Friday, May 22, 2009

It's all Downhill to Saturday

so just keep rolling along and you'll get there.

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  1. WooHoo FRIDAY.

    Andi, these are the places that talk to my soul. The burbling water, the moss covered rocks. I can smell the decomposing litter that crunches underfoot and the damp earth. The sound of life and scent of renewal.

    Thanks to all of you for cheering me on this week. 8 days after today.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Hi Lisa. 8 days! Well you'll be through that before you know it. Just play this video [LINK] at least once a day and you'll be fine.


    Pat the Pups & Hug the PoetMan
    for me.
    Off to the Mimes.

  4. Love these, Andi. They remind me of childhood summers in central rural Alaska, tromping through the woods under the midnight sun and the simple pleasure of discovering new creeks and pretty little mossy waterfalls around every bend.

  5. (smiling) I LOVE these photos Andi. I don't always speak up but, I'm always appreciative.

    And Good Morning everyone!

  6. Morning, all. Love the pix as always, andi - you sure can set a mood. Happy Friday to all - last full day of surrogate mom-dom for me. The pup's folks are back tomorrow, and I know he'll be happy to have them home.

    Another wet day - good excuse to stay inside, after a long walk in the rain with the pup this morning. Drip drip...

    I've always wanted to spend time in AK, Jen - you make it sound enticing.

    Hope everyone has fun plans for the long weekend - and that the MM arrives soon, boran!

  7. Friday, w00t!!! And a 3-day weekend.

    Morning to all of you wonderful peeps and thanks for the lovely greenery, Andi. :)

    Off to the mimes and ::crossing fingers:: a day of peaceful accomplishment.


  8. Heh, Beth, the Alcan is a drive that even you might find daunting. I do know a few people who've done it, including one who did it in a VW bug with her unstable mother, which...well, better her than me. I always used to fly b/c my dad worked for the airlines when I was a kid and we only paid $25 for my tickets.

    If it weren't for the 9mo subzero pitch dark of the winters, I'd move back up there in a heartbeat. Imo there is no place on earth more beautiful than rural Alaska in the summertime. And anyone who has spent time in FL will appreciate that the AK ecosystem won't support snakes (theoretically it can support garters but no one ever sees any snakes that aren't pets), gators or roaches. Gotta watch for them bears, though. ;)

  9. Good Morning All!

    I agree with Lisa M about how these photos affect me. So lovely and so serene. And so thoughtfully recorded digitally and shared with us.

    Thank you!

  10. Very lovely and green. Have a good weekend, everyone.

  11. Lisa, and I LOVE ALICE COOPER!!! ;)

    Morning, Jen. We all just need to win the lottery so we can have our summer home in Alaska and spring and fall in the midwest and winter in southern Utah (okay I may be alone on the one).

    Beth, I'll bet you miss that you dog. Time for a trip over to

    Maria, hope you have a blissfully boring day.

    As for me and The Pack -- no emus today. Bummer. :(

  12. Morning, all! I'm scarfing somebody's wifi, from my perch in (where else?) Mom's basement, while updating Mrs. Fetched's iPhone. I learned a few minutes late that there's an outlet on the patio, so I could have sat under the umbrella thing (that I helped put together) and probably gotten an even stronger signal. Oh well. ;-)

    Vacation at Mom's isn't 100% perfect, but it beats the hell out of the mimes. Later, y'all!

  13. Jen, I've often considered that drive, but it just sounds overwhelming alone, without beaucoup spare tires and windshields. :-) And ditto on the dark and cold, although otherwise it sounds perfect. You were lucky to spend time there! And I will, one of these (summer) days.

  14. (okay I may be alone on the one)

    You're not alone, winter in the desert is gorgeous. :)

  15. Farf, glad you're enjoying your vacation -- even at your mom's.

    Jen, yep it is and much better in at 2000 ft. lower altitude in southern Utah than Flagstaff. Snow on red rocks is gorgeous and it doesn't last. :)