the state. Guess you'll have to get out and about to see them now, andi - and I don't mean Pittsburgh!

    Five more weeks for Jim and'll fly by.

    Quiet days around here. Hiding inside from the heat. Hope everyone has a stellar Monday!

  4. Lisa, I'll bet you've get some great Big Sky there -- you need to take your camera along with you.

    Thanks Coneflower. The lack of a big open sky is the only downside to living in a forest. But the next county to the east is largely corn and soybean fields (or housing developments built in former corn and soybean fields) so I do have a chance to see some open sky.

    Beth, you can always just get up for the sunrise and then go back to bed. And don't worry Beth, if I'm really desperate all I have to do is to drive down the hill to Taggart's farm where I can get a good view.

  5. (smiling) Good Morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend.


  6. Andi,
    Very nice,
    For some reason I usually relate sunrise to winter`s chill, & sunsets to tropical warmth.
    I don`t know why.
    I love the "Pretty in Pink" quality of the image.
    It does not leave me cold at all.

    Hi Katiebird.
    Beth, I`ll send you a sunset for this evening.

  7. Ah, 'head, you are, as always, too good to me. I'll look forward to it! Thank you!!

  8. Nice shot, the combination of the branches and the cloud edge makes the sky look rather like a giant demonic happy face.

    'mornin' all, moving slow today. Hoping that a fast bike ride for errands will get the blood flowing and that problem solving how to carry a big shovel home on the bike will get the brain to follow along. Then book proposals.

  9. Lovely photo. But I like the photos of all the green trees during the summer too. Ah, seasons. :)

  10. But that spring glowing green (which I'm pretty sure only occurs on your 40 acres mol) is so SO much better ... :)

  11. Morning kb. Coffee is all gone here. Guess you'll have to make your own. :)

    Head, I think the colors of both sunrise and sunset are "warm" so I associate both with warm weather, even though it's the cooler months when I usually see them.

    Kelly, I guess the same way I've seen backpackers carry x-country skis (look out for low overhangs).

    Yep Mary and Olivia, the green is a pretty good trade-off for the absence of sunrises and sunsets.

  12. Glowing green. That's what the back-side of the manor is doing right now, what with all the rain we've had in the last week — it's like the Green Explosion. The dogwoods have shed their blooms, but lots of other stuff is showing off. The thyme that (to my surprise) wintered over is now covered with tiny white blooms; if it's not pouring rain this evening I'll try to get a pic.

    Kelly, bungee the business end of the shovel to your rear fender rack & let the handle stick out behind you. Tie something bright to the end of the handle so anyone coming up behind you will see it. That should provide the additional benefit of keeping cars from tailgating. ;-)

    I probably won't see too many sunsets from here on out either, what with the foliage, and it would also block any sunrise that I was unfortunate enough to be awake for.

  13. Your sunrises and sunsets look a lot like ours here, except I have to pretend I can't see my neighbors and your pictures come out a lot better. :)

  14. Phew! From the title, I was worried that this was an "end-of-the-world-is-nigh" post. Quite lovely and serene.

  15. Farf, glowing is the perfect word for the way the green looks now.

    Yeah Jen but my sunsets don't get watched by two adorable kitties. :)

    Hi Toni. Well it's the end of the sky as I know it (with apologies to R.E.M.).

  16. Howdy. I hope you can help me. There is a type of tree that I love but don't know its name. It has black bark and purple flowers. Do you know?

    Still enjoying the perfect Spring weather here.

    The post today reminds me of an altered version of the Association song, "Will we see you in November? See you when the summer's through?"

    Made it through another Monday!

  17. Hiya Andi,

    Beautiful shot of sunset. I agree with everyone that it's a lovely scene.

    Maybe after the pond, I'll try and take some sunrise/sunset pictures. :)

  18. bono, do the purple flowers look like they are growing on the bark of the branches?

  19. bono: big tree? little tree? native to ohio tree (that is, do you see them everywhere)? type of leaves? shape of leaves?

    Sure, FM, sure. You're about to become a big ole shutterbug.

  20. That's a beautiful sunset, Andi!

    It's still raining here, so no nice sunsets for us. But we did manage to get some vegetables planted between rainstorms this past weekend.

    Good evening all!

  21. Hiya B2. Looks like all the rain that was forecast for us and never showed headed on over to your place.