Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Fernally Spring

Taken April 27, 2009.
Click for larger image

Hope it's lovely green wherever you are.


  1. Morning Andi, I've got the coffee ready. Know you're pooped after traveling home.
    LOVE the green. The movement and texture are wonderful.

    Discovered great online music.
    Free and you can create 100 stations. I've been listening to my favorites THEY picked after I plugged in Bette Midler. Amazing how they can pick music I like that is similar.

    Waves to all to come.

  2. Hi Lisa. I'm so jealous of all you people with cable modems and DSL who just blithely find some other bandwidth sucking place to go. Doesn't work like that for us folks who have satellite internet (or worse dial-up) ;)

    Morning all.

  3. Museum quality art, nice!

    Re: connection speed, 3g tech is making new things possible and it is likely that speedier internet options are coming soon to a woods near you. :)

  4. Andi, life is full of trade offs.
    You get the beautiful woods and I get good dsl. Not sure I've got the better end of the deal.

    Jen, you sound so tech savvy. Hope you are feeling better.

    Off to work for me where blogs are filtered to save that precious bandwidth.

  5. Jen, there's no 3g available around within 15-20 miles. Hell, we just got cell phone reception in the area a few years ago. But hold fast to dreams ...

  6. There goes the Roomba. sits on floor with coffeeI've got woods and DSL. The trade-off is, of course, the chicken houses. But a lot of stations have 28K streams that work with a dial-up — I used to do that back in the day. The music would soak up about half the bandwidth, and I could do email, chat, and light surfing with the leftovers.

    Ditto what Jen said about 3G. I can do a lot of stuff with an iPhone that I would normally reserve for a laptop. The kicker is whether you have a 3G cell close enough to your house to get decent bandwidth.

  7. Lisa, I am a giant dork. :) Hope you have a great day at the mimes, watch out for them squirrels.

    Yes, Andi, that's why I said "coming soon". READ FOR COMPREHENSION. ;p

  8. Morning, all! Lovely and green here - but it's not that fresh pretty new spring green, just the "it's always green here" green.

    Glad you're home safely, andi! Maybe next trip you can escape the BCFOD and see some of the nicer parts of the 'Burg.

    Thanks for the tip, Lisa - I'll check it out!

    Hope you're feeling better, Jen -

    TGIF, y'all! Hope you have fun weekend plans. Art Walk tonight - farmers' market in the am. Nothing earth-shaking.

    Waving -

  9. Uh Jen, "soon" doesn't mean some time around 2030 around here. I forgot they had different standards in Ohio. :P

    Farf, the roomba is busy sucking up the huge clumps of dog hair that Giddy drops off to prove that she's not really meant to live anywhere that gets this warm.

    Beth, both the Art Walk and the farmers market sound really nice to me. We're pretty close to the local farmer's markets having some good stuff on offer.

  10. Lovely place! Here's some banana bread I baked. :)

  11. Morning, all! Happy May 1 and TGIF.

    I'm at the con, but haven't laid eyes on Ms. Nancy yet. Rumor has it she was at a fancy board dinner last night, but alas, I am no longer on the board, so didn't see her.

    About to go down to brekkie - Marriott buffets = teh yum.

    Hugs to all and catch you later!

  12. We've got the hot and cold running DSL here, and the woods start 6 blocks to my west when you cross the river and hit the state park. There are definitely some things to be said for small university towns. I'm just going tuck into the corner over here with a nice fresh pot of Empire Keemun and finish the polish on this book so it can go off to my editor this afternoon exactly one month early.

  13. Poor Giddy. You think that's bad, I've seen Huskies here on Planet Georgia… that's borderline cruelty, having a snow dog where you get accumulations maybe once every year or two.

    Our big stupid Akita mix starts shedding in huge clumps around this time of year. I swear you could stuff a jacket with what I pull off of him — I don't even bother trying to brush him, he'd clog the brush. I just grab handfuls of loose fur and pull it out. He enjoys the attention.

  14. mmmm banana bread ...

    Pandora is pretty amazing. I have it on my iphone.

    mornin' all. I agree with Jen that this is museum quality art.

  15. Beautiful shot and congrats on the blog. You have a lovely place here.

  16. Just saw Nancy & gave her huge hug. Met Porch Sally, too!

    No wifi in con suite, so typing on Iphone. Later, all!

  17. Thanks Mary -- now if only I could get either you or Jen to be a curator at a museum. ;)

    Hey there Laura. I lurve banana bread ... so much so that my mom always made them for my birthday cake (and no yucky icing!).

    Farf, when we brush Giddy it looks like a laser beam hit a Pomeranian and disintegrated its bones.

    College town are great, Kelly -- we are lucky to be near Bloomington, IN (home of IU).

    Maria, give Nancy a hug from me (and probably everybody else too).

    Whew, being a blog host is hard work.

  18. See how bad I am -- I didn't refresh so didn't see Toni or Maria's new post or Olivia's.

    Hi Toni. I've got nice pictures but you've got Andrew. :)

    Hi O.

  19. Whew, being a blog host is hard work.

    Heh, welcome to the flip side of the internet. Meanwhile, I totally forgot you loved banana bread! If I don't forget again, I will bake you one when you come visit.

    Thanks Lisa & Beth for the well wishes. :)

  20. I mentioned an art show at the high school yesterday. They had two photography displays that were actually pretty good — nearly all B&W. They have a pretty good art program at the high school, really a lot better than you'd expect in a backwater wingnut county like this. There's also an active arts council, probably driven by the urbanites who didn't want to leave it all behind them. ;-)

    Daughter Dearest especially wanted to take the photography class — she has a knack for framing shots that make them stand out — but she was in the Chamber Singers (another first-rate program), and her college-bound curriculum didn't have room for both musical & visual arts. I have a complete set of books from a correspondence course, printed long before the digital era, from a New York School of Photography (picked up at a yard sale), though. I'll hand them over to her & see if she picks up on any of it.

    She can borrow my EOS, but she can't have it. :-)

  21. We interrupt the end of Poetry Month with some news.

  22. Farf, that's cool about the art show, your daughter and that the UK has its first female and first Scot poet laureate.

  23. Wow, popular place you've created here! That is a gorgeous green! Very nice pic.

    Thanks for the mini-lesson, Jimf. I love finding out stuff like that.

    Good for the UK recognizing women's contribution to poetry - finally. Hey, better late than never! Thanks for the heads up, Farf.

    Rough day at the mimes. Looking forward to putting da feets up and listening to the rain this evening.

    Hey, y'all. Happy May Day! Have a great weekend.

  24. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend, bono. It's going to rain here all weekend (and most of next week too) but I'm so happy to see all the lush green, I don't think I care.

  25. Morning, Andi! That's a lovely photo. Interesting that when brand new, the fern fronds don't have any spore spots. Guess it makes sense though. L0L

    Again, congrats on your blog. I just wish you could get more traffic somehow. LOL

  26. 'Good for the UK recognizing women's contribution to poetry - finally.'

    Yeah. Right. We'll see!I wonder who chose her? I'm a fan of Wendy Cope, myself. Or Pam Ayres who is funny and charming!

  27. And Wendy Cope not only said she didn't want the laureate post, she said the whole "honor" ought to be trashed as no one can write good poetry on command. "I believe that the best way for a poet to serve the art is to get on with writing the poems that he or she wants to write."