Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gone Swimming

The camp spiffed up the kids swimming area and gave me a brand new photo op. Such thoughtful folks.

New: Taken May 16, 2009.

I like taking photos of this area of the lake because the water often takes on a wonderfully smooth glassy look.

Old: Taken November 1, 2008

Old: Taken July 29, 2006.
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  1. Andi, The new area has an Art Deco feel to me. Kinda waiting to see Jay Gatsby climb onto the platform looking across the lake for Daisy.

    12 days and six new students today, three yesterday. Job security. Bad decisions abound this time of year.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. I love the symmetries in the top photo.

    Lisa M., 3 new students with 12 days to go. Now you turn those kids lives around in 12 days. Oh, and make sure they are ready for college too.

  3. Actually it's 3+6 but who's counting. And we'll likely have a drop in or two come boomeranging back.
    More like a boxcar on the train to what the home campuses like to think of as Siberia. I'm the crazy lady smushed up against the front of the car reading poetry and asking the hoard to be respectful.
    Yeah right.
    Off to the mimes.

  4. They DID spiff it up, didn't they? Wow!

    Big bows to all teacher-types - I don't know how you do it. And am continually impressed that you do. Now if they would take some of the zillions of dollars sports figures make and send them your way instead...

    A rainy week in Florida - grow grass grow! Hoping to find the energy to attack query letters again today. But first a quick trip to the library and Dunkin Donuts!

    Soggy Tuesday to all - hang in there, Lisa and Jim!

  5. Virtual Friday!

    Still waters make for great reflections. I've seen some where the water was so still you had to really look at it to tell whether the shot was upside down or not.

    Lisa… are a 21st Century Mr. Kotter? New Sweat Hogs for the class right at the end of the year? How… fun.

  6. That neighboring property looks like such a great place to go to summer camp. (I'm assuming, I never went to summer camp so I wouldn't know.)

    This post is coming at you live from the new desktop I built yesterday, woohoo! Quad core chips are fast, yo, the 640GB hard drive formatted in 2 hours.

  7. The top photo looks almost like an Edward Hopper painting (maybe just out of view here).

    It's fabulous!

    (waving HI to everyone!

  8. Lisa, summer is almost here. In fact, I do believe I hear the sound of Alice Cooper coming ever closer.

    Yeah for rain, Beth! And now, you'll have to come back so you can see all the changes. :)

    I love refelctions like that, Farf.

    Enjoy the puter, Jen. And it is a nice camp. Plus for several years, the camp has been doing sessions for specific categories of kids: kids with asthma, kids with diabetes, and kids with parents who have cancer or who died of cancer. So it's rather nice to think about those kids enjoying the same places I do (plus, they canoe/kayak, ride horses, do archery, have campouts and overnights, and, I hope, shortsheet the counselors).

    Hey, hey kb. That's quite the compliment. Thanks. :)

  9. Hey all, physics dept. packed and into storage. Now have to prep for WisCon Fri-Mon, fulfill the two social obligations that have been backlogged, Wed and Thurs, then launch book on Tues next. Will return when I can find the top of my head.

    Till then, ook.

  10. I'm with Lisa - waiting for Jay Gatsby to show up. Actually it reminds me of those times in movies where they show everything ready and then there's a slow dissolve into the camp alive with kids. Lovely photos.

  11. KB beat me to the punch. That first photograph just took my breathe away. I does look like a painting.

  12. Glad the packing's all done, Kelly. And w00t on Wiscon. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    Mary, oddly enough I've never seen the kids there. We try to stay away from where the kids are because of the dogs -- we're always worried about kids who are afraid of dogs.

    Hi Toni. Here's your breath back; I wouldn't want you to be unable to blow kisses at Andrew. :)

  13. Wow - that is quite the structure they built.

    I love the calm waters and the reflection. Even the water in your lakes is green! ;-)

  14. Andif,
    I love the way it floats in space.

  15. Hey O. Jim said to tell you it's so green around here, that green water is a reflection of the sky.

    Hi Head -- that was what attracted me to the shot. It made me think of the floating worlds of scifi and fantasy books.

  16. Good evening all.

    In that top shot really the dock almost appears to be floating mid-air.

    We are back from our weekend down the shore, as they say. Cape May has many types of weather this time of year. I think that we saw them all. But it was relaxing.

    The Mormon Mazda has now made it to Texas. Slow does not describe this process.

  17. Coooll pic, so bright.

    Hang in there, Lisa and Jimf.

    So, b2, is the car walking its way across the country?

    Is it Friday yet?

  18. Texas, b2 -- oh noes. I hope it gets out of there before they secede and it has to get a passport to cross the border.

    Hi bono. Of course, it's Friday. (See how easy it is.)

  19. Hola, all! Been a little out of commission - nothing major, just a minor meds reaction. Ended up off work Mon & Tues.

    So I'm off to the mimes early today so I can stop by pharmacy. :)

    Andi - gorgeous photos, as per usual. Makes me want it to be summer and a kid again...no wait, never mind. ::g:: How about spring and an adult with childlike wonder?

    Catch you all later!