Thursday, May 7, 2009

If a Tree Falls

These fell some time after we walked past them on Sunday morning and when I walked past them again on Monday morning. I'm betting a whole lot of critters heard them.

Taken May 4, 2009.
Click for larger image

Click for larger image

And with my constant traipsing around and taking photos, before and after pictures were no problem. Left: June 14, 2008. Right: May 5, 2009


  1. Good morning Andi.

    Nice pictures. I like the before and after ones you did.

    With the bad storms and high winds we had coming through here, there are a lot of trees down all over the place. Luckily no trees in our yard went down though.

    Hope you have a good day ahead.

  2. Good morning Family Man.
    It`s been a while since I said "Hello".
    You have a great day yourself.

  3. Gonna start today with you Andi.
    Would love a walk in the woods.

    In my neighborhood there are lots of large trees and above ground power lines. So tree falls often mean no power.

    The movement of the trees in the breeze and the flutter of the limbs and leaves calms me. Like the waves of the ocean.

    Waves to FM and the usual suspects.

    Knucklehead, you are new to me. I'm down in Dallas. How about you?

    Thursday winking at Friday to All.

  4. First ... Maria! Hi! (I don't know how I missed that yesterday. I'm mortified, I tell ya.)

    Hi Lisa, Head, FM. And I wish I wasn't saying that because you all should be asleep.

    Lisa, Head is out in California and if you go visit his wonderful website full of pictures of fish and reefs and flowers and surprises, you will be hooked in no time. [LINK].

  5. Hiya Head! Your right it has been a long time. Hope you've been doing good.

    Hiya Lisa. I'm frantically waving back. :) Hope you have a good day too.

  6. Another Photog!!! You know I'm a sucker for beautiful pics.
    Clapping hands in anticipation.
    And if he's in CA then sleep is really an illusion.

  7. Lisa M
    Come on by, I`ll treat you right.
    If you tell me what you like, I`ll treat.
    I think I have something for everybody & anybody.
    That was nice of you Andi.
    I hope she doesn`t go for the blenny.

  8. Boy, Head, you ARE up early...or late! I hope these storms didn't cause too much damage at your place, Fam. Crazy weather. We had a welcome shower last night - it was nice listening to the raindrops pitter patter on the lawn.

    The circle of life in a forest, trees falling - better than being chopped down. How cool that you can go back and find pictures taken from the exact spot, andi.

    I feel like a lazy lay-a-bed today, following you early risers!

    Same ol' same ol' here - big plans are to buy cards for my pseudo-mothers. And not wilt in the heat.

    Waving to everyone!

  9. Not go for the blenny! Don't be ridiculous; who could resist blennies?!?

    Hi Beth. Yay for rain. I owe a thanks to Jim for the precision of the after picture -- he suggested I print out the old photo to take with me so it would be easy to take a matching shot. Clever fella.

  10. I teach middle school/high school kids, calling a guy Head gives me pause.

    Nature lover be me, Head. Love it all but particularly the ocean and water and critters and plants---wait, little I don't like.
    Will look forward to visiting.

    Off to school for now and my filtered life.

  11. Morning, all. I think I'm going to run away to Andi's woods. ::g::

    Still rainy, dreary today after a wind/rain/thunderstorm last night. Haven't seen sun in > 5 days. I've got a touch of SAD, so been very tired and just down.

    You all never fail to cheer me up, though!

    At least tomorrow is Friday!

  12. Ka-thump! Wish I could have done that about 3:00 when I was having some awake time. Bleah. Gotta start the work to update my website today, but I really don't wanna. Sample chapters, old stories, linked recommended reading list, bibliography update, and an aknowledements page for starters.

  13. ah a small natural bridge over that dip :)

    Have you ever been walking and SEEN a tree fall?

    FM - glad you had no damage.

  14. I once heard a tree fall - it makes a rather loud crack.

  15. Morning All.

    The before and after photos are fantastic. Great idea Jim! :)

    It's hard to tell w/ all the new growth - were leaves growing on the trees that fell?

    Love the wide-angle view too.

  16. Hi Maria (whew didn't forget this time). You can run away to my woods any time you want. :)

    Kelly, maybe you need to fall into some sloth for a few days to get revitalized.

    Mary, one time. It was very impressive. I've also seen some very big branches come down.

    Toni, we've heard quite a few tree come down but the loudest thing we ever heard was a lightning strike on a tree that was just a few feet from the house. And I hope never to hear anything like that again.

    Hiya O. The beech had leafed out; the other tree hadn't (though it had last year) so it was probably dead.

  17. You must have had some rough weather overnight to bring down the trees? Future firewood. Great idea Jim gave you for comparison.

    Whew, Lisa! You got some good story material yesterday!

    Had a meeting out of town today. Even though it was in a dreaded beige conference room, the drive was nice. A chance to get outside the city to see large expanses of trees turning green. :-) Plus, I got home early. Yay!

    Hope you get some sunshine soon, Maria. I know how much difference sunny days make in my life.

    Hi, all. Only one more day this week!

  18. I've seen and heard them fall. Opal was still a strong tropical storm when it came up to visit, and dropped a huge oak tree alongside the house… that one I felt as well! =8-o Another time we had high winds and I watched a large section of tree come down behind the same house (pre-FAR Manor). It showered me with wood chips.

    Sending sunshine Maria's way, we finally got some here too. After an early-morning conference call, I jumped on the Zook and rode to work, yay! Given how early my day started, I'm seriously considering cutting out of here a bit early too.

    Hope everyone's work day (or in FM's case, not-work day) has gone well & ends without drama.

  19. Hi bono and Farf. We've had every kind of sky imaginable today -- during my walk this morning I had drizzly clouds, fog, mostly cloudy, and mostly sunny. It's finally decided to stick with mostly sunny. Hope it sticks with it.

  20. Hi all,

    I don't think we had much wind the night the trees fell. Beech trees have shallow roots and large tops so even a slight breeze can get one swaying and topple it. When the beech fell, its top caught the maple tree and snapped it off at the ground. Beech and maple burn so well that I wish we could turn them into firewood, but they are in a fairly inaccessible corner of the property.

  21. Those are cool photos, Andi. I think that it's even greener in your neck of the woods than it is here.

    The Mormon Mazda has now officially begun its trip eastward.

    Good evening all.

  22. Hi b2. We are the greenest of green here. If there's some place greener I would dearly love to see it. :)

  23. Sorry for the loss of your trees, but glad you're timing was so good so you were gone when it happened.

  24. Coneflower, not to worry. Our 40 acres contains tens of thousands of trees and they go down all the time but they get replaced with dozens of little sprouts fighting to be the first to the light. And there was no danger from these two as they are about a 1/4 mile from the house.